Oscar Well Played: Jean Dujardin


It’s so refreshing when people in this town full-on admit that all the awards show stuff is secretly really cool. And Jean Dujardin’s entire aura on Oscar night was of a guy who is having the time of his life (even though the quality of every interview with him veered dangerously close to people juSt giving up and going, “So, you’re French, how about that brie, huh?”). Some may call it hammy, but I call it endearing. Or, endearingly hammy. Both. I do like ham. And Hamm.

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  1. me

    Aww sweet…I loved that they won…though part of me hoped for at least a tie with Viola…the term “smooth operator” comes to mind when I see Jean! He seems pretty unassuming in his interviews…and that grin :) I’m glad Meryl seems to have taken some effort with this look…not a fan of the dress but overall I think she looks great!

  2. Queenie

    He reminds me of Gene Kelly.

  3. Sajorina

    OMG!!! He’s so handsome and talented and funny and awesome… Did you see him on SNL? He is such a darling! I want to see more of him, I don’t want him to disappear! Well, there’s always next year’s Oscars! Well Played & FAB!!! *swoon & sigh*

  4. cathy

    thank you for the hot, ladies. that is always nice before bedtime (1 am in my timezone)

  5. Chasmosaur

    His wife’s dress is actually one of my favorites last night. It was so beautiful.

  6. Grace

    I love a man who can tap dance.

  7. Hannah

    EPIPHANY: Jon Hamm and Jean Du Jardin buddy comedy!

  8. CJ

    Saw an interview in which Berenice Bejo said that neither of them had ever tap danced before they started making this movie! They tap danced every day for 5 months to be able to do that routine. I have been tapping for years and though their dance wasn’t advanced tapping like Savion Glover, they (particularly she) really looked like they had been tapping for years, and they danced with such joy that I just fell in love with both of them. Well, particularly him! I hope we see more of him here in America.

    • Jean

      I just misread ‘tap danced’ as ‘lap danced’. I would be fine with that.

  9. GigiNYC

    He is so unabashedly jubilant and merry that it’s tremendously endearing. He was wonderful in “The Artist” and fully deserved the Oscar. Also, so handsome! His wife is a lucky lady.

    • swellcat

      That is a wonderful way to describe him GiGi. He is Jubilant! His smile is so infectious. I love him and I loved The Artist.

  10. D

    I saw him almost a year ago here in NYC at the IFC for the French festival. It was far before “The Artist” came out…and he was just like this! It’s genuinely him, and it’s utterly delightful in person and on screen.

  11. Dru

    Why are the French (actors, especially, for prior evidence see: Cotillard, Marion) always so awesome and charming and beautifully dressed when they win Oscars?

  12. Carl

    I think he’s a more endearing personality than Pitt and Clooney have been in recent years, who both seem dour or who have to slap the “fun” on with a trowel. As long as he avoids Roberto Benigni self-parody status, he’s golden.

  13. Al

    Sometimes at these things, actors try to weigh the whole “Really? Me? But it’s an honor just to be nominated!” humility to try to not seem too smug (Intern George pulled this off when he mentioned being Batman in his acceptance speech way back when), and while I certainly appreciate that, it’s also fun to see someone who is just really happy to have won. I think Hamm is an apt comparison, because I find Jean incredibly handsome. The first time I saw him out of The Artist make up, it was “quelle surprise!” I adore that picture of him with Meryl and am so glad she is not too dignified to ham it up with Jean. I would totally read that fanfic, by the way.

  14. Suzanne

    Guh. I love him. Is anyone as charming as he? Non. I just want to ballroom dance with him while he tells me how much he loves his wife.

    • Suzanne

      I’d also like to say that I’ve met Meryl in person and she is absolutely lovely and charming. These two are quite a pair.

  15. Loramir

    Finally got to see The Artist right before the Oscars and I am madly in love with both it and him, so I was cheering madly. Jean reminds me of a combination Gene Kelly and Errol Flynn – just oozing charm and handsomeness and debonairness and other words that don’t exist, with the addition of humor and humility and seeming truly delighted to be at the Oscars.

    French people have a (probably undeserved) reputation for being rather haughty and blasé, but he’s so exuberant and unreserved. His acceptance speech was just totally endearing. It must be hard for foreign actors to get up and speak a second language at such an emotional moment and in front of so many people, and he was so genuinely excited and thrilled. As was Meryl – her thanks to her husband almost made me cry. The two of them together reach dangerous levels of awesomeness :)

  16. vandalfan

    And he wears a mean collar and tie. Mais oui.

  17. Michelle

    He is just so, so charming. I’ve loved him ever since I studied abroad in Paris about 4 or 5 years ago – he was in the first film I went to see and he had such presence. It’s wonderful to see him break through, and in such a big way… his jubilation and effervescence is seriously contagious, and he’s so handsome. It’s lovely to see excitement and genuineness in a sea of actors who have become a bit too self-deluded. In summation: he is a treat.

  18. gertrude

    Also well-played: Uggie

  19. Cara

    What a beautiful moment. Sort of marred by the drippy mayo ad that is oozing from every inch of the site right now.

