Styling for the Met Ball must be very, very emotionally complex. By which I mean: Several times, when Elettra Wiedemann asked somebody how they chose their dress, her interview subject(s) — among them Gwyneth and Jessica Biel — responded with the tactful non-response, ‘This is the dress that was given to me.” Which I take to mean, if you are invited by a designer, you pretty much wear whatever they send you, whenever they send it, with whatever alterations you do or don’t have time to make (in Gwynnie’s case, she mentioned not having even seen it until she arrived to put it on, which seems CRAZY to me, because of all people who probably have some degree of veto power, La Paltrow has to be at the top of the list).

All of which is to say: I am very curious whether Lily Collins was thrilled to be given this Valentino, from the same collection as SJP’s wearable divan…

… or whether she was terribly bummed to be stuck making her big splash as a doppelganger for tragic, meek Beth from Little Women. I’d even rather be Amy. THAT’S RIGHT. I SAID IT. Amy may have been horrible, but girlfriend knew how to dress.

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