Olympically Played, A Whole Bunch of Royal Folk


Everyone’s bringing her game face. Or, in the case of Kate, her game hair.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]

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  1. hfree

    My mom was about 10 rows behind Anne and Phillip at equestrian! (She covers those events for AP) I told her to get hair tips from Kate if the Duchess comes by the equestrian events.

  2. Megan

    I love that the Windsors are clearly having the time of their lives at the Olympics.

    I also really like the composition of the first picture. It’s rare that we get a deliberate picture of the back of the Queen’s head, so we’re left wondering what she’s looking at and what her expression is. Is she thinking about the competition, looking down on the spectators, or is she thinking about what to wear to dinner that night?

  3. Lynne

    Princess Anne and her unapologetic lack of vanity are just the best thing ever. Having said that, I will give my first born to whichever royal convinces her to let a proper stylist at her hair.

    The photo of her and Phillip is outstanding. As is the queen craning to smile at a tall Olympian.

    • Trace

      A lack of vanity, yet she can still fit into the same clothes she did 20-30 years ago. Not many women in their 60s can say that!

      • Molly

        I was thinking that, too, Trace!

        I was also thinking that she looks a lot like Carol Burnett in that picture with her father. And yes, Philip looks like he is having a ball!!

        The past year or so has done a lot to humanize the Royals, imo.

  4. Lane

    The royal family of the Netherlands is taking another (informal) approach: http://news.daylife.com/photo/028e02w3d477h?__site=daylife&q=Princess+Maxima+July+30%2C+2012
    She’s wearing THE coat! :)

  5. Kay

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen the Queen smile at the Olympics, and it’s wonderful! Plus, she totally nails wearing blue.

    Love that Princess Anne’s official IOC badge lists her as “Anne the Princess Royal” under her pic. Don’t know why, but that’s somehow priceless. Now, if only I could get my employer to change what it says on my id tag….

    • Kristen

      I love that she’s wearing the badge!

      • sarah


        • Sonya

          That orange trench needs to be in my closet. How can we organize a large order for fug nation from the designer/manufacturer?

    • Sarah

      That is so charming!

    • Charlotte

      I think it’s “HRH The Princess Royal” … but yeah, she is rockin’ that badge, and those sunglasses are badass.

      Camilla and the York girls were also spotted wearing badges, which makes me think they were doing something IOC-official enough to get issued badges.

  6. deee

    Harry’s got “that” look on his face in photo three. You know the look. His thought bubble should say, “I would never in a million years but I am thinking about it right this second.”

    • erin

      God, he is SO HOT. I just CANNOT GET PAST THE HOTNESS. Ok, I feel better for expressing that.

  7. Lily

    The pics of Anne and her dad are just fantastic. There’s one where she’s just gazing at him with what I will imagine is adoration, it’s to die for. And her daughter Zara is just awesome :) Love that Zara is a working girl and has an actual career and seems so unaffected by it all. I think even if her mum hadn’t opted not to bestow a title on her she still would have been out there kicking bum. Hope she does well in all her categories. She’ll always be my favorite simply because she has opted to do more with her life than just looking pretty at events, perfecting her Cheshire cat grin and playing with her extensions :)

    • Sandra

      Mee-ow! Presumably Kate is doing exactly what The Firm wishes her to do, and doing it well, since they all seem so pleased with her. As for Zara, yes, good on her. Making the Olympics in any sport is a great achievement, and all the more sweet to her for having had to miss the Beijing games when Toytown got injured.

      • Jen

        Zara had a FABULOUS ride around cross country this morning! So happy they did well, she deserves it.

        A huge assortment of the royals were there watching–there was a shot of Camilla, Kate, Will, Harry, Bea, and Eugenie in the stands, looking very casual, and a shot of Anne elsewhere on course. They all seem to be having fun!

  8. Billie

    Charlene seems to be looking so very longingly at that pool. As if she’s looking on a past life she’ll never get back.

    Also, while Kate has glorious hair, I feel like she just needs to stop fussing with it! She is tucking her hair back in half of the pictures of her. I feel like my Grandfather and want to hand her a ribbon for it.

