Met Gala Well Played, Anne Hathaway


Apparently, I like everything Anne Hathaway is doing with her hair lately, because I was totally into the short hair, and I ALSO like the blonde:

This Valentino is from 1992 — two years prior to Elizabeth Hurley’s infamous Versace safety pin dress — and I think it actually really, really works on her. Unlike a lot of the more successful OTT outfits from this event, it’s not TOTALLY event-specific. I mean, it’s punk-ISH and it’s totally appropriate, but if she had worn this to, like, the BAFTAs, I probably would not have burst into angry flames. As it is, I actually think this is great on her. Anne’s big problem can be traced back to the fact that she comes across as a TOTAL try-hard, and this is trying just hard enough. It’s actually kind of hot. And that is a sentence I have NEVER SAID ABOUT ANNE HATHAWAY EVER. Can we blame the blonde hair?

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  1. Rose

    I’m not too fond of her as a blonde, but this is definitely a good occasion to officially debut her new color and that dress looks PERFECT on her.

  2. Orange Clouds

    She looks absolutely spectacular. Together with Christina Ricci my favourite look of the night.

  3. Brenna

    The dress fits her like a glove – she looks amazing. I’m even ok with the blonde hair, but I hope it’s temporary.

  4. Carrie

    Everyone on Twitter was hating on this outfit and I didn’t get it. I think she looks great, and I especially like the feathered arm cuffs.

  5. Charlotte

    She looks fantastic, though I kind of hope the blonde was either a one-night-only thing, or is for a role. For a punk look? Great! For every day? Eh…I’m not sold. The dress is great though, and the make-up is spot on.

    I did think the live-stream observation that she’s pulling a Miley Cyrus (and/or a Charlize Theron) was apt. Does three make it a trend?

  6. Stefanie

    This is the least try hard Anne has ever looked. It’s honestly great. (And this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan of Anne.)

  7. Gine

    Yeah, I liked this. It was different and edgy for her, but not so far out of her comfort zone that she looked awkward. And the blonde is surprisingly flattering.

  8. LT

    I’m blaming the massive side-boob.

  9. mary lou bethune

    I still don’t understand why people are against her. She is lovely.
    I still think the Olsen twins get an Aplus on the assignment. They are punk galore.
    Nicole looks spectacular- utterly beautiful and serene.

    • derpshooter

      I’m also campaigning for an Olsen, Mary Kate. Ashley was kind of “eh, better than most”, but MK just needed to be flipping the bird in every photo to complete her punk look.

      That reminds me: Why WASN’T everyone flipping the bird in all their photos? Goop could have done it as her one concession to the theme so she could feel even more self-satisfied. ;)

  10. Jules

    I think the blonde hair makes her look like an upscale designer version of Katherine Heigl.

    • fritanga

      Slightly upscale Heigl. But pretty much spot on. Both always look as if they’re straining mightily.

  11. Jessie

    I saw another picture of her in this dress and it made her boobs look like they’re being tortured. They definitely look a little pancake-y in this shot, too. Why can’t she figure out how to handle those things?

  12. Katharine

    Um… really? This just looks like another iteration of the Transparent Black thing you, and we, have been complaining about now for what feels like years. I guess it has a slight advantage in that there’s no mourning fringe weeping off it and she’s not trailing a sad sheer skirt, but I’m definitely seeing nipple there, and far too much leg and underboob, just like with what feels like a good two-thirds of starlets for every red carpet event in ages.

    I’ll give her the blonde hair, but ixnay on the dress and its underside boob.

    • Esme

      I agree; why all the love for this look all of a sudden? And I won’t even give her the blonde hair–this whole thing is the epitome of trying too hard. (But it is fun seeing how many ways the flock finds to paraphrase GFYJessica.)

    • Deborah Stultz

      I think there might be nipplage worse than her Oscars dress, too. EEEK.

      • amys

        Yuck on sheer boobs in bondage. I’m guessing there’s a reason she posed with her arm and purse out in front. This is a little more Hathaway than we need to see, thanks.

    • Charlotte

      One could argue that, considering this dress is from 1992, it’s not so much an iteration of the sheer black trend as it is the originator. Which is pretty punk.

    • Chasmosaur

      Yeah. I actually thought this was very trying-too-hard, and the dress did not treat her girls well. That’s probably the best angle I’ve seen on that dress.

