Mostly Well Played, Taylor Swift


I don’t really want to talk shit about her, because I have no desire to be the subject of some song called, like, “Flabby Blogger (Shut Your Fat Mouth)” or something. The good news is that T Swift’s current Kennedy obsession — which I am finding a little weird, if only because it has encompassed the purchase of real estate and actually DATING a Kennedy and a high school one at that (cue up “You Wish You Could Date a Kennedy (Old Blogger Jerkwad)”) — brings with it a very demure and ladylike wardrobe that I find appealing.*

*And US Weekly JUST told us they broke up. Oh my God, I legit can’t wait to hear her sing about the terrible ways he made her miserable. There are SO MANY things that rhyme with “Kennedy.” “Obscenity.” “Amenity.” “Holy trinity.” You better be writing, Taylor. You better be writing RIGHT NOW.

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  1. Alison

    Don’t worry, I just visited the dumpster last weekend and it was fine! And by visited I mean looked around a corner and there it was. I’m not a complete weirdo. Let’s hope she arrived while they were emptying it.

  2. coexxi

    I think it is super-weired and stalky how she arranges her wardrobe about that schoolboys family most famous period. The dresses and esembles are quite pretty but too costumey. They would be better on Ditta von Teese.

  3. Lizzy

    I like the first dress and sweater combination, the rest are blah. She should go back to the wild curls and no bangs – her hair is just depressing.

  4. MelissaW

    Someone on Twitter posted an USWeekly link that says Taylor just broke up with Conor Kennedy!! (I believe the tagline was something about the next album being EPIC)

    I too agree about yellow – not a color for me but I lurve that dress/print/cardie.

  5. Marte

    I swear, I had to cover a certain part of the screen in that last picture, the cameltoe was too hideous. Apart from that, she looked really good.

  6. marie

    yes Taylor, i know your album is titled RED..that doesn’t mean you have to wear the color almost every single time you promote it!

  7. Emily

    I hate Taylor’s bangs. I’ve disliked her hair for quite a while, and just realized why. Looking at her now, all I see are those overwhelming bangs.

  8. Lindy

    I think start a petition to get Covergirl to force her to wear some color other than RED on her lips! Coral, pink, peach, golden-peachy-pink, nude, anything other than red, red, red.

    • Donna4Eva

      Word. She looks like I did as a kid when I would put the wax from Mini Babybels on my lips.

  9. Erin

    I want the yellow dress and the second red dress. As a fellow curly folicled woman, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in the recent move to the straighter locks. Let that natural body run wild, girl!!!

    ps — I’m a bit ashamed that I bought her album yesterday. I am a couple of decades outside of her target demographic. I took my niece to see her in concert last year and was somewhat converted. Not that I hated her to begin with, but she really puts on a good show. And in an arena of ~50K teens, you could hear a pin drop whenever she talked. AMAZING.

  10. TonyG

    The dresses are kind of similar. My favorite is the gold one. The second red one too looks great on her.

  11. kathotdog

    I know her, because of gossip sites, but I don’t know her music at all. But I love almost all her dresses and wish I had her wardrobe. And she needs to quit being desperate.

  12. vron

    Do you think her Cape Cod house will now become the site of a Revenge-like actual story with the Kennedys?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Lizzy

      OMG – The possibilities are endless! Just view her “Picture to Burn” video – she definitely likes reveeeeeeeeenge.

  13. Sue

    I don’t know anything about her dating life and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a full TS song. So, viewing these entirely objectively, I like it. I like demure, lady-like clothes. Love that they’ve made a comeback. I’ve seen her hair curly and liked it, but as a curly-girl myself, I know it’s fun to do something different. Who wants to wear their hair the same way every day? Zzz.

    Was bummed I could see her bra in the last pic. Otherwise a cute outfit.

  14. maryse

    she’s been all over morning television lately and i really like her. doesn’t mean i’m going to go out and buy her album, but i think she’s cute and lovely and seems very smart. i also covet the pajamas she wears in her latest video.

  15. maryse

    i do love the paddington coat and cigarette pants ensemble as well.

  16. pidget

    I know little of her gossip or songstressing, but sartorially, she’s pretty consistently good. It must be hard being in the public eye all the time from such a young age.

    I like that she seems to enjoy being a girly girl – lipstick, pretty things and nip-waisted clothes. She’s got great raw material to work with, and she almost always looks good.

  17. Karen G

    I think she looks great, all a bit Kate Spade, but great.

  18. S

    I like all these things! I think T Swift is wearing them well and this sort of “look” rocks on her.

    But girlfriend needs some kick ass shoes so bad. I picture the outfits with better shoes and just feel irked by how close-to-perfect-but-not they are. Her legs and toes will be impeccably groomed and the rest of the outfit won’t overpower the shoe, why is no one hooking this kid up? HOOK HER UP, SOMEONE! (Bonus points if the someone is Taylor herself. You are twenty-whatever and rich, lady.)

  19. Lisa

    I like the yellow in the first dress but not with that red lipstick. All I can think of is mustard with a dollop of ketchup. I’d rather not remind people of hot dogs with my sartorial choices, but that’s me.

  20. Helen

    I love all of these looks except the Letterman outfit, though I do agree the black dress needs jewelry (and maybe an updo, with some hair jewelry as well). Also I would put a softer red on her lip with the yellow. I think this one is too strong for it, though overall she looks terrific in that.

