High Fugshion: Naeem Khan Fall 2016 at New York Fashion Week

This is always a mood-lifter at Fashion Week.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Kathleen Trail

    How does Naeem Khan (KHAN!!!!!!!!!! Sorry – Star Trek moment there…) pull out almost 30 spectacular looks and other designers can barely cobble together one or two? Breathtaking.

    • Chelle

      It’s so nice to see that someone actually DOES know how to design clothes! Every one is gorgeous!

    • Jemma

      I always enjoy her clothes. But am disappointed in this show that so many of the dresses are sheer – granted my guess is her customers will line them. I’m sad that they felt they had to go for the sheer to get attention, clicks etc. As you state shouldn’t gorgeous dresses be enough to get press attention.

      • Heather

        Naeem is a man, actually! He does that a lot for the runway effect — as does every designer — but they are most often lined on the red carpet.

    • JO

      He just absolutely nails the intersection of my magpie tendencies and my love of Art Deco. If ever I do get a red carpet moment, Mr. Khan is my first phone call. I think there was maybe one dress in the whole set about which I was less than thrilled.

      • JO

        I’ll also add that several of these look like they would scale up nicely for ladies of different figures, which you cannot say for most designers out there (looking at you, Mr. Siriano).

        • filmcricket 

          I disagree about Siriano, he has designed more than a couple of dresses for Christina Hendricks and they’ve been some of the best things she’s worn. I agree that a perfect hourglass figure and long legs aren’t “typical” but she’s very much not model-shaped.

      • Kara

        I’ve said many times that if I ever have a Big Important Gala to attend, I’m wearing Naeem Khan. I’ve loved his stuff since Michelle Obama wore one of his dresses to one of her first State Dinners. This collection might be my favorite – that red strapless dress is EVERYTHING.

        • Nancy

          Me, too! I’d take one of each of these! Or maybe Elie Saab? Both of them design gorgeous clothes, which is so unusual for designers. :)

    • DebMcC

      We’re in the process of putting our house up for sale, so apart from Downton Abbey recaps I haven’t had time to be here much. But I want to say how much I LOVE Naeem Khan’s designs and I always look forward to his runway shows here. It’s obvious that he truly loves women (can’t say that for so many others) and wants to make them beautiful. And through scanning comments I learned he’s a wonderful person as well, fulfilling that little girl’s wish, even designing a gown for her and giving her the glamour works. As a cancer survivor this really touches me.

      Not being exposed to much in the fashion world, I wouldn’t have heard of Khan without you and Jessica, Heather. So thank you for introducing me a few years ago to this incredible designer!

  2. Jessa

    I dunno, from the trailers Eddie the Eagle looks like something that Hard to Watch: Based on the novel Stone Cold Bummer would have been up against for the Oscar. It looks like a fake movie, is what I’m saying.

  3. ember

    I do fairly reliably love this line, but I notice it has fallen victim to the current trends for triangular abs cutouts and halfway-down-the-skirt-dust-ruffles, both of which I would be happy to see die because they are EVERYWHERE right now.

    • Betsy

      Yes, I am not into the triangular abs cutouts. Only part I would probably cut!

  4. rachelee

    This whole collection makes me swoon.

    • M

      Seriously. I think I turned into the heart-eyes-emoji while flipping through these pictures.

      • maryloubethune

        The fabrics looks like a butterfly and a fairy got together and spun some gossamer. Miraculous.
        The lime green dress ( in the section where you discussed Rudy) was so beautiful I gasped.

  5.  Holla

    What a great show, I want all of it! I am currently hunting for a formal dress for a work gala and I so wish any of these were in my non-profit salary budget. If I’m making imaginary wishes, I also wish I was 50 pounds lighter so I could fit into these dresses. Oh to dream… now back to scouring the sales at Macy’s.

    Heather, great commentary on “Eddie the Eagle” and “Rudy”. I do love a moving sports movie about an unlikely hero. I am sure I will love in whenever I see it, probably on Netflix or Redbox.