      I don’t know if it’s necessarily a bad dress – I’m just not sure it suits her, especially with the new blond (which I don’t like on her – it was skillfully done, but with her coloring, I don’t think it suits her either).

  13. Amberoni13

    I just…. I can’t do it. I can’t go on in a world where Miley Cyrus’ rebellion hair is a thing. So many famous people (male and female) have decided they also need her hair, and I just CAN NOT.

  14. Maria L.

    I don’t mind the hair as long as it’s for fun and for last night, but the side and underboob? Nope. Never.

  15. lesliejeannene

    I like the blonde, and the dress is lovely but I keep getting distracted by the gratituous side boob.

    • True_Blue

      I liked the dress from afar–but in close up, her shoulders look gray-ish (while her side boobs are white). That and the side boobs and nipples are distracting. I suppose she could have gotten sun on her shoulders, but getting tanned usually don’t make your skin turn gray (if you do, go see a dermatologist right away).

  16. Jessica

    Safety pin dress was Versace.

  17. Dyanna

    boob pancakes.

  18. TaraMisu

    Oooo I really like this! Guess I’m in the minority :D I think the blonde hair is edgy and she is wearing it well….. we are all tired of the sheer thing, but she still manages to make it work. A very rare well played Anne!

  19. Suzie

    I don’t like the muppet cuffs, but other than that, I dig the whole look. I’ll even excuse the sheer and sideboob. Good job Anne.

  20. Sarah

    I love this and love her. It’s love all around.

  21. Courtney

    I LOVE her as a blonde! At least with the short cut, not sure how I would feel about long blonde Anne. But seriously, she always seems like she’s trying to come across as girl next door, and you know she’s not as innocent as she plays. This bit of edge seems much more aligned with how I’ve always imaged her to be IRL. Embrace your fierceness, Anne!

    • Courtney

      I meant, imagined, obviously. I was way too excited leaving that comment.

  22. Kat

    I think this was one of the better looks of last night – the sideboob is okay for a punk-themed event. Luckily I have somehow escaped the whole Anne Hathaway outrage. To me she’s just someone who took the theme to heart and made it work.

  23. Rebecca

    I am so tired of seeing her breasts.

  24. Mongerel

    I cannot STAND this person but I have to give her an A+ for this look. That hairstyle and color look downright stunning on her. Demerit for the dumb manicure but even the sideboob looks somehow appropriate in that terrific, edgy dress.

  25. Sarah Oehmler

    She looks great. Love the blonde hair. Looks much less severe next to her face.

  26. Cat

    I don’t know if I’m a huge fan of the blonde hair, but I agree that she’s working this look. And I think it works with the theme. It is a lot of sideboob, though.

  27. Jes020

    You do realize there is a lot of sideboob and nipple action going on though?! I don’t like it and I don’t think the blond hair works.

  28. gryt

    Usually I just go ugh because it’s her, butr this is so awesome that I gotta give it to her. This is beyond frickin fabosh.

  29. sara

    jessica, i think you are cracking up. im preettttyyy sure i can see nip. and boob outline. NOT OK ANNE.

  30.  foo

    I think she looks great. The sheer slashes on the dress are for sure revealing, but I don’t find them tastelessly done.

    We have nearly the exact same coloring and I am really wondering how she is pulling off that blonde hair, but she is.

  31. Helen

    The blonde does not flatter her at all in my opinion (never wear a hair color that actively clashes with your eye color), but it works with the outfit and for the event theme. I’m fine with it as long as she doesn’t make the hideous mistake of keeping it.

    Her manicure is hilarious. It’s like what a ten-year-old might request. Which is PERFECT at this occasion.

  32. Bella

    Why is she blonde? I hate it.

  33. Lindy

    Man, does she look smug. I like you, Ann with an E, but work on that.

    The dress is right for the theme.

    • Megan

      Your comment sounded smug, work on that ;) couldn’t resist!

    • Helen

      It isn’t the first time I’ve seen it, but I’ll never understand the “smug” accusation. I think she looks a little shy, as if now that she’s dressed for attention it feels a bit much and she wishes she could go change into something more modest.

