Oscar Nominees Luncheon Fug Carpet: Jennifer Lawrence


I don’t know what’s going on with her over the last week or so, but she has looked rough. Not, like, unattractive (obviously), but EXHAUSTED and still sick and basically barely upright. And, listen, I totally get wanting to gut out these events — what if you never get nominated for another Oscar? But I’d be scared that if I didn’t stay in bed 24/7 until the actual Oscars Red Carpet, I wouldn’t make it down said carpet because I would be in the hospital. GET SOME REST, KID:

Actually climb UNDER those sheets and sleep, don’t just wrap them around yourself to go out.

[Photos: Getty]

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Comments (37):

  1. lefty

    I think she looks lovely.

  2. Cucina49

    It does look like a sheet, with a dust ruffle attached to the bottom. She is looking awfully tired/ill lately, which is too bad because she’s lovely, talented and probably more than likely to win that Oscar.

  3. paige

    This look, while not mind-blowing, works pretty well for me. She can pull of white. Her makeup looks great, however I’m not sold on the nude lips.

  4. Willow

    There’s something a bit Pamela Anderson about this whole look.

    And even more worryingly I don’t hate it. I think I need a lie down.

  5. Carol

    It looks like it’s made from Bounty paper towels.

  6. Allison

    I find, while the dress isn’t hideous, it really doesn’t play up her figure. She has nice curves and this completely hides them. In other photos, despite a extra fabric folding at the bust, it makes her look weirdly flat, which other outfits have proven, she is not. I like her dress and hair /makeup that she wore last night to an event at Spago better.

  7. junaitatres

    In our middle school practical arts class we sewed our own clothes for a fashion show. This is eerily similar to one of the dress designs.

  8. ErinE

    I get the feeling that she was thoroughly spray tanned, otherwise she would be pale with dark circles under her eyes, poor thing. The flu/pneumonia are really hard to kick without just giving in and sleeping for a week. I hope she feels better soon so she can really enjoy her big moments! (although I think we will see a lot more of her to come)
    and also, so excited for hunger games!!!!!!!!!

    • ErinE

      Also, the dress reminds me of the terrycloth juicy coverups from a few summers ago. that’s not a compliment

  9. Sylvia

    I just…can’t sign off on this dress. At least not on her. I think it’s the length, but I’m not totally sure. It’s just off for me. Also, the lipstick is washing out her face something fierce.

    I really, really want to feed her soup. I think it’s ridiculous that she has to pony up to the voters while dying. I wish she’d pull a Mo’nique and say “screw the politics. Either you’re going to vote for me or you’re not.” I want her healthy so she can make more movies. She’s talented y’all, let her live.

  10. Cat

    I love JLaw, but this dress is terrible. It looks like it’s a towel and I hate the dust ruffle on the bottom. It’s a little shapeless on her– I think if this had a closer fit to the body I wouldn’t dislike it so much. She looks tired and overly bronzed and the pale lip is terrible… get some rest, Jennifer!

  11. Stefanie

    I think they gave her a spray tan to take away some of the “Im sick and nasty” look. This offends me more than the dress.

    Girl! Get some damn rest!

    • mary lou bethune

      That is what I thought: she is tired and not yet well. But she is the woman of the moment- like Gwenyth was 20 years ago but so much nicer and seemingly more grateful and down to earth. GET WELL!

  12. bambi_beth

    If her lips were a color, I would love this, then I would borrow it and wear it to my date on Friday night.

  13. Helen

    That corpse-lavender lipstick isn’t helping, but yes, it’s a terrible dress.

  14. Steph

    I agree with the last two posters- it’s the lipstick that’s washing out her colour, which doesn’t help her looking healthier than she feels at this point.

    I don’t mind the dress though. It’s young and pretty.

  15. Annie

    Is this the cropped version of the hot pink monstrosity that Lea Michele wore to the SAG awards? Stupid dust ruffle!

  16. Bella

    I think the dress would be prettier without a flounce, straight and right below the knee. Then wash off the corpse makeup and add a little color. Or maybe she should just stay home and in bed til she’s really well.

  17. MollySC

    I read somewhere that she’s got pneumonia. Poor thing.. SLEEP!
    Meh on the dress… too much like a hiked-up petticoat.

  18. fritanga

    Oh, God. Lawrence looks like Lohan in this photo, which is NOT encouraging. I know (well, hope) that this is temporary for her, but being delirious from illness is NO EXCUSE for wearing your bedclothes as a dress.

    Also, that someone let her out of the house looking like this is worrisome (why do I think this person was paid off by Hathaway?).

  19. Amy

    The homemade-look hem, empire waist and A-line cut of this dress remind me of the god-awful pink and red satin dress that Lena Dunham wore recently and the cheap looking pink satin that Lea Michelle wore to the Golden Globes. Are they the same designer, or is that look suddenly ‘in’? Cause I am not on board with that!

  20. ChristieLea

    If Catching Fire hadn’t already wrapped, I’d say this is just method acting. You know, with the Victory Tour and Katniss becoming increasingly more stressed that she hasn’t been able to convince President Snow and Cinna and her prep team having to take her clothes in and give her extra makeup to hide her sick state.

    Poor thing…somebody order this girl to bed rest!

  21. AM

    I’d change the lipstick color to well, a color. I’d also have her eat lunch and then go home to bed. Get some books, trashy magazines, some good movies, and stay there!

  22. Susan

    This is definitely a Lindsay look. “What! I have to be where? When? Now!

  23. Rayna

    Is this the bleached out version of Lena Dunahm’s pink and red number? Now we see that it is truly hyenous – this dress does NEITHER girl any favors.

    JLaw – get thee to bed and drink tea with honey and lemon. Rest up!

  24. Jen

    I think I read somewhere that she’s got pneumonia at the moment? She shouldn’t be out there at all, tbh. The fact that she is… quite amazing.

  25. Edith

    I realize I hate nude lipstick even more than I hate nude heels, and that’s saying something…

  26. Kristin

    If you blow up the photo, her face actually looks good, save for the messy bands obscuring her right eye and her oddly colored lips. As for the dress — what was she thinking? Maybe she wanted to eat a meal and everything else she had to wear was too snug. I do find her attitude refreshing, and at least her feet don’t look in pain. Maybe she’s saving her next big wow for the Academy Awards?

  27. Anna

    I actually don’t mind the dress. I don’t love it but it doesn’t offend me either. A different lipstick and different shoes would have made it better though.

  28. PB

    If I had mad Photoshop skillz I’d place JL’s head from this photo on yesterdaze jumpsuit tragedy just to demonstrate how good makeup and hair could have saved that outfit.

  29. VanDee

    Nup, think it’s cute. The only thing off is the lipstick. But even that isn’t terrible. If you think she looks tired you are NEVER seeing a pic of me.

  30. Leeann

    Agree about her looking completely worn out but come on, the dress is cute!

  31. Vandalfan

    Looks like the result of a Toilet Paper Bride shower game where they used large sheets of butcher paper instead of Charmin.

  32. Lily1214

    Too dressy for luncheon.

  33. Emma

    I hope there’s not someone behind the scenes saying “YOU HAVE TO ATTEND THIS EVENT.” Because she really looks like she needs someone to say “you’re too sick to go to school today, hop back into bed and I’ll get you some soup.”

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