    Letterman outfit, well, the less said, the better. I think the dumpster hid in shame.

    We mostly see Swift in dresses, and she wears them very well. Maybe she doesn’t really understand how pants are supposed to fit?

  21. tigers4us

    LOL! Great potential TS song titles, Jessica!

  22. mara

    It seems the more I grow to dislike her and her immature pettiness, the more I grow to like her style. I love every outfit here. She could definitely use some more interesting shoes but still, none of her choices detract from the outfits either.

  23. lusucanna

    Is that last one covered in fluff or something?

  24. jjdaddyo

    Number three needs gloves and a purse.

  25. Steph

    I can’t completely fault her fashion sense, since she does keep is classy and doesn’t remind me of my next *ahem* doctor’s visit like some other celebs her age.

    However, I am SO hoping that one day she writes the song “Common Denominator: ME”.

  26. Jules

    I love that yellow ensemble, but I’d prefer it on, say, Viola Davis because it would just glow with her looks while on TS, I see the dress but I’m not looking at her.

  27. Gracie

    I love her cute and simple dresses. They’re just girly and pretty! But I am sooooo sick of her bangs. They make her face look so tiny/weird, especially her eyes. She needs to grow them out!

  28. Sandra

    I don’t think this really is a Jackie Kennedy Tribute Wardrobe. It’s got a much more Audrey Hepburn vibe to my mind, though Audrey never wore such a hideous pants/sweater combo as in that last photo. Watch and learn, young lady.

    And I have to say, even though not all of the dresses are masterpieces, they are cute and appropriate and she is shiny clean. All the other young ladies could watch and learn as well. I’ve no knowledge of her music and therefore no opinion on it.

  29. Rebekah

    My 21-year-old brother says, “All I know about Taylor Swift is that she has a sucky love life and likes to write songs about it.”

    As for the clothes, le cute! Loving that red coat.

  30. Rebecca

    I admit I have a total girl crush on Taylor, though I’m a good 12-15 years out of her target demographic (her last album helped with a sucky breakup so now we’re attached for life). I really like her look…she always looks classy, girly, and covered up. People (not here, just in general) hate on her for being a girly girl, but I don’t get what’s so wrong with that? Just because she’s a female singer doesn’t mean she needs to be in public in her underwear and a see-through tshirt all the time.

    Basically I want to raid her closet (though nothing would fit me) then eat cupcakes with her.

  31. Sandala

    OBSESSED with the black dress. Who is it???

  32. KC

    Rebecca I totally agree. I think she always looks cute and put together. She looks SO MUCH better than most of Hollywood. She doesn’t flash her underwear all over the place. And I’ve only seen a couple interviews but she seems nice and funny. Sure she dates around, but I don’t really get why that’s so weird. She’s a young woman, she’s dating guys. If she wasn’t famous she would be just like any other young woman trying to find the right guy. I love her clothes and want to steal them as well.

  33. H.C.

    loving your Swift’s Snarky Songs any time you critique her outfits, hope it becomes a recurring feature!

  34. sarah

    She is on the shortlist of women who can wear red lipstick and red clothing at the same time. Love it.

  35. Guerra

    I think Kate Middleton should takes cues from her on these dresses – classy and elegant but not so boring..

  36. Tessa

    Everything apart from the last monstrosity (was okay with the coat) looks good, but it’s always the same, always the same… And frankly, it gets boring after a while.

  37. Franziska

    I don’t like all of her dresses, sometimes she’s a bit too much 1940s house wife for me, but I adore her in the black dress. She looks so elfin in it. She needs to improve her shoe collection. Most of the time her shoes let her down.

  38. Sajorina

    LOVE all the outfits, especially the yellow one & the red coat, which I COVET & NEED in my life for it to be complete! But, now I can’t get this out of my head: ♫♪Where did you GO, my dumpster?♪♫

  39. TaraMisu

    I like all of the looks but I do agree on the bangs, they need to go.

    I adore that red coat! I must have it. And the yellow…. oh the yellow! I am so envious of people who can wear yellow…. I look so jaundiced in it :(

  40. Esme

    Why is she always dressed like Martha Stewart in a 60s fashion spread? It’s the 2010s, and she’s 22–I don’t get it.

  41. Fuh Ugh

    She dresses well, always ladylike, usually fitted perfectly, but she tops my irrational “can’t stand her” list. And her songs …. GROW UP. She has the emotional range of a 12 year old.

  42. Bruin FugFan

    I like all these a lot, but they do seem a bit First Ladyish for someone her age.

  43. mrbruno

    Pretty & safe on all outfits but I think the young lady needs to consider at least ONE other lip color…too much red!

  44. M.Amanda

    I really like the yellow and second red dress. But the bangs have only intensified my urge to attack her with a brush and pull that hair off her forehead.

    And she says she will never say who her songs are about, but, come on, she’s no Carly Simon. Everyone knows every “you done me wrong” song is about an ex and the details in the song usually make it pretty easy to figure out which one.

  45. Gaby

    Sound of Music curtains anyone?

  46. Nickydooley

    Black tops need BLACK BRAS.

  47. ashleywilliam

    That is My favorite. The second red one too looks great on her.she is looking good.