Met Gala Fug or Fab: Cameron Diaz


“Wait. Where am I?”

“NO. Come on. They told me I was going to the first annual Salute to Gywneth Paltrow’s Tom Ford Oscar Dress of 2012. THAT’S WHY I’M WEARING THIS CAPE. I’m going to kill Stella.”

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  1. Art Eclectic

    Sorry to be mean but she looks like a 50 year old trophy wife at the annual charity dinner.

    • Lindy

      Yes, she does. That hair is doing her no favors, for sure. Also, posing face full-on to the camera isn’t flattering to anyone.

    • Jenny

      At first glance, I thought she was Carolina Herrera. Now, Carolina Herrera is lovely, but she is considerably older than Cammie, no? So the comparison isn’t too flattering.

      The dress is ok, not at all following the “punk” theme, but it is pretty. The hair and makeup put the look into “ladies of a certain age” territory.

      • goldfish

        She’s finally showing her age. She couldn’t continue on forever. So she’s going to have to learn to avoid these kind of frocks that age her further. By “showing her age,” I just mean she isn’t the surfer girl on the cover of Self magazine anymore. Happens to us all. Luckily she’s found a good botox doctor for her front dome area.

        Also? She doesn’t need the dress that tight — her midrift area looks a lot like a Scrunchi, it’s so gathered.

        Finally? Not punk. Not at all.

    • mepe

      This was exactly my first take on this look as well! I always thought Cam was more fun than this look is letting on…even with the spiky belt. Were there any pics of what’s happening under the cape? Without the belt it is totally mother of the bride…a very hip, wealthy MOTB but still…Cam can do better.

  2. Lisa

    I thought that she would have looked better in what Stella was wearing… (words that I never thought I would utter).

    This feels a little like a GOOP tribute outfit.

  3. Chasmosaur

    I have to vote No. Because she brought one of my favorite looks from this blog EVER to the 2007 Met Ball.

    For me, all of her Met Ball looks are compared to this one, and this sad blue thing just doesn’t even begin to compare.

    • Breda

      That outfit is also one of my all-time faves, and probably the reason I so frequently wear turquoise necklaces with pink shirts.

    • Jen

      THANK YOU for posting that picture. I kept thinking that her face looks really different lately, and not just from aging…something about the cheeks? I don’t know, she looks very Ellen Barkin-y to me lately. Anyway, seeing that picture from a few years ago confirms that, yeah, she looks different.

      That dress was fab. This dress is NOT.

  4. jay

    how is there no mention of the fact that her belt has insane giant spikes on it?? that’s what took me from hating this to kinda feeling some affection for it. although not too much affection, given that getting within hugging distance could result in puncture wounds.

  5. eandh

    it’s the belt that makes the outfit – the spikes!

  6. Kris

    Coming down on the side of “fug”, because it’s so damn matronly at a punk themed event. I agree that Madonna got a “fab” for being on point; this is so far off the mark that it’s never even met the mark.

    • lilywise

      I think the belt is awesome enough that it saves the whole outfit from being matronly. (And the color of that dress is great.)

  7. D

    I’m anxiously waiting for a post about Nina Dobrev, please

  8. Amanda

    I’m okay with the dress, but her head is hurting me.

  9. Helen

    At least her face looks great. Which naturally happens when you’re, you know, Cameron Diaz, but even though I wouldn’t expect anything else, it’s still nice to see something pretty atop this disaster.

  10. Charlotte

    Frankly, I’m a little concerned that she’s going to hurt someone with that belt. I hope no one hugged her too hard.

    I guess murdering someone with an accessory would be pretty punk. Well played, Cammy.

  11. leeapeea

    In many respects, she looks great. She’s got her DNA, the dress fits, it’s a COLOR, it’s … interesting (at least not boring), and it’s making a statement. Is that statement, “I am Cameron Diaz and I am WORKING THIS DRESS?” No. I’m not sold that the dress in any way CAN be worked, even with the spiky belt to contrast it’s smooth line-y-ness (technical design term, you guys).

    I think what hurts the most is that she really could rock some punk couture. Or some couture punk. But instead we get this.

  12. nmlhats

    Seriously, people (and by people, I mean celebrities who wear their clothes too tight), would it KILL YOU to go up a size? The wrinkles across her belly and groin ruin an otherwise cool look. CHECK THE MIRROR before you buy it.

  13. Small Anne Cordelia

    This color blue makes her eyes look kinda wierd. Like a Fremen.

  14. Rachael

    The bottom looks a smidge — less, even, so maybe a scosh? — too tight. Otherwise, I think she looks kind of fierce. The color is superb on her. The belt with spikes is a nod to the theme. The cape is hilariously crazy/awesome. I’m feeling this. She looks less harsh than usual to my eyes, which is interesting, considering what she has on.

  15. LoriK

    I feel like with a few changes this could have been quite good on Cam at another (not pretending to be punk) event. Take it somewhere else, go up a size, lose the spikes and do less severe hair and she’s good. Here it’s just not working for her.

  16. BrownEyedBetty

    I’m getting a Star Trek Villain Vibe from this….. just sayin.

  17. ok

    I think she looks fantastic. She doesn’t look like GOOP… is no one else allowed to wear a ‘cape’ (although this is actually a PONCHO) ever again?

    The color is fantastic, and I thought the spikes on the belt elevated this dress to fit in with the spirit of the event. The Met ball is about drama…she didn’t wear this to a movie premier.

    Once again: total win.

    • Kat

      Is no one else allowed to wear a cape? Of course not – but you need to be royalty. This is actually a double repeat via GOOP via Queen Maxima.
      I am not sold on the spikes, too may folks went that way: adding some spikes (on the belt, the clutch, a bracelet) to an average red carpet look and then calling it ‘punk’. Not working for me. Also not working: sandals with matching tiny spikes (she showed them on the live feed).

  18. Esme

    Edward Gorey illustration come horrifyingly to life.

    • Helen

      Hee. It really is. If Gorey could see this, I think he’d have laughed at that and been delighted.

  19. Karen G

    The dress is almost fine. I like the spiked belt; it’s in theme. But I think the dress is a little too tight, and a bit severe. A boat neck, with an interesting necklace, maybe a snake in black diamonds coiled around her neck would fit the theme but not clash with the spiked belt.

    Also her hair looks terrible with her face and that dress. Someone said society wife, and that’s what I’m seeing too now.

  20. Tina

    The material looks to heavy and the capefront (is that a word?) is too long. Maybe different material and better view of the belt. Someone suggested a more interesting neckline. I second that as well!

  21. Sajorina

    LOVE! The color of the dress is killer on her! I like the simple silhouette with the badass belt! FAB! I wish her hairdo was more creative and the earrings were more of a statement, but the makeup, nailpolish and clutch are great!

  22. Heather S.

    It’s so almost there, but it just doesn’t make it. The color is awesome, the make up is good, the clutch is whatever. But the fit is horrible and the fact that it’s all the same color just exacerbates that. The belt takes what little waist the dress has left her with and makes it violent. Add to that the oh so boring hair, it’s just not working. Really I think just making the shawl thing a pattern could have saved the whole thing. Well not the belt, that’s more in the Bjork/Cher ouvre. But the outfit. Imagine it with a small print in turquoise and green. And sparklies. Or maybe just a big ass necklace and bracelet just to balance out the giant blueness of it.

  23. Claire1http://gofugy

    I know she’s doing the nude look. But I think too much makeup. It’s just aging her.
    She’s also fallen into that “lighter hair makes you look younger” rut.
    The dress is awful…and she should have slapped whoever handed it to her and said “I’m Cameron Friggen DIAZ….I don’t do mother of Marylin Manson’s next bride”

  24. Claire1http://gofugy

    Anyone else a little freaked out by the guy behind her? He’s doing that knuckle cracking “I am an evil genius in a boy’s body” thing.

    • Nina

      That looks like Dane DeHaan (from Chronicle). If that is him, he’s wearing the floppy hair for the Spiderman sequel. Can’t speak for his evil appearance, though.

      • Claire1http://gofugy

        OK…I looked up Dane…I think you’re right. I kind of liked it, either way.

  25. Nina

    I feel like she’s attempting a Tilda Swinton-esque look with this, but she doesn’t have the charm or the grace to pull it off.

    • mepe

      Oh right – this look is totally Tilda Swinton as Social Services!! I knew it was reminding me of something but couldn’t put my finger on it! Seems like an odd reference for this event but she totally nailed it!!

  26. TonyG

    Love the outfit. The hair not so much, though the severity of the hair along with her eyebrows and make-up made me think of Debbie Harry a la the album cover for her solo album “kookoo.”

  27. Fletcher

    Where to begin? She looks like an old lady and her hair may as well be white. No disrespect to the older ladies, but come on Cameron – you have seen ladies 20 years older than you who have given in to the bizarre notion that you can’t be too rich or too thin. It doesn’t work. Your look undermines everything that you are identified with: gorgeous eyes and infectious smile, fit body, great energy ….

  28. Aurora

    I like the dress, but man, she needs to learn to let go of eyeliner. That undereye stuff she always wears does her no favours.

  29. luvthefuggers

    I saw a pic of Stella McCartney in a limo on the way to the Ball with Kristin Stewart dressed in her awful maroon romper thing and Cam dressed in this…so does that mean that this is yet another horror from house of mccartney?