  6.  Erin

    How are his clothes not worn ALL THE TIME at big events? I don’t understand all the love for Dior and Chanel and Versace when he turns out things like this. I know people wear his designs, but it seems like it’s so few and far between when compared to other designers.

  7. Manders

    Does that red dress have a cut-out right near the crotch?

  8. Danielle W.

    Why doesnt’ everyone wear Naeem Khan?

  9. Art Eclectic

    Stunning. Every last one of them.

    Also, I need that caftan at the end. Please send asap along with a case of wine and some bagels.

  10. Teev

    So much pretty, but to me #13 looks like a Barbie cake and #15 has a… glory hole I guess? WTF is happening there?

  11.  Ellen

    Lupita could wear the hell out of Slide 10 and I hope she does.
    I wouldn’t waste that red number on Kate Hudson at all, I’d hand it straight to Taylor to use as atonement for the Grammy GrannyPants horror show.

    • Lynne

      I think Kate could wear the hell out of that but I like your suggestion! I’d love to see that on Taylor. Seems like it would work really well on a tall person.

  12. cherhorowitz

    It’s just SO good. SO GOOD! No one should wear anything else. Imagine an Oscars red carpet composed solely of these dresses. I daydream about being a celeb probably at least once daily, but this is putting me into overdrive.

  13.  KLeewrite

    Stunning, all of it. Sadly, I have nothing in my life for which I need a long, swoon-worthy gown, but my God, send that dress from slide 5 to my closet and I WILL find a place to wear it. I’m sure it’ll be appropriate for one of the bar mitzvahs I’ve got coming up.

    • cherhorowitz

      Slide 5 is seriously so beautiful. Zendaya needs to wear it while rocking a similar ‘fro.

  14.  attica

    I wonder if those runway wigs were hard to balance. Or if there were birds actually nesting in them.

    • Jenz

      I just hope they were wigs and not their actual hair teased into a mental breakdown.

      • Little Bow Wow

        I found them so distracting.

        • Shannon

          Naeem Kahn: Sponsored in part by Aqua Net.
          Some of them are so flat and awful on top. It looks like you could serve food off of them. Hair Platters are not a thing we need.

        • Terri

          Yeah. I totally agree. I found the hair irritatingly distracting. Like a dying smoke alarm battery beeping every five minutes during a deep-stretch yoga class.

    • Roxana

      I have had structures like that on my head on more than one occasion. If they are properly anchored to your head they are quite stable, and very little if any balancing is required.

    • LetMeGoTakeOffMyHat

      Agreed! Hate, hate the frizzy cotton candy hair and could live without the chandelier earrings also. The dresses are enough on their own

      • isaidnoh

        Smooth, sleek hair (or even glossy natural curls) would have been much less distracting. Simple chignon? I hated the teased, tangly hair.

        All the dresses are amazing (lining, blah blah)

  15.  Me, Myself & Irene

    This is glorious. All of it. Including that which needs to be lined.

    And I am totally going to see Eddie the Eagle. Though I generally dislike movies in which I already know the ending, movies about sports underdogs are my heavily seeded raspberry jam (on toasted homemade bread).

  16.  Short Librarian

    #15 is very pretty, but I agree with the previous posters – there’s either a glory hole cutout or a slit all the way up to her knickers.

    #27 has gorgeous fabric, but … is it a jumpsuit? I think I see pants.

  17. Dionne

    Does the red dress that you’d like Kate Hudson to embrace have a slit right at the crotch? Like, I more or less love most anything Naeem Khan designs, but why put a peekaboo window right there? I DO love the liberal use of coloured metallics. The magpie in me is very satisfied.

  18.  the other Lori

    Oh, you lucky ducks for getting to see this collection in person. I went through the whole slide show 3 times, then read the comments and went back to have a fourth look at the gowns other commenters have singled out. If I had to choose just one, I’d choose the first gown.

    The model with the tougher row to hoe in slide 17, is that her real hair?? That is some color.

  19. allie

    I want #5 so badly.

    • Agent Sculder

      Seriously. That garment is just incredibly beautiful. Sure, I have nowhere to wear it, but I would love to own it. It would certainly make a statement at the office.