  34. Tiffany

    I like this. I think the shade of blonde looks sooooo much better with her skin coloring than Miley’s version of yellow-blonde. I think it really works with her unique face. I think the dress pushes the line, but that is what you are supposed to do at this event. I agree, the side boob is fine here. And I don’t have a blanket hate for “sheer”…I have a strong hate for sheer skirts with granny panties. This is not that.

  35. Jane

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t when it comes to Anne’s fashion. If she went with a traditional princess gown, people would complain call it boring, simple, and not following the festivities theme. Then she tries to do something fun, edgier, follow the guidelines and some will complain. She looks great. This has to do more with people’s complaints about her personality, if anything…Some people act like she abused/killed someone.

    • Sajorina

      WORD, Jane! I couldn’t agree more!

    • fritanga

      Well, she’s certainly tried to kill me with her terrible acting.

      But all that aside – I don’t recall her ever wear anything even approximating a “traditional princess gown” (perhaps you’re confusing her with Taylor Swift or Linda Evangelista). Hathaway always goes for “I’m a FASHIONISTA, OK?,” which is the reason she made it so far in this year’s Fug Madness.

  36. Sajorina

    LOVE! Perfect for the occasion and sooo sexy! Hair & makeup are fantastic! FAB!!!

  37. mepe

    I think she looks fabulous here! Who knew she could pull off the edgy blonde hair – she is seriously rocking it!! Did she fire her old stylist after awards season (I sure as hell hope so) because whoever put this look together knocked it out of the park. Go Anne!

  38. D

    I think she looks amazing! I don’t want her to stay blonde forever, but for the theme and look it works perfectly. I have to agree that she really does look HOT. I’m not totally in love with the feathered sleeves, it feels slightly Liza or something, but otherwise it’s perfect. She was definitely one of the standouts of the night.

  39. Molly

    I cannot stand Anne Hathaways and I friggin LOVE THIS LOOK. The blonde is fab on her, and the dress is perfection.

    To all those who are concerned about her hair: I saw on E! News that she dyed it specifically for this event, and will be dying it back ASAP. So punk.

  40. TonyG

    Put me in the “LOVE THIS LOOK!” column.

  41. CopyChic

    To me she looks ravishing (speaking of words you’d never thought you’d associate with someone…). The dress fits like a glove and the hair surprisingly works with her bone structure and skin tone. Miley, by the way, is the rode-rough-put-away-wet/walk of shame version of this look. I do wish someone had worn Alexander McQueen to this event. Or did I miss that entirely? There were so many sad attempts at punk, I can barely stand to look at them.

  42. Liz

    There really wasn’t nudity or side boob in punk, though (for those saying it’s an appropriate look for the event). One of the greatest things about punk girls was that they didn’t care about being sexy and appealing. The nudity and s&m style came with goth, not punk.

  43. CC

    Eh. She looks good in this particular shot, but I can’t give it a fab. It screams of trying way too hard with all of the boobage, and I hate the feathers. They make it look like something Wayland Flower’s “Madame” wore.

    I think the blonde hair looks good here, but saw other pics of her with it and wasn’t as impressed. Still, if you want to try blonde once in your life, probably better to try it when it’s short, right?

  44. SJAllison

    I like the blond hair but my husband thinks it’s hideous. Does anybody know if RZ styled her?

  45. Mary Urech Stallings

    The blond makes her eyes pop and the dress makes her boobs pop. All in all, it works.

  46. HKS

    I am not in the group that hates Anne Hathaway. Nor do I love her. No strong opinion either way. And I guess that feeling also applies to this look. Love this hair on her for THIS event theme – the short blonde really works here – and does wonders for her face. The dress is good in some parts, and flattering on her, but the sheer AND side boob, I can’t even give a pass for this event.

    Huh. I just realized. It’s not that I don’t have a strong opinion on this look (or Anne, actually). It’s that I have strong CONFLICTING opinons. On both the dress and her.

  47. lola

    Sideboob please? It’s full frontal. Aureole and Nipple right there. I think everyone is so used to seeing them now that they don’t even notice.
    ….and now I think all the times this girl has claimed embarassment from accidentally flashing us her boobs and bottom … are all a little disingenuine.

  48. bee

    a little bit of edge makes her so much more palatable! she really should take note and infuse all her looks with a little bit of kick like she did here. if this event had taken place before she was cast as catwoman i would have had an easier time thinking she was right for the role :/