Met Ball Fug or Fab: Eva Mendes, Plus Bonus Crazy

Ordinarily, the Sleeve parade is not one that I join. ┬áNor, in general, is the Eva Mendes parade. And I think the belt is a bit of a mismatch — too casual for this dress, too random in the styling compared with the rest of the look. But now that we’ve got the litany of negatives out there, let’s look at what’s okay: The pleating on that gown gives it a beautiful flow, it catches the light nicely, and is it just me or is she kinda pulling off the giant sleeve? I’d be curious to see it without — it might push it toward glam and away from 1987 Elementary School Art Teacher On Parent Night — but since I’m surprised I don’t abjectly hate it, I am letting you decide for me.

Meanwhile, she wore something I DID hate earlier in the week, but redeemed herself on Jimmy Fallon’s show. I’m so fickle. Come see why.

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  1. freebird

    I couldn’t vote. I needed a meh or a whatever. I don’t hate it. I don’t love it. It’s kind of matronly on her. I’ve never liked her style though. She rarely impresses me, this certainly wasn’t the time. I can appreciate the flow, the draping, the fabric – but not the whole look and certainly not the belt with it. The belt doesn’t ruin it for me, but it certainly doesn’t help.

  2. Anne B

    Slideshow of Conflict! GAH!

    1) The peeling bodice on the black-and-white dress makes me feel itchy. Generally. In a way that may last for hours.
    2) Her “this is how it’s done” performance in the LBD isn’t good enough to fix the effect of #1.
    3) Love the costume in the skit! Especially the bangs.
    4) The Met Gala gown: STILL TOO 1970′s. Eva’s still got a lot of deviled eggs to move, I guess; she’s still stuck somewhere south of the Reagan Administration.

  3. Rachel

    I mentally deleted the sleeve, and now the belt looks cheeky and cute instead of out of place. In fact, here in my mental sleeve-free-zone, this looks great. I’ll take 3.

  4. Fuh Ugh

    I hate the shoes with “ragged hem,” far more than I hate “ragged hem” itself. Those shoes make her feet look like cartoon feet. Betty Boop anyone?

  5. Christy

    I wish you could also find a screen cap of the outfit she wore for the filmed rehearsals for that LNJF skit. AMAZINGLY Flashdance-arific!

  6. Willow

    1) I actually LOVE the belt with the dress, I would prefer it without the sleeve but somehow it is still a fairly flattering sleeve.

    2) are we entirely sure she didn’t forget she had tucked napkin in her bossoms?

    3) She looks like a toilet paper angel.

    4) I like, except the side panels are a bit too oddly attached.

    5) and 6) what in the world just happened?

  7. Lynnie

    Lose the sleeve and change the belt, and then we’re talking.

  8. vicky

    She’s done her nose… it’s all I can say… :P

  9. CJ

    1) Lop off the sleeve and I’m in.

    2,3) Bad. Just bad. Looks unfinished. And would everyone all at once just throw away those hoof shoes. Please, can we be done with THE most unflattering shoe of all time?

    4) Adorable. And see what a smile can do?

    5, 6) I totally want to see that skit now. Too cute!

  10. Lynne

    i kind of don’t get the point of Eva Mendes. I keep forgetting who she is.

  11. Mary

    I also dislike the toilet paper dress (which, btw, looks like it could use a good pressing) and also d-e-s-p-i-s-e the hoof shoes. However, I do think her hair and makeup (esp. her hair) are v. pretty in those shots.

  12. Cecily

    I will never be a fan of the amputated sleeve. I do love the color and the pleating, though. That second one is a disaster. And who knew she had a great sense of humor? Although Jimmy Fallon seems like he can bring it out of anyone!

  13. Sara L.

    Well, she was hysterical in The Other Guys, so I have a soft spot for her, which may make my opinion suspect, but I somehow love the Sleeve dress? Is that weird?

  14. ks

    Love the color, but that belt – OY.

  15. Rayna

    GAAH!!! Thought we were mercifully past that HYENOUS one sleevage thing, but once again, it rears its ugly head (arm??).

    Lop it off, and I’ll give her the blue dress. Minus SLEEEEEEEEVE, it has some good things going on.

    The artfully artless deconstructed thing, I get where it’s trying to go, but don’t approve of where it ended up.

    The LBD would be OK, but there’s too much on display.

  16. vandalfan

    I’ll grant her the belt and pleated blue skirt, but something else has to go on top. Fancy camisole, crisp white menswear shirt, tank top, anything. I like her hair in the black and white shredded number, and that is all I can find that is good here. She seems kind of pretentious.

  17. Pebbles36

    I’m pretty sure that’s the belt from her hiking shorts. Otherwise, despite Sleeve, it’s pretty okay. It does drape beautifully. Does anyone else feel like singing “The Lonely Goatherd”?

  18. Sajorina

    I’m surprised that is not Julianne Moore wearing that dress!

  19. Lauren

    Is it just me or is anyone else not convinced that actually IS Eva!? Some of those pictures I would bet my life weren’t her!! Why in the blue dress and then the one pic in the white does her face look like an entirely different person??? Who cares about the dresses…who is changing Eva’s face!?!

  20. Courtney

    When did she have her nose done? I thought she was pretty before. Who says streamline is beauty? Now she doesn’t have the same “edge”. Bummer…

  21. Lynette

    I don’t mind the sleeve. I think if we took it off, then the dress would be on the unremarkable side of things.

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