    • Edith

      Charlene looks like she does, so desperately, long to be back in the pool. Or just to be back to hanging out with men who look like Olympic swimmers….

    • Jules

      I thought this Jessica was hilarious: “They SHOULD have done an interpretive dance about my hair.” Haha. It is very pretty!

      I bet playing with her hair is a nervous tick. If I knew so many people were looking at me I’d be making sure my hair was in check continuously!

  9. Reena Doane

    So glad you saw Princess Anne while she was watching Zara…I saw her in that outfit on TV and immediately thought of emailing you all!

  10. Carrie Ann

    The Queen looks fantastic, as do they all, really. In their own ways. Can’t get enough of Princess Shinylocks.

    Speaking of world leaders, did you see the video/photos of Michelle Obama hugging all of the US Men’s BBall players after their game against France? They all lined up and looked like little kids waiting to meet Santa. Too freaking cute.

    • Mary

      Yes! She is just so naturally effusive! I love it. No offense Brits, but my thoughts with all the Princess Shinylocks coverage is that I’m glad young American girls have HER to look up to. And she and Obama have the cutest public marriage ever.

      Forget politics, I love me some michelle!

  11. sarah

    My Gossip dream is for Harry to whisk away poor princess Charlene in the hottest way possible

    • Mo

      Sarah, Charlene, Harry, scandal, I’m with you sister. Can’t he whisk her away to some remote castle on a motorcycle? With the paps in hot pursuit.

      Oh, there’s that word hot again…

  12. vandalfan

    Princess Anne’s hair is really quite alarming. It seems to be almost sentient. She needs a Sassy Gay Friend. And I had no idea the Netherlands had a Royal Family, much less such an adorable one.

    • Julie

      I do like the way she quite obviously doesn’t give a toss about her appearance though. It’s refreshing. Though possibly not ideal for this site…

    • alyson

      Princess Anne is totally M’Lynn from Steel Magnolias. “It looks like a brown football helmet.”

  13. Elizabeth in SF

    I feel the need to give props to Anne for being able to rock a bucket hat and still make it look cute. Amongst my people we refer to said hats as “Birth control STD protection” devices…

  14. Steph

    Harry and Will were in the stands during the men’s gymnastics today, and the sheer genuine happiness they had when something good happened for the British team was so nice to watch. Plus, they rock a plain blue polo.

  15. D

    Fug girls, you need to see the adorable photos of Kate and Wills at today’s equestrian event — they’re even holding hands!

    • Mary

      I sort of said this impliedly above, but taking a step back… How depressing is this comment?

  16. Mrs. Whit

    Oh boy, not dressage! No! Eventing! The horse actually jumps over things vs prancing around. Much more macho.

  17. mags

    I love that Princess Anne has to have an I.D. badge. SHE’S A PRINCESS…THIS IS HAPPENING IN HER COUNTRY!

  18. jenny

    I love that Princess Anne is one of those people who just decided on a hairstyle a few decades ago and is STICKING WITH IT. Come hell or high water or Olympic bucket hat, she will have that severe bouffant every day.

  19. Sajorina

    I freakin’ LOVE the 1st picture! And, DAMN, Kate’s hair is always perfect… I feel jelousy creeping in!

  20. Amber

    The Queen looks fantastic in blue! She looks great in a lot of colors, actually. I just love how she’s not afraid to wear color.
    Charlene looks like she’s 2 seconds away from jumping in the pool. I do like her short hair, though.
    LOVE the pic of Princess Anne and Prince Philip. Adorable. I, too, love that Anne is so unfussy about her appearance, but that hair. My word.

  21. Miss Tee

    For a second I thought Princess Anne had joined DEVO.

    Whip it good.

  22. gryt

    I thought of Devo as well, haha! She is rocking that look though. Totally badass.

    The Queen is looking so adorable; love both photos of her. She is turning into her (very beloved) mother. Loving that color on her. what is that, periwinkle?

  23. Lily1214

    Love it, love it, love it.