  20. Clarence Beeks

    He is sooo dreamy, and I am totally in love with Uggie. If my Jack Russell could still have puppies, I’d be hunting Uggie down to be her puppydaddy.

    • Lilibet

      Jean was so sweet with Uggie (as well as his wife and Meryl). So debonair… tres charmant!

  21. SusanC

    OSS117 a gagne’ le prix… formidable!

  22. Tanushree

    I want him to the be the next James Bond!

    • Sajorina


      • Libby

        He’s already played a Bond-like character in the OSS 117 movies. He’s a Clouseau-like Bond, so he’s beyond sillly. Definitely rent OSS117:Cairo, Nest of Spies. Berniece is in it, too, and it’s directed by her husband.

      • jjdaddyo

        I didn’t even realize (not having seen The Artist) that is was the same actor who was in the OSS117 movies (which are hilarious)

  23. Mahastee

    LOVE the triple shout-out to Billy Wilder!

  24. AM

    Is he mugging as in the opening scenes of The Artist? If so, tres cute!

    I whooped when The Artist won. This from a person who doesn’t watch the Oscars.

    Don’t forget that the man also has a Cannes win.

    Also, apart from Ham and Brie I look forward to Meryl et Jean.

  25. ann85

    Ehh he’s handsome…:) Do you know maybe some websites with discount codes? I recently

  26. Carmen

    I love him, he is just lovely¡¡ I never heard of him until the Golden Globes and he is just adorable and sexy. His win and reaction reminds me Marion Cotillard and they are simply lovable.

  27. Kirsten

    I have three kids, I said I wouldn’t have any more, but I’d maybe make an exception if Jean asked me. He is absolutely old-school-drop-dead-gorgeous. Come to Maman, Jean…

    (small voice – and his wife’s gown was gorgeous too)

  28. neiges

    I write from the Dujardin’s original country (and, by the way, his name means, “john of/from the garden”) and he is really beloved here because he is genuinely nice, funny, easy going and professional.
    But I think that all France shook in horror when he said “I love this country” in his Oscar speech (about the states). The French do not like the States, they have as many pejudiced ideas about it as Americans have of France. Me? It made me giggle, because as someone pointed out, Pitt, Cloney are just so… blasé.
    Also, how on hell could you find a photo of greatness Hamm where he looks like Steve Buscemi????????????

    • LibraryChick

      The French may have cringed, but I thought it was very sweet when he said, “I love this country.” Maybe it’s nice to be recognized as a star internationally as well as domestically?

    • luxsword

      I’m French and I laughde out loud when he said “I love this country”. It was so obviously both a “thank you” and an imitation of all those US stars saying “i love France” when they’re interviewed here. It was just funny.
      And although most French don’t worship USA, I can say that most of us were thrilled for Dujardin’s nomination and just very happy he won. No one shook in horror when he spoke, that’s total BS.

    • mimi

      Jean said “I love this country” because he was picking up awards by the truckload here! I would call that being gracious. Why don’t we let all this petty antagonism on both sides rest, at least while we share his joy in this ridiculously complete awards sweep! :D

  29. Mary

    You may have George and Jon. I’ll take Jean. S’il vous plait? Merci.

  30. Erin

    He is so dreamy. I heard (maybe incorrectly) during his publicity stint that he didn’t know English (or knew very little) prior to the press junket during awards season. So some of the interviews have been a bit “rehearsed,” but only because he is knew to this speaking English business. I. Don’t. Care. I would learn to get by with my four years of high school French in exchange for seeing that face every day. He’s dreamy (might have already mentioned that)…

    And please, green light Hamm and Brie. That movie MUST be made.

  31. Sandra

    I’d like to order the Hamm and Brie sandwich special, please.

  32. Kat

    Best post ever! I vote for pictures of Hamm and Dujardin daily.

    • Alix

      Perhaps, as part of an international exchange program, M. Dujardin could become the new GFY intern for a while? With frequent pictures on the site of him cavorting with his good friend Mr. Hamm? Just a thought…

  33. Shiitake


  34. MelissaW

    He has that “charming rogue” vibe – but then mixes it with that goofy spontaneity (loved his GG speech, about having a face too expressive for movies).

  35. Lynniekae

    Yes, Gene Kelly is right! I absolutely adored The Artist. It was such a fun throwback movie. I went to see it back in January on a whim. I love love love old films (TCM is my favorite), so it was such a pleasant surprise (did not research it before I went). I really wanted him to win and it’s good to see genuinely grateful winners.

    I can’t wait for the dvd.

  36. Cranky Old Batt


    Dis story gaves me a happy.

  37. Katie

    I was the Fug National who tweeted that Berenice Bejo translated Natalie Portman’s words for Jean Dujardin. You could see her whispering in his ear when the camera was on him. Pretty adorbz.

  38. NYCGirl

    He seems, to quote Heather and Jessica, a delight.

  39. Akit

    His smile s to die for and the film deserves all it’s accolades and more. Bravo!

  40. Akit

    And I love DRS.

  41. mimi

    LOL, photo 4 of 8 is supposed to be a tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo. The French press once hyped Dujardin as his successor.

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