      But what I really love about Naeem Khan’s stuff is that you can SEE the amount of work that went into it. No wonder the gowns cost a fortune!

  20. cherhorowitz

    Amal Clooney in the slide 11 dress? Or slide 25? J. Law in the glory hole dress, sans glory hole.

    • AJ

      I love how over the course of the comments it has devolved into the glory hole dress.

  21. Mouse

    THE EARRINGS!! :D (and the dresses). Love it all. Ship it to my house. I’ll wear them to work and while getting groceries and to my kid’s preschool teacher interview.

  22. hfree

    The 88 Calgary Olympics were nutty! Prince Albert of Monaco was on a bobsled team. Debi Thomas wore a cat suit for her long program. Everyone wore cowboy hats! I had a Jamaican bobsled team sweatshirt for years and years, I could probably still dig it up for somewhere.

    This collection was really beautiful, as per usual with Naem. I wonder if he was really inspired by “The Woman in Gold.”

    •  the other Lori

      Calcary was nutty! But man, all winter olympics belong in the can of mixed nuts.

      I particularly remember the 2002 olympics because SLC is my hometown. Remember the speed skater who won when EVERYBODY ELSE CRASHED and the French figure skating judge who threw her vote?

      How about Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding–that was pretty nutty too. (NK’s black & white figure skating costume featured prominently in my 90′s fantasies of myself winning a gold medal, attending the Oscars, etc. I would have worn that thing to the grocery store if I could have gotten my teenage hands on it. I think it was a Vera Wang!)

    • filmcricket

      Debi skated her short program in a cat suit. The long program outfit was a dress, which was sadly outshone by Katerina Witt’s thematically appropriate Carmen outfit.

      • hfree

        Thanks for the clarification. I had a signed pic of her in the cat suit framed in my room, so it’s burned in my memory as the only thing she ever wore.

  23. Hermoine

    So blooming beautiful every single one of them. I have no where to wear them either (no $ either!)
    But surely my target trips would be more enhanced with one of these!

  24. crookedE

    Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. Even that jumpsuit they snuck in there near the end. Sigh.

  25.  Fawn

    All those ball gowns – swoon! Lots of potential for this year’s Met Gala.

  26. Chantel

    Guys!! I think #3 is lined!?!

  27.  Fawn

    #5 is what Balmain should look like.

  28. Stefanie

    I got so wrapped up in the Eddie the Eagle stuff I forgot to actually look at the photos.

    • alicia

      Right? And around slide 20, I started trying to guess when the first Rudy reference would pop up :-) Off to click back through and actually pay more attention to the clothes, because they did look gorgeous!

  29. Roz

    I see Jessica Chastain in all of these. Also, Kim K could try #11, Sarah Paulson #14, Julia Roberts #9.

    I love love love the geometric cutout ones omg, more of that

  30. lor

    Fabulous collection!! Would love to see Janelle Monae in #2 and #8 – she brings the drama to rock the look.

  31.  MissMargot

    What a gorgeous collection. Very Gustav Klimt-inspired, I think, to spectacular effect!

    • martinipie

      Was scrolling along to see if anyone else got the Klimt thing. Definitely very Woman in Gold!

  32. Agent Sculder

    I love what looks like some Art Deco influence on some of the designs. Slides 1, 5, 8. and 14 are just drop dead gorgeous. I really hope they all end up on the red carpet.

    If money was no object, and I had a major even to to attend, Naeem Khan would be my go to designer. His gowns are just SO GOOD.

  33. camille

    On one of the dresses during the Eddie the Eagle digression (#20? maybe? it had a gold bodice?) it looks for all the world like the bodice doesn’t go all the way around and instead just sits in front of the model’s chest, and that she has an ESCAPEE BOOB making a run for it out the side.

    I just felt that was worthy of comment, and now back to sports movies.

    • Kristabelle

      YES! I saw that too, and had to embiggen the photo to make sure it wasn’t her boob!!! It’s a light or reflection behind her, THANK GOD!

