MTV Movie Awards Fug Carpet: Aly Michalka

Now that Hellcats has been put out of its misery, Aly Michalka — or, as our friend Carrie refers to her, The Michalka — looks forward to her next gig:

Spokesmodel for Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s new Greek Goddess-themed web-series, in which she wanders around Mount Olympus, making outfits from items found in Bed and searching desperately for Beyond.

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Comments (22):

  1. Geemee

    What a sad, sad hem. The whole getup looks like a losing “Project Runway” challenge.

  2. Geemee

    Also? Crispy hair. The shoes are kinda cute, tho — in a Payless sorta way.

  3. Willow

    Why is her hair 2 different shades of blond? And even more pressing why is the top part the same colour has her dress?

    What is this madness?

  4. LoriK

    @Willow: I assume the darker hair clump in the back is fake and the over-processed straw in the front is her actual hair.

  5. Meander

    It is all very … average for a woman this cute. And her hair is fried.

  6. Mongerel

    Nice makeup, nice shoes. But daa-aa–aang, that’s a lot of dress. In the closeup, it’s quite gorgeous, love the peach sherbet color, but even from a short distance, all that material concentrated at the waist makes it look like a sheet toga. Oh who am I kidding. I think she looks fantastic and she can come over to my temple any time.

  7. Kelli

    Call me crazy, but I kind of like it? I think the hem could be a little better fitting, but overall, I think I like the whole look for some odd reason?

  8. Leah

    It is lovely but it’s totally wrong for the event.

  9. cathy

    i agree with meander… she is a pretty girl and has awesome body, so seeing her look like this makes me a sad panda

  10. Kris

    All I can see is Julianne Hough…wearing a toga.

  11. Kristy

    @Kris, I thought Julianne Hough, too! With really terrible hair.

    I don’t think it’s that bad, but it’s definitely not right for the event. And the hair. I really can’t get past the hair.

  12. Anne B

    I guess, if you’re a minor goddess in need of a sack that matches some of your hair, you could do worse than this. (It might be sheer!)

    But isn’t that why you whined to Zeus in the first place? Or have you blown all those demigoddess pleas on your bag (which is cute)?

    (sigh.) Time for another human sacrifice.

  13. Rebecca

    At least she’s covered up. She’s not wearing a sparkly ace bandage or something showing her belly ring. That’s a plus.

    I don’t get her hair. Her hair always looked pretty good on Hellcats. And then when she’s out in public…yikes.

  14. vandalfan

    That’s about half again as much fabric as necessary. And hair, too.

  15. K.

    What is wrong with her hair? If the pony is phony, she should have at least TRIED to make it match the color of what comes out of her head. (I started to say “her natural hair color” but I suspect that’s not natural.)

  16. b

    wait…hellcats is cancelled? aw.

  17. winninghamster

    It reminds me of that one planet they went to on Star Trek : TNG where everyone had a blonde wig and scanty peach draping over their naughty bits and had super joyful, well-meaning orgies all the time but then they were like Singapore and tried to execute Wesley Crusher for stepping on a flower bed.

  18. jenny

    Her head is scaring me!

  19. jenny

    PS: Something about this is very Sigourney Weaver seducing the Keymaster.

  20. Sajorina

    Beautiful face, great shoes… That’s all!

  21. rigmarole

    I like it. Her hair needs intensive therapy, stat, but other than that, I think this is pretty.

  22. :paula

    Or spokesmodel for Summer’s Eve.