Met Ball Fugcinator or Fabscinator: Demi vs Serena

Looks like Royal Wedding Fever isn’t entirely past us: Both Demi Moore and Serena Williams opted for madcap lids to go with their feathery gowns — I actually think they both look smashing — to the point where I started wishing for some kind of Celebrity Hat-Off. And then I figured, well… why not?

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  1. Stefanie

    Had the royal wedding not just happened, and they both showed up with fancy head thing-a-ma-bobbers I would have been totally on board. But as it is, I feel like they are riding the coat tails of the British. And frankly the British did it better.

  2. Anne B

    I vote Serena. For the following:

    1) “Wearable hay fever”. YES
    2) Her makeup is beautiful: soft, not severe (you listening, Mrs. Kutcher?).
    3) That white dress reminds me of cake. Yum.
    4) Demi’s listing a little: that fascinator reminds me of the “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy tries to be a showgirl and has to wear a headdress that’s so heavy she can’t make it down the stairs.
    5) My 2-year-old nephew loves dandelions: he blows on them and then yells, GONE! Interesting to think what Serena’s fascinator would look like after Ollie gets to it.

    Fun game! (Channeling my nephew) Again, again!

  3. cass

    they both get an oh hell no! serenas hat is far too big, it shouoldnt be covering that much of her head

  4. freebird

    I rarely like fascinators, but I voted for Serena because I actually find hers fascinating. It reminds me of a classy sea creature that was just discovered or those plasma balls you touch that follow your fingers with the light. Fascinating! Overall they both look bad though. Demi looks blah, everything just blends into the background and Serena’s dress is like big bird at prom.

  5. cyrano

    Well yes, that’s right. But Demi is our timeless icon and if they can have hats we can have our icons showing them how to do it. Yah?


  6. Jane

    Is that Yoko Ono standing behind Demi in the second picture with sunglasses and death ray hat?

  7. Willow

    can we please address the woman who is wearing the gold dress in the background, I think she may have been the best dressed there, she looked absolutely gorgeous!

    We must know her identity!

  8. Susan

    That is totally Yoko Ono in #4!

  9. Amy

    All I can think of now is “how is Amy Winehouse?” I haven’t heard anything about her in so long. I’m assuming I’d know if she were dead, but is she okay? Has she joined a convent? Gone back to school to become a chef? Taken up volunteering for the feral cat society? I must know!

  10. Sajorina

    I have to give it to Demi because Serena’s is such a disgrace! *Sigh*

  11. Sara B.

    According to etiquette experts like Amy Vanderbilt and Emily Post (and my mother), it was incorrect to wear a hat with an evening dress. These days it’s a matter of style, not etiquette. Hats don’t look particularly good with evening wear. (Even in Great Britain, the crazy hats are usually worn to daytime events, with suits and dresses and coats, not gowns!)

  12. Willow

    If the actual cap on Serena’s was black it would look a lot less random and frumy.

    Demi’s is just a nightmare and looks like something Ursula from The Little Mermaid would use to clean her Sea Toilet.

  13. LoriK

    Am I the only one who thinks that Serena’s dress is incredibly unflattering? As for the headgear, I agree with Sara B.—hats and evening wear don’t really belong together.

  14. Gigi

    This makes me wish Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie had received invites to the Met Ball! Oh, the fun!

  15. Susie Q

    Serena’s dress was not made for someone with an athletic physique.

  16. Carolina Girl

    @LoriK … no, you are not alone in thinking that Serena’s dress is unflattering. My biggest problem with her is that she has a well-muscled, athletic body and just doesn’t seem to understand what looks good on her and what does not. The dresses that will flatter Zoe Saldana (a coathanger with a head) will not look good on Serena. She needs to hire a stylist that can come up with things that will look good on a woman with guns like hers.

  17. Geemee

    I like Demi’s dress, but that hat is unnecessary and probably got smushed in a bathroom stall door a couple times. From head to toe, Serena is a hot mess. That dress makes her look yooge, and she is not. The hat looks leftover from Easter services at a Southern Baptist church.

  18. assface

    “… broke into a zoo and made something extinct” – wonderful. I’m lovin’ the fascinators! I wish they’d become a regular red carpet fixture. Hell, I wish they’d become part of everyday attire. Fascinators for everyone!

    If Serena’s and Demi’s battled, Serena’s would win WITHOUT QUESTION. Though perhaps Demi’s is emitting fumes or something and that’s why she looks a little woozy. It’s a James Bond villain hat that backfired on her.

  19. Fuh Ugh

    I despise Demi Moore, but I actually thought she looked great – that is until I realized that THING was on her head. I had initially thought it was some sort of wild floral display in the background. Then I realized that it was just royal wedding envy. This woman is an idiot.

    I thought Yoko was the only one who truly rocked at a hat at this event, and that’s only because she’s Yoko.

  20. jai

    The old rule was hats in day and jewelry at night. That’s why the PM’s wife’s jeweled hair band (the lady in the turquoise crinkle dress w/orange scarf ) was inappropriate. A fascinator is still a hat so Demi & Serena are both losers in the game of fashion.

    The other old rule was white gloves only for day activities. You could get wild and crazy with matching gloves for evening but white was the only color when the sun was up. Tara whats-her-face’s outfit (the electric blue dress, gloves, hat) was tacky because she was wearing colored gloves in the daytime.

    (Hats at night & dyed gloves in the day used to be signs that People Don’t Know Any Better and are trying to act Above Their Station. Today I think it just means Tackless Nut Job without a Decent Stylist Ahead)

  21. Sandra

    Wow, they both look pretty awful. Serena’s dress looks like one of those stupid dollies that everybody’s granny used to use to cover up the spare roll of toilet paper. The hat doesn’t even fit. Demi’s dress looks like she ran a Hefty bag through a paper shredder and stapled it to a Spanx slip. The head thing looks like she bought it from Frederick’s Of Hollywod’s Satan’s Showgirls line. How can such beautiful women look so tragic?

  22. Mrs. Julien

    Isn’t that kind of hat meant for day wear or, at most, cocktails? How gauche!

  23. Anne B

    I think I want to wear fascinators with everything now.

    Fascinators to work! Fascinators to yoga! Fascinators to handle fruit at the grocery store! I will make them all myself, and each will have its own twee little theme.

    Yoga Facinator will actually have little downward-dogs (or pigeons!) on it. Come on, people. Won’t you join me on the Brit-crazy fascinator train?

    Celebrities made me do this …

  24. witjunkie

    Well, Serena solves the Who’s Shedding mystery.

  25. Tracy L

    No, just no. I sure hope all of America doesn’t get on this crazy train. The British can pull it off, because, well, they’re British. They need something to talk about–their weather is the same every day.
    And the others who have posted about day/evening wear are correct. The fascinators are okay-ish with day wear (and if you’re British) but they look wrong with evening gowns.

  26. Chasmosaur

    Serena’s hat, but Demi’s dress. Demi could have done without the fascinator – Serena’s outfit was made more amusing by its’ presence.

  27. Katie

    I wish Yoko was an option in the poll…

  28. assface

    @ Anne B: It’s you and me, man. I don’t care what the other commenters say re: day wear, glove color, etc. Let’s start our own fascinator-focused society and never be bare-headed again!

  29. vandalfan

    I’m all for None of the Above. Demi’s really could have been coughed up by a cat, and Serena’s hat was nice but poorly worn (rakish angle for such plain symmetry) and that shedding hunk of crocheted mess of a dress gives her the first entry into Fug Madness ’12. And, indeed, hats in the evening? Tsk, tsk.

  30. eee

    Another vote for Yoko!!!

  31. Shnaggi

    Weddings or the Races are the only place for Fascinators…..thank you Sara B. Unless you are the fancy Madam of some western bordello.

  32. Melissa

    I don’t know how Demi does it. It’s a ridiculous get-up but she’s wearing the hell out of it. Respect.

  33. Kestralyn

    Third vote for Yoko!

  34. amy

    Serena looks…..gimongous. Bad. Berry, berry bad.

  35. Lori

    Yeah, Serena picks some craptastic getups, many of which she insists on wearing on the tennis courts (when she’s not injured). She, regrettably, considers herself a fashion designer. :(

    I don’t love either headpiece (etiquette aside), but Demi is somehow totally rocking her feathered thing, which very few women could, so…. a vote for Demi, it is.

  36. jenny

    Well, at least they were committed and playful, as opposed to those other Royal Wedding Fever ladies who half-assed it with tiny tiaras and head jewelry…which just looked pretentious because they are actresses NOT princesses, puh-lease.

  37. Bambi Anne Dear

    Certainly Serena wore the wrong thing on her head. Yes, it belongs at the races or a wedding. But Demi scrapes throught because her fascinator reminds me of what you’d wear to the Moulin Rouge in 1879. Not altogether sure about her one feathered boob.

  38. Delta Sierra

    I loathe fascinators much more than is reasonable.

    Lady on Demis left, the burnt-orange satin: very nice.

    Maybe we could start a new fashion meme: taking a look at celebrity photos with people beside them who are wearing much nicer dresses.

  39. Pam

    I agree 100% with Stefanie (the first poster). I was thinking the same thing- they watched the wedding and now they want to get in on the act- and they FAILED so miserably!!! Gowns are NOT meant to wear fascinators with- UNLESS you’re getting married. These are just ridiculous!

  40. anny

    Guess they didn’t get invited to the party so they decided to have their own. So sad.

    Team Yoko.

  41. nmlhats

    Serena’s is cute, but too much hat for an evening gown–i.e., too much hat base showing. It would look lovely with a beaded cocktail suit. Demi’s is better if a bit heavy, but the main problem is that she is wearing it on the wrong spot on her head. It’s a bit too low and a bit too far back from her face.

    Trust me, I spent 25 years as a milliner ;-)