  34. Sophie

    These dresses induce rainbow tears. I will take 5 of each.

  35. Megs

    I would be happy to see any and all of these on Oscars weekend (pre-party, ceremony, post-party, who cares)!

  36. Sandra

    I call bullshit on the unlined business. Several of these are lined and you can still see what lovely dresses they are. It feels really rather creepy to me that these very young women are expected to work essentially naked. The celebrities who choose it for the red carpet actually do have a choice, but these people have to choose between working in these conditions and not working at all. The designers may think of them as clothes hangers, but they are not.

  37. unabashedlycurly

    Dear Life of mine,
    would you mind turning yourself into a world where it would make perfect sense for me to own and to wear Breathtaking Dress n°14 here ? I mean, without me forsaking my beloved husband, job, house, and right arm ?

  38. Andrea Townsend

    The Fort Worth Star Telegram newspaper published an article today stating that Naeem Khan invited a little girl with cancer to this very show (through the Make-A-Wish Foundation). He designed a custom dress for her and she made the final runway walk with him at the show’s conclusion. Her wish was to be a “real model in a real fashion show”. The girl’s parents were quoted with saying how amazing Mr. Khan was–so kind to their entire family, sketching out the design and letting the daughter have input, etc. I will always look at Naeem Khan dresses with an extra big smile on my face from now on. What a great designer, and (more importantly) what a wonderful person!

    • Jessica

      We saw her there — and saw her do the final walk. It was REALLY REALLY sweet. You can tell Naeem Khan is just…he was so so kind to her. It was really lovely.

    • Stefanie

      That’s amazing.

    • snorgler

      Can we get a picture of this? Please? What a heart-warming story to go with the only collection of gorgeous dresses.

  39.  Robin

    Wow! I want 90% of it (can probably afford about 0.09% of it) and it’s so good that as a collection it’s even kind of selling the light-socket hairstyles.

  40. Buffy

    Most of these are very lovely. But their hair looks like mine when I get up in the morning. Only I don’t need a hair stylist and half a can of hairspray to achieve that look.

  41. mary

    The red dress in slide 13 was designed with a little girl with cancer through the Make a Wish foundation sooooo maybe edit that caption a bit? Also a nice story to include here!

  42. library_girl

    I’m miffed that they didn’t actually film Eddie the Eagle here in Calgary. I might have run into Hugh Jackman out and about somewhere! And I LOVE Cool Runnings, which they did actually film here, so nothing will dislodge it from my heart. Unless they make a movie about figure skating at either of the Canadian winter Olympics… :)

    Also, when I flipped to dress 14, all I could picture was Helen Mirren in it.

  43. Lynne

    Kind of love that fringey one with the peekabo sheer bits in slide 18. And yes, that sentence is baffling even to me. I really want someone to go for this. Carey Mulligan. Or Lucy Liu. Or Emma Watson. Someone just wear this to something!

    • Lynne

      Oh, also wanted to say, does anyone think Naeem Khan is filling the empty space in our hearts once held by Oscar de la Renta? We all get so dreamy when this collection comes out.

  44. Char

    Wow, these are just beautiful.

  45. Little Bow Wow

    Are we seeing her lady bits on #28?

  46.  MHM

    Slide 6 on January Jones
    Slide 10 on Jenna Dewan-Tatum
    Slide 14 on a Fanning, though it may swallow her (or them both)
    Slide 20 for Julianne Moore


    • cherhorowitz

      I love this game.

      Slide 4 – J Lo
      Slide 14 – Rachel McAdams or Helen Mirren
      Slide 16/18 – Emily Blunt and/or Claire Danes
      Slide 22 – Julianna Margulies

      Much as I laughed at the commentary on the slides (and I did laugh) I wish this is what Heather had done!

  47. Eliza Bennett

    I want to marry #23. It is the Idris/Hiddleston of dresses.

    •  Alizarin

      Or get married in #23. It is one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen!

  48. BigNoiseFromWinnetka

    Love, love, love the dress in Slide 1 — but I see tribal masks over her boobs and can’t un-see them. Still — it’s gorgeous.

  49.  AC

    I am writing fanfic about slide 8.

  50. filmcricket

    A surprising number of these need to be lined; I blew up several and found myself staring straight at the model’s nether regions. Most of them are gorgeous, but this collection could be titled Secret Pizza.

  51. Betsy

    If I were a famous person who had big events to go to, I would go to this collection. Gorgeous. Please let us see some of this at the Oscars. Also, I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this with the right tone because it’s not serious/snarky at all and it keeps coming out like it is–I love when you guys write about who you would assign dresses to. I’m going to need you to go back and do that more with this beautiful collection.

    • Eliza Bennett

      I love playing fantasy stylist! a really good Afternoon chat would be “What dress do you really want to see on ” some celeb who;s in a rut or doesn’t branch out (Jennifer Aniston, Schumer, Wiig), and everybody just go crazy picking things.

  52.  BeautyMarks

    Absolutely delightful. Even with Secret Pizza (thanks filmcricket). What a pleasure of a slideshow.

  53. Kristabelle

    I really like slide #3. So many of these are SO PRETTY. Even with sheerness, they are still SO PRETTY.

    I have noticed that each year when you do NYFW, Naeem Khan ends up being my favorite line.

  54. Aparatchick

    So Many Pretty Dresses!

    Sitting in my family room, drooling over the slides and yelling: ‘I want it! Give it to me!” is probably making the neighbors think my life is more exciting than it is.

  55. me

    I always look forward to this show…used to be this and Oscar de la Renta. There’s the occasional rare miss but overall such beautiful clothes – that actually look like a designer has spent thought and time to tastefully construct the designs.

  56. jenlb

    I love all of this, especially the little girl, so much!
    Maybe you could leave your puffer coat with someone on the street to help them with the bitter cold?

  57. Maria

    My friend won tickets to see a preview of Eddie the Eagle and took me because he knows of my love for Hunk Jackman ;). We loved it, it was funny, lighthearted, and very well acted. A post-show googling revealed the movie takes a lot of creative liberties in terms of storytelling, so if you’re ok with that, I highly recommend it, if just to see Hugh’s O-face!

    •  ortenzia

      Thank God for Hugh Jackman. He makes the movies my Mom and I watch when I visit. He’s the perfect mother-daughter movie star.

  58. mary

    this collection is spectacular. the vast majority..great collection

  59. Machiamellie

    #20 has a runaway parabaloob

  60.  gryt

    1. God so gorgeous… What an exquisite collection! That first dress alone… [Come to mama.] I think Cate Blanchett will snag that one.

    2. I hope for the models’ sakes that the hair was wigs…

  61.  Jeannine

    Can we put Kidman in #1 and Janelle Monáe in #2? I also think that #8 was made to be worn by Florence Welch!

    •  Jeannine

      This is too much fun. I did them ALL:
      #1 Kidman
      #2 Janelle Monáe
      #3 Olivia Wild
      #4 Elle Fanning
      #5 Tessa Thompson
      #6 Zoe Kravitz
      #7 Margot Robbie
      #8 Florence
      #9 Maggie Gyllenhaal
      #10 Freida Pinto
      #11 Jenna Dewan-Tatum
      #12 Vanessa Hudgens
      #13 Solange
      #14 Helen Mirren
      #15 Taylor Swift
      #16 Dakota Johnson
      #17 Rihanna
      #18 Daisy Ridley
      #19 Lily Collins
      #20 Cal Gadot
      # 21 Eva Green
      #22 Amal Clooney
      #23 Lea Seydoux
      #24 FKA Twigs
      #25 Christine Baranski
      #26 Gugu Mbatha-Raw
      #27 Kate Hudson
      #28 Shailene Woodley
      #29 Sienna Miller

      •  Portia

        Number 9 — with the little triangles filled in — would be a *perfect* Maggie Gyllenhall dress. And I want number one sent to Gwendoline Christie, immediately :)

  62. Froney

    The first look is like a pastiche of several Klimts with Emilie Flöege. Right? In good way.

  63. CremeBrulee

    I love how NONE of these make me think, “This is a joke, right? The designer is backstage having a good laugh right now.”

    The dresses are almost all stunning – but the HAIR – whhhyyyyyeeeee?????

  64. GenBen

    Getting a huge KLIMT vibe from the hair, color/makeup of models, and rich detailing.

    I LOVE IT.

    Who needs rent money when you can live in one of those!

  65. sandra

    sigh….these are so beautiful. i picked out a good 4 or 5 that i would fictionally wear to the oscars per the giveaway.

  66. Marianne

    This collection came across my IG and I literally caught my breath. I really like the dress in slide 8 and was waiting for the Fug community to weigh in.

  67.  ortenzia

    I want to go there.

    All of it.

  68. Kimothymack

    True story: The real-life Rudy was a guest speaker at a high school graduation I attended. The man was completely s@@tfaced and could barely make it through his speech. All he talked about was Sean Astin’s portrayal of him – nothing about his life story or the inspiration behind the movie at all. It was bizarre and disturbing on many, many levels.

  69. daphne

    WOW. the colors and color combinations alone are just dazzling- so rich and vibrant and exciting. and the fit and shapes are masterful, too. just wow.

    my favorites..
    #2 (the colors. wish this one was a dress–), #4, #10, #14, #20

  70. karen

    I am so not a fancy person, much more Derelicte. BUT if I ever have some ritzy do to attend my god I hope I can lay my hands on some Khan.

  71. Marie

    Sorry for the random comment, but one model (21) actually won Heidi Klum’s Germany’s Next Topmodel a few years ago!! Crazy but great to see someone who won a reality show in Germany really succeed!

  72. Roxana

    I would sell members of my immediate family for #11 (the strapless red number).
    I might need to grow about a foot taller, which could be problematic at 40, so I am going to learn to walk on stilts. It will be worth it.

    •  Ruthie

      This is also my platonic ideal of a Naeem Khan dress. The only thing I would change is the neckline, to make it straight across instead of sweetheart-ish. HOW can I magically invent a glamorous life where I get to wear this? I long for this gown!

  73. Beth

    Gorgeous collection. What’s the deal with the crotch slit on the front seam in Picture No. 15?

  74. welshforjohn

    I like how classy and sophisticated most of his designs are. Other designers should take note: You can still design stuff that is both sexy AND classy. You don’t have to sacrifice class in order to design something sexy.

    Also, his stuff is amazingly intricate. I love the patterns.

  75. Katherine

    I dream of wearing that glorious caftan and a pair of feathered bedroom shoes while drinking a ridiculously complicated cocktail and watching ballet videos on my bed.

  76.  DianeN

    I think I’ve found my spirit designer.

  77. fiatluxury 

    dress detail by Klimt, flattering cuts by a man who actually loves women’s bodies, hair by cumulonimbus.

  78. Elizabeth

    Y’all, I am drunk in a cab right now in New York with my husband reading this with total delight as usual, and he launches into a rant about how the best sports movie score isn’t Rudy, it’s Hoosiers. (I said Chariots of Fire for what it’s worth.) THEN he looks it up and lo and behold, Hoosiers is Jerry goldsmith too. Anyway. I love you fug girls. Like Grantland (RIP) covering the Bachelorette, you guys with your sports knowledge brings couples together.

  79. Bambi Anne Dear

    La Blanchett for all of these. And Swinton if she ever feels like wearing something more mainstream.

  80. SGM

    Heather – I didn’t know you went to Notre Dame! I’m class of 2002 – Pangborn Hall.

    Cool cool cool!!

  81. Moni

    I’m very happy that many of these beautiful dresses manage to look sexy and impressive without being revealing. I’m so tired of all the sheerness, sideboobs and “neck”lines that require a bikini wax…
    My personal favourites are #16 and especially #22. So stunning! (I immediately pictured Gina Torres in this.)

  82. notemily

    “This is pants, which is nutty, of course.” For some reason my brain conflated those two words and thought “this is pants” was new slang for “this is nuts.” This is PANTS!