Martha Fugcy May Fuglene

Beautiful girl.

VERY expensive-looking potato sack. Maybe she’s developing her sisters’ well documented waist allergy. I’m sure MK and Ashley were all, “OMG, sis, that’s so tight it’s practically a unitard.” Parenthetically I would love to see the Cirque du Soleil show where they perform in these. I’m sure it’d have a name like Blouzay, or Caftonica, and it could be entirely set to the Golden Girls theme song. Yep. I am really innovating today.

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  1. Jade

    I’d go for Caftonica! LOL

    Normally every tabloid would ask if she was hiding a baby bump.
    That dress is not flattering, even though I like that colour on her.
    Also it’s too long.

    • Chris

      In full discretion, every tabloid asks if you’re hiding a baby bump if you’re a famous female in Hollywood that’s 1) of age to get knocked up and 2) not wearing something that’s so tight everyone can see the outline of your uterus.

      I mean, yeah, she’s an Olsen, and while this dress is practically scandalous by Olsen standards (we can make out her breasts!!!!!), I still know that some blogger, somewhere, is typing up a post titled “IS ELIZABETH OLSEN PREGGO?!”

      …it still could have done with a belt, though.

  2. Lina

    That looks SO COMFORTABLE. I wish she’d had her people find out what color the backdrop and carpet for the photocall would be because I think she’d look a million times better if the carpet were red and the backdrop had some color (any color) in it. I think the purse might match her dress a little too closely, too, but it’s still cute. I absolutely love her smile and how healthy she looks. If only the dress had been tailored at the waist and hemmed an inch…

  3. Carolina Girl

    When I first saw the picture, I thought “Mary Kate/Ashley looks so beautiful when she smiles.” Then I realized that it was neither of the twins but their younger sister.
    Yeah, that dress is shapeless and a rather unfortunate color, but that smile of hers is worth a million bucks.

  4. Sandra

    I could even go for the color if it were a couple of feet shorter. I know that the Olsens are not tall people, but surely they could have things tailored so that they don’t look quite so Lilliputian.

  5. Anne B

    Her sisters! They got to her.

    It’s okay! It’s okay! I have a chainsaw, we’ll just … (whirrrrrr) take off about 2.5 feet from the bottom, slice a giant narrow V up the back (zzzzz!), and get my seamstress over here to stitch it all up for you.

    Add a contrast belt, delete “Sister 1″ and “Sister 2″ from your speed dial, and we’re good …

  6. amys

    “Practically a unitard”—ha! I bet the dress costs more than I make all year.

  7. Stefanie

    The Olson DNA must be potent stuff. No one could ever accuse their mother of having an affair.

    This dress almost looks like a fancy sleeveless snuggie. A formal Snuggie if you will. NO WAIT – A Fuggie.

  8. Jamie

    Pregnant! Oh wait, I’m still in Aniston-mode. What was the question?

  9. vandalfan

    It looks like the beginning of a good outfit. Add a longer jacket or coat, a scarf, a wide leather belt, shorten it up, and put her in slouchy boots.

  10. Kris M

    I’m just happy this one smiles.

  11. Kris M

    And eats.

  12. Susan

    At least she is smileing. Lets hope she don’t follow in her sisters footsteps with the alergy to smileing also and she still also has a much, much prettier face than M. K. and Ashley.

  13. Veronica

    My reaction went something along the lines of, “Oooh, what pretty material and – oh dear.” I love the color and the general shape, but I do think that it would look better with more fitting in the waist. It’s by not terrible, though. It’s sleek enough that I’m not screaming at the sight of it.

  14. Sajorina

    Ok, that’s way too much shapeless metallic gray fabric, but I love metallic gray fabric, so with a few tweaks, like cinching the waist and shortening the length, I would totally wear it! Plus, I love her makeup & accessories!

  15. Jennifer Reid Dedrick

    it is squishing her boobs in an unnatural uniboob way. she is a pretty girl though and I hope doesnt go goblin goth like her sisters.

  16. acake

    This dress is criminal because she’s got amazing curves and is the total physical opposite of her sisters.

  17. Leah

    I know I’m bucking the trend here, but I kind-of like it.

  18. Sandra

    On the bright side, the movie is supposed to be really good.

  19. kiki

    she just looks so gorgeous and happy and healthy that the beautiful potato sack doesn`t even bother me. And I agree that if she`d been standing on a red or some other bright colour carpet, this would look a million times better.

  20. Mary

    Remember Diana Arbus’s iconic photo of identical twin girls?
    Elizabeth is the twin on the right and Mary-Kate/Ashley is the one the left.

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