For the London photocall, Zendaya and Law pulled from one of Vivienne Westwood’s most famous archives: the spring/summer 1994 Cafe Society show, inspired by the exchange of ideas between French and British fashion with a specific focus on 19th century France and Charles Worth. And then obviously filtered through that 90s lens, because I’m not sure minis were of the 1800s (this piece originally appeared as a full-sleeved jacket). She cast all the supers of the moment; Kate Moss walked in what appears to be JUST a teeny skirt. Thirty years on, Zendaya is wearing it with the cranes of progress in the background, and parts of a London skyline that definitely didn’t exist back then. I am lukewarm on the hair still — I think it’s too generic on her — but the vest and skirt are adorable and not overtly tennis-y, which is nice. Mike Faist looks like nobody told him about this event and he’s wearing what he was planning to on the plane ride home, and for some reason Josh O’Connor has… a belt buckle flopping around, despite no evidence of a belt?

Zendaya also has a surprise:

Those tailfeathers are from the original design. They look like she sat on a hen.

[Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]