Little Fugsters: A Lady Gaga Omnibus

“Excuse me, kind sir? Could you tell me the easiest route to Hogwarts from here? I missed the train.”

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  1. TonyG

    That red trench coat is fierce. That black hairy, spiky, thing around her neck is wacky, but, you know what, somehow it makes the trench coat even more fierce. That is well done.

    The other two outfits…meh.

  2. Lauren Michelle

    At least she’s wearing clothes…?

  3. Eliza Bennett

    I freakin’ love that crazy red number with the Audrey Hepburn hair and the monkey attacking her throat. It’s just crazy enough to be awesome. All of these, even the wedding dress, if not entirely event appropriate, are SO MUCH BETTER and even stylish than her usual twattery that I am happy. Well played, Gaga.
    She’s wearing clothes where you can’t see her underwear and that are not made of meat. Hallelujah.

  4. jean

    Middle outfit is amusing and cute and functional. The wedding dress, UG. The only excuse I can give her is that she thinks she doing a public service by showing up looking wacky. She was over the top at her own sister’s graduation ceremony! It’s totally rude, but maybe she thinks she expected to be extreme? That it would disappoint otherwise? I don’t know. At least she didn’t show up in a tricked out wheelchair.

    • Eliza Bennett

      “At least she didn’t show up in a tricked out wheelchair.” right? thank god.

  5. kickassmomnyc

    I’m so tired of her shenanigans and inappropriate outfits. She’s predictably boring.

  6. qwertygirl

    In another venue, the wedding dress is a nice one. But by “another venue,” of course, I mean A WEDDING. And by A WEDDING, of course, I mean HER WEDDING.

    • Ines


    • Aphy

      Absolutely. When did it ever become acceptable to outshine, or grab the spotlight, from the actual people the event is trying to honor. Damn it, not everything is about these attention seekers. Put it away until it’s your concert, press release, or whatever.

      Though I am glad I’m not being subjected to blue pubes, ass cheeks, or labia mishaps.

  7. k

    Just going to say I really do love that hair color on her.

  8. gryt

    Gawd she’s tiresome.

  9. TaraMisu

    I am in the “love the red coat” camp, well done! I rolled my eyes at the wedding dress… really? But I still love her :)

  10. lindsay

    she even looks bored with it. seriously, i’d love to see her in a pair of brightly colored, skinny cords with a cute blazer and preppy flats. i think that’s literally the most unexpected thing she could wear right now.

  11. Ali

    I have to say, I love her hair this color. I also really enjoy that in the wedding dress photo there is a cigarette at her feet which makes me think someone threw it on the ground in front of her in hopes of sending her dress up in flames.

  12. HJV

    To be fair to Lady Gaga, I assume this party was for paralympic athletes, so part of the appeal of her attending was so the athletes could meet her in all of her outrageous glory. If there were ever a similar party celebrating my monumental accomplishments (there won’t be), and celebrities were invited to attend, I’d want them “in character” so to speak. When the athletes show their friends pictures of a celeb who is tremendously impressed with their medals, they don’t want to have this conversation:
    Friend: Who is that?
    Athlete: Katy Perry.
    Friend: Oh, I didn’t recognize her without a cupcake bra. (or what have you).

    • Tiffany

      I agree. I think the costumes are fun, and I really love the red one. I feel like these pieces are more interesting than what Nicki Minaj was wearing the other day, they seem more like couture. I agree about the aparlympic athletes wanting to see the stars being “on”. Her wedding dress will give them a more interesting story to tell to their friends.

  13. April

    You know what? I’m going to go ahead & say I’m ok with it all, if only because at least she’s fully clothed. Faint praise, I know. Still though, minus the crazy accessories, the second and third dresses are pretty great. Also, as everyone else said, that hair color looks fantastic on her.

  14. Fatcat

    She cant find her way to the train because she’s a muggle.

  15. Sandra

    When did she last release anything new? Is she touring? Or is she just hiring herself out as a party trick these days?

  16. Jules

    I can’t help it – no matter what she has on, the first thing that draws my eye is her ever-gaping mouth. If there’s one thing for which I harbour an irrational hatred, it’s people who never close their mouths! Maybe her front teeth protrude in a way that makes it open? I don’t know, but her lips are always parted, and not in an alluring way but in a way that makes her look dazed and possibly mouthbreathing. Jessica Biel does this, too, and I can’t stand looking at her, either.

  17. Kate

    She looks as bored with herself in that first photo as I am with her at this point.

  18. Fiona

    I love it all! I mean… maybe not *love*, exactly, but I appreciate the effort. Go Gaga!

  19. Elaine

    look, this is better than she’s looked in a long time, and thank heavens she has on more than underwear…. but the whole”lady gaga-esque” thing is just so trite now… even when it is the actual lady gaga doing it. i’m bored with it.

  20. Alena

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but….. I really love all three outfits! This is a really interesting looking for her; kind of a fantastical Victorian upperclass lady vibe. I’m really digging it, especially the fascinator she’s wearing in the first outfit. It’s way more interesting than meat dresses and weird geometric ensembles.

  21. Big Noise

    To hell with the outfits — I’ll take the bodyguard on her right for $1,000, Alex.

  22. vandalfan

    I agree with HJV about the wedding dress being a work outfit for her, in fact it’s fairly tame, so I give her a pass. The other two looks make me thing she is overflowing with self-loathing, to make herself such a clown when she has some, arguable modest, musical talent.

  23. anonymoose

    Super “Don’t Care, never did, never will.”

  24. SKGD

    Snore for most of it but I do seriously like her Hogwarts headpiece. If I am ever invited to the Hogwarts prom…….. Truly the most shocking thing she could do now is show up in regular people clothes. (just to clarify I mean clothes that regular people wear, not clothes made up of regular people)
    And I think I know where the inspiration for her egg ensemble came from – there is a fountain outside the train station in Tours, France that is identical in shape and colour. Really, google it. The pictures don’t quite have the same impact as seeing it in person but trust me it looks just like Gaga’s egg!

  25. Mary Urech Stallings

    Why does this remind me of something from “Nanny McPee”?

  26. Janiekettles

    Hmmmm. Golly, she just tries too darned hard, really, doesn’t she? That said, the red coat is fairly fabulous, and I love the fabric in the first pic – that in a fifties-style, ballerina-skirted shirtwaister dