Met Bell Fug or Fab Carpet: Diane Kruger


No Pacey, so don’t get so excited. They’re not making a lot of personal appearances together lately, but they seemed awfully cozy at Coachella, so I am SURE things are FINE. EVERYTHING IS FINE WITH DIANE AND JOSH LA LA LAH LA.

I tend to think this, too, is just fine. I didn’t like it much the first time I saw it, but now that I’ve actually gotten a real look at it, I kind of dig it. It’s like slouchy surfer girl casual grooviness goes to a ball, and I tend to think she is one of the few people in the world who can truly pull it off. Like, “oh, the Met Gala is tonight? Right. I’m sure I’ve got something great in the back of my closet.” But in the enviable, cool way. Not the lazy half-assed way.

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  1. anny

    Did she get a horrible sunburn on her lower back at Coachella that is requiring her to show up in these things that hang off her back like that?

    But her head looks very clean. As in, just-laundered and unsullied by unguents or cosmetics of any kind.

  2. Karen

    I guess I just wish it fit a little better at the waist. I think it would make the sweep of that skirt even more dramatic. I wonder if the back is so open that that’s just the way the waist has to hang? But…in the high-res you can see the top of a side zipper under her arm, so it MUST be tight enough to need a zipper!

    I really like her hair that way, though. She doesn’t usually have it so straight and full. And her face is–as usual–GORGEOUS.

    So I guess now that I’ve thought about it some more, I really like it. But I still wish it were nipped in a teensy bit more at the waist.

    • Karen

      Also? BRILLIANT accessories. Get a close-up look at how wonderfully her clutch coordinates with the dress and the necklace…

  3. jjdaddyo

    The women is a goddess.


  4. Elle

    I just cannot sign off on this. It looks like one of the flimsy sundresses the co-eds wear around my college campus. This look is fine when you’re running off to get a Jamba Juice before going to your Psych 102 class before you spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach, but definitely not for the Met Ball.

  5. Sandra

    I thought the theme of this year’s ball was “Impossible Conversations”, not “100,000 Ostriches”

  6. Mahastee

    The purple is brilliant, but otherwise, YAYYY, La Kruger CAN look boring and shapeless and like she was randomly attacked by Filfil Oh this is such a relief.

  7. Stefanie

    It’s like she had a sundress that she loved and a purple boa she loved just as much so she had them married in hopes of making a happy Brady Bunch style family but in reality it turned out more like a Step Brothers type family.

  8. Daffodil

    All those Muppet feathers make the bottom look to be so heavy, it’s dragging down the bodice. Fewer feathers, hike it up a smidge, maybe we have something.

    • S

      It makes her look like she is being dragged down. It’s so bottom heavy – I’m afraid the spaghetti straps are going to snap at any moment. They already looked stretched down (at least, I hope that droopy look was not intentional.) She looks a little wan, too. Not that she isn’t still beautiful, but we know she can do much, much better.

    • zackster

      Yes! This is what bothers me. The bodice does look stretched out by the weight of the swiffer on the bottom.

      • Fiona

        YES YES YES. There’s not enough structure to the top of this to support that much muppet-ostrich skirt. Talk about scrolldown fug; I literally did a double take.

        • Rosa

          It does look like the bottom is dragging the top down. I LOVE this from the waist down. Gorgeous. But the top needs to be more structured and less camisole-adjacent.

    • Kara

      Totally agree. I love the color, but the … boa? on the bottom is dragging the whole thing down, literally and figuratively. Total Scrolldown Fug. And she needs more color on her face (makeup, not a tan).

  9. polkadots

    i never comment, but I just have to this time. Look, I know y’all think she can do no wrong, but this is a NIGHTIE. Last worn by my mother shortly after I was born. All that’s missing is the matching sheer peignoir.

  10. Amy

    It’s terrible and you are insane to think otherwise.

    They all look like they had to wade through a pond full of weed ton the way in. Did they?

  11. KaTo

    I want to like it. The color is great. She is, of course, gorgeous. But it looks so heavy, as if it is dragging her down. It looks like those little straps could break.

  12. Adriele

    I LOVE the color, but not the fit the from the waist down. She looks MASSIVE and she’s a tiny thing.

  13. Dazie

    I like the top, I like the bottom, just not together. The bottom deserves a more fitted top, perhaps a strapless, and the top deserves a flapper look at the bottom.

    The color’s good though.

  14. R

    I’d be on board 100% with this if it was belted at the waist and there were no feathers. Maybe also she could have a hint of pink lipstick/gloss…

  15. maxameliana

    the bodice reminds me of the ill-fit to GOOP’s pink Oscar dress and so I cannot love this (although the color is good and she is lovely)

  16. neiges

    Weren’t we toying with the idea of her being pregnant? It’s the only explanation: she looks even tinier than usual and I remember I lost some weight in my first pregnancy (only to gain a lot afterwards). Thus the large waistless dress. And her face looks a tad different but, as usual, gorgeous. If not, I don’t understand this dress.

