I don’t really want to talk shit about her, because I have no desire to be the subject of some song called, like, “Flabby Blogger (Shut Your Fat Mouth)” or something. The good news is that T Swift’s current Kennedy obsession — which I am finding a little weird, if only because it has encompassed the purchase of real estate and actually DATING a Kennedy and a high school one at that (cue up “You Wish You Could Date a Kennedy (Old Blogger Jerkwad)”) — brings with it a very demure and ladylike wardrobe that I find appealing.*

*And US Weekly JUST told us they broke up. Oh my God, I legit can’t wait to hear her sing about the terrible ways he made her miserable. There are SO MANY things that rhyme with “Kennedy.” “Obscenity.” “Amenity.” “Holy trinity.” You better be writing, Taylor. You better be writing RIGHT NOW.