Ordinarily, the Sleeve parade is not one that I join. ┬áNor, in general, is the Eva Mendes parade. And I think the belt is a bit of a mismatch — too casual for this dress, too random in the styling compared with the rest of the look. But now that we’ve got the litany of negatives out there, let’s look at what’s okay: The pleating on that gown gives it a beautiful flow, it catches the light nicely, and is it just me or is she kinda pulling off the giant sleeve? I’d be curious to see it without — it might push it toward glam and away from 1987 Elementary School Art Teacher On Parent Night — but since I’m surprised I don’t abjectly hate it, I am letting you decide for me.

Meanwhile, she wore something I DID hate earlier in the week, but redeemed herself on Jimmy Fallon’s show. I’m so fickle. Come see why.

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