  17. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    Her posture and blank stare remind me either of GOOP or Carrie at the prom. (before pig’s blood)

  18. sara

    i would love it if the bodice were more fitted. this just looks like she bought it in the wrong size.

  19. amys

    Agree on the dragging down and poor fit. Dress seems too low on the sides and chestal region. It must be hard to drag around Snuffleupagus all night, so I guess I should cut her some slack. I’m very interested in her bag and would love to see more.

  20. atz

    Terrible. This is doing her chest no favors (and hers is an enviable chest). It also makes her waist look large.

    It also looks uncomfortable, I agree that the spaghetti snaps look like they’re going to snap. They also look like they are digging into her shoulders in a very painful way.

    If you are going to look sloppy, you can at least try to be comfortable, I think.

  21. Cranky Old Batt

    Gah! It seriously stumpifies her. She looks like a feather duster attached to a Barbie handle.

  22. roser

    I love you J & H but I never got why you like the Kruger. Only slightly pretty – as in, looks like a Clinique counter girl – and cannot, cannot act. And here? Dead eyes. Saggy boobs. Awful roots showing. And a tent around her lower half. Really?.

    • Julie

      I totally agree. Do not get her. And this is awful for all of the reasons above.

  23. Naomi

    I’m sorry, but this looks looks like the Wicked Witch of the West is melting into a puddle of feathers.

    She’s down to about 4 feet tall at this point of the night. About an hour later she was just a massive pile of purple feathers and cool accesories. The photographers were so horrified they forgot to capture it on film.

  24. Tracey

    Carol Burnett playing Alexis Carrington in her nightgown… that’s all I see.

  25. Art Eclectic

    I love this, even if I do wish the top fit a little better.

  26. Bambi Anne Dear

    Terrible structure. The weight of the feathers and dress is dragging down something shocking on those fragile spaghetti straps. If it was a negligee I wouldn’t mind.

  27. Julia

    She looks about four feet tall. That dress is so out of proportion that despite the feathers, I just can’t get on board.

  28. kay

    guys. I’m sure pacey is just working on fringe. everything is fine. But thanks fug girls for giving me heart palpations. i feel like this one of those dresses that only looks good because she’s diane freaking kruger. maybe a stronger lip?

  29. guerra

    I like it!!

  30. jules

    That poor, poor mcdonalds mascot.

  31. Cgirl

    Hello, baby alert?!! Roots, loose waistline… I was sure you guys were going to come out predicting it in your post, especially following on the heels of her last look.

    In other news, love the color and her hairstyle. Don’t love the droopy bodice so much, but I have to say I’m impressed that it’s not creating a pancake effect. Even though I did a scrolldown double take, I enjoy the risk that this dress is taking. The only thing truly bothering me is where her necklace is hitting on her waistline.

    • ok

      baby alert? Don´t think so. She was smoking like a chimney at Coachella and drinking at the Met Gala. She´s just got really thin lately and her dress doesn´t fit her.

  32. Kristin

    top needs more structure. dk is too old to go braless, except at home in her jammies.

  33. lalala4

    Is this the closest three-way Fug or Fab vote ever? We’ve seen a few 50/50 for the first two with only a couple voting for the third option but this seems unusual.

  34. lalala4

    I know, the maths in that comment makes no sense. It’s late at night here. sorry.

  35. beth

    Love you ladies, but if this were anyone but her, you would be ALL over it! Love the color, but droopy, droopy, droopy everything. And the feathers look like a dyed-to-match muppet. It’s just not flattering on her.

  36. Katharine

    This needs less skirt and an internal waistline stay.

  37. Ivona Foster

    AAAAAAA! It is the attack of the monster dress. It is eating her ALIVE!

  38. M.Amanda

    No. I agree with previous commenters who said it looks like the weight of the skirt stretched out the top. And I wish she’d worn some color on her face.

    But I still think you’re awesome, Diane! You know, in case you’re sitting around one afternoon all bored and want someone to go window shopping with you.

  39. Scanderoon

    This stumpifies her horribly – and that, combined with her terrible posture in this shot, makes her look like an Olsen twin. If the Olsen twins ever wore colour.

  40. Franziska

    Nope. The gym shirt top is terrible, it doesn’t fit her, it looks like it’s done up only half way in the back and about to fall off. I’m not even going to talk about her hair.

  41. TonyG

    The dress looks like it’s weighing her down. Also, it creates a bulge around the tummy, which just doesn’t look right. It has the look of a deflated hot air / weather balloon.

  42. Matilda

    She looks like a truck stop hooker who mugged the real Kruger and stole her dress. The dress itself looks likewhat remained of big bird after a visit to the Wonka factory.

    If it is the real Kruger, she needs to comb her hair and eat a pie.

  43. Teleute

    I really wish this had been a halter top. Then the unfitted waist would make sense – it would create a beautiful flared line from neck to floor. Still not the most flattering, perhaps, but conceptually awesome. The wide-set spaghetti straps are what’s killing this for me.

  44. Melanie

    I love the colour and I like the feathers. but, it just doesn’t look like it fits. Face and hair gorgeous. The dress just looks too droopy. Pacey would have made it all better.