Met Gala Well Played, Christina Ricci


It turns out I almost always like what Christina Ricci wears to the Met Gala – even when it’s cracked out:

And this is no different. This event seems like the very best time to trot out that Vivienne Westwood dress that looks very slightly as if its former life involved being an awesome set of curtains in a very rich man’s very over-the-top library, until it decided to mate with a can-can girl and run off to New York to make its fortune. (That’s a compliment: I love libraries, New York, the can-can, AND fortunes.)

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Comments (39):

  1. Kat

    Ah – I waited for her to show up. Massive props for having the good sense to wear Westwood to an punk themed event!

    • Gigi

      Agreed. Westwood is the Godmother of Sartorial Punk. Leave it to Ricci to know that connection.

    • Beth C.

      I have no idea why everyone else didn’t.

      Also, I just really like this, theme or no.

      •  Sarah

        I almost wonder if Westwood only decided to dress one person so that it would make more of a statement. I also expected to see about 30 different versions of this.

  2. Erin

    I love this.

    That is all.

  3. Mongerel

    Really, really tremendous. I want to hug the stuffing out of her.

  4. Chasmosaur

    I was so surprised we didn’t see more Vivienne Westwood. And I love this one, even if it is curtain-adjacent fabric. Perfect for the evening.

  5. Helen


    I wanna just hoik it up a little, I think the weight pulled it down a bit. But it’s a great dress, it’s great on her, and I love the slight clash with the fishnets.

    Also, when did she get such great hair? I guess there must be extensions in there for thickness, ’cause I can’t recall Ricci ever having much of the stuff, but whatever, it looks terrific.

  6. Stefanie

    I love the dress! I do sorta wish she would have skipped the fishnets….

  7. Sara


  8. AJ

    I, too, love fortunes! We have so much in common.

    I think she wins the gala with this look. So great.

  9. Kath

    I think it looks horrific. Did she fall asleep on a K-Mart comforter which was then sewn around her? The side-boob flap (only on her right) doesn’t bother anyone? The fact that it’s clearly falling down as she poses gets a pass?

    You chickies will enthusiastically attack well-dressed women over minutia but this horror show receives praise? I don’t understand.

    • glee

      OMG – there are so many photos of her floating around – and that dress did not move an inch down on her bodice. I am going to lend my voice (as a non-chickie) to the majority of postings and say this is majorly well played!!! MAJORLY! Totally British, Punk, and she looks fabulous!

      •  Wendy

        The dress may not have actually moved, but I think the point is that it LOOKED like it could fall at any second. Other than that, it’s OK. I don’t get all the gushing.

        • blah

          That is some high-quality construction there, to make a dress that constantly looks like its going to fall off, but never does.

    • filmcricket

      …I’m seeing flaps on both sides?

      The low-riding, somewhat askew bodice does bother me, it’s a frequent feature on Westwood gowns. But this is pretty much perfect for the event, given the theme and Westwood’s connection to the British movement. And looking too pulled-together would not be punk – a mistake too many attendees made.

  10. Sajorina

    LOVE this! It is PERFECT! The dress is calling my name… COVET! I love plaid! Her hair & makeup are so pretty! One of my favorites of the night! FAB!

  11. mepe

    Christina looks great but her dress makes me really wish HBC had attended this event.

  12. Laura

    I love this as well. I’m pretending she’s the sassy heroine of a historical romance, whereupon after being kidnapped by a tribe of overly muscular Highlanders with swords and, oddly, no shirts despite the weather in the Scottish Highlands, they make her wear their plaid to dinner per clan protocol in all abductions by strapping men with claidheamh mòr, and she’s all, “OH, I’LL WEAR YOUR PLAID TO DINNER ALL RIGHT.”

    • filmcricket

      There’s something exceedingly “saucy wench” about it all, isn’t there?

  13. Tamidon

    it’s not plaid, it’s a tartan, specifically an Anderson tartan. It never looks as good as this when we have to wear it

    • Amberoni13

      Yes, if you are trying to be nitpicky about things, tartan is the pattern whereas plaid is a particular piece of fabric, usually a shawl/blanket-y type thing, occasionally worn belted. However, since this ball took place in the US, and most of us also live in the US, we call that kind of tartan plaid. We also call biscuits cookies. We are strange here. Welcome to America, land of misnamed textiles and other things.

  14. Bella

    Not liking this at all.

  15. tigers4us

    It doesn’t fit very well on top, but I love it (love plaid!). CRicci is one of my favorites, and she never disappoints.

  16. Ody

    I think her totally boss attitude when wearing these crazy cracked out dresses is what sells it for me. My initial reactions are always “WTFug” but then I look again and she’s all “SUP BITCHES” and I’m sold.

  17. amy

    Finally she learned how to put her hair atop her head to work with her face shape (high forehead)! She looks fantastic!

  18. Bewitched

    It reminds me of Jeffrey’s winning couture dress from season 3 of PR. I guess its the plaid. I could never decide if I loved that dress or hated it.

    • Andrea

      I loved Jeffrey’s plaid gown. I kept hoping someone would show up to this event in a dress like that. Ricci’s appears to be as close as we got, but I’ll take it!

  19. jules

    Love a good tartan ball frock. I too am so surprised that less people went with this theme. Which goes to show you either “have it” or you don’t.
    Hmm, I think I might drag my tartan cocktail frock out this weekend (I do own one) and do the housework in it (no money for cocktails this weekend).
    And kudos to her for wearing Vivienne Westwood, she is my favourite designer.

  20. VanDee

    She looks cute as! Love a tartan frock.

  21. Pamb

    For real? SJP did it better years ago, in a McQueen, WITH McQueen as her date. Someone more talented than I can surely find a pic…

  22. Lily1214

    I love this gown!