Met Gala Fug or Fab: Kirsten Dunst


Kiki Dunst went topless to the Met Gala on Monday:

Just kidding (we would have led off with her if that were the case — who do you think we are?). Just a halter top!

A halter top that is causing me to think more about Kirsten Dunst’s boobs than I have in a tremendously long time. The more that I think about this, though, the more that I am kind of bummed out by it. Not because it’s terrible. In fact, although I am not insane about the top, it’s basically pretty. I just expected more crazy from her. But maybe that sideboob was all the crazy she could muster. What do you think?

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  1. Esme

    Yeah, not crazy enough; she didn’t even change her make-up. I never realized her boobs looked like that, but maybe it’s the first I’ve seen them unfettered.

  2. Helen

    I’m fine with the sideboob, but not with the supremely unnatural-looking cleavage. It’s eclipsing the rest of the dress, which is too bad because otherwise it might be kind of great.

  3. aeb

    i felt like her stance from photos i have seen indicates she thinks she looks pretty dang hot. i guess i like the dress (but could do without the tatas on such display), it’s just not thematic. sometimes i feel like her looking good is enough.

  4. Ines

    i am disappointed
    normally she is so brave… (cleavaging isn’t)

  5. Barbara

    Weirdly I really, really like this! I just wish something more exciting was happening with the hair/make up. She looks pretty, but I feel as if her head looks aways exactly the same. I guess she doesn’t want to change a winning team?

  6. Sophia Loren

    Boring, yet ugly.

  7. Crispy Phoenix

    Dislike the front. Love the back.

  8. 1st time caller

    i like the wee paisleys tho

  9. goldfish

    It sort of looks like she’s in a Showtime After Dark production of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  10. labyrinthine

    I like the concept, but not the execution. It also doesn’t look like the halter part fits her very well.

  11.  ErinB

    What a beautiful back she has!

    Maybe she brought the crazy — the crazy chest bronzer in a
    shape on her chest to enhance her cleavage in kind of a weird way (IMO, the dress would be prettier without emphasized cleave). Since I’m not there to see it in person (and would hope not to be a boob-stalker at the Met Gala), I can’t tell if this is the case or not.

  12. Stefanie

    I wish it wasnt so deep in the front. Otherwise it’s nice. Im glad to see Kiki out and about.

  13. acake

    Love it unconditionally. Dr. Sunken Tits has somehow elevated them and I am pleased.

    • Edith

      YES! As any longtime reader remembers, Kirstin Dunst anagrams to Dr. Sunken Tits, and yet here they are positively buoyant. Either she’s got some tremendous, invisible support under there (in which case, I want her secrets), or I’m forgetting what breasts were like before bearing children. Or she’s had a surgical assist, but a VERY good one.

      I’m tired of being unhappy with completely unpunk looks, but yet, still unhappy that she didn’t bring the punk, even a little bit.

      • Karen G

        I don’t remember her looking this buoyant either. I’m thinking there’s been some sort of unnatural change. The back looks lovely though.

        • Liz

          Something about how her chest looks from the front screams ‘gads of garment tape!’ to me…if so, ouch.

  14. lola

    This thing just looks odd. I can’t believe you guys thought Blake LIvely’s dress was so bad and you like this. It’s a grass skirt before the grass died. It’s just mowed and it’s dieing from the top down. I look at it and I just think “oh, must remember to mow the lawn tomorrow”.
    and then the top is so stiff, it looks like it’s the equivalent of a man’s tie masquerading as a bodice. plus it looks like it was fitted before she had a boob job and it was made for her boobs to hang out 4 inches lower. Probably it’s more that the nearly naval baring split is allowing the 2 halves to wander. Thank goodness tho- because she has plenty of side boob already.
    I will say she has a beautiful alabaster back to show off – so that’s working well here.

  15. Michelle

    It reminds me of Evan Rachel Wood’s Golden Globes dress with the feathery stuff. I like it minus the boobage.

  16. Alicia

    I love that she brought the characteristically-baked facial expression with her. Side-boob? Who cares? I got the munchies…

  17. Michelle

    Do I see nipple again? maybe it’s just the hangover from Anne’s Oscar’s dress where I think I can see areola in every photo but… what am I seeing?

  18. Eirwen

    Squished boobs are tacky- fail!

  19. Nancy

    It’s pretty and well-fitting EXCEPT that her front cleavage looks fake, and I will NEVER approve of side-boob. NEVER.

  20. Amberoni13

    I think her expression here says “FINE, take my picture. I know there’s something wrong with the front, and I wish I could fix it, but apparently you don’t care. I am now thinking very nasty thoughts of you.”

  21. Sajorina

    LOVE! She looks GORGEOUS and DAMN SEXY! The dress is amazing and her hair looks fabulous! The makeup is average and I would’ve given her my firstborn if she’d worn some awesome jewelry, but her boobs are FANTASTIC!

  22. Nancy

    The dress is OK, but this is the second time she has looked wasted. Not a good look on the red carpet.

  23. gryt

    It reminds me of what it looks like when men get bad plugs.

  24. OughtaKnow

    Well according to a blind item people are guessing is her she’s had a boob job.

    I always liked her crazy style. Not sure about the newHollyboobs though. There was nothing wrong with her boobies before.

  25. Jessica

    why don’t people wear their boobs inside their clothes anymore? i think it would look good if she didn’t push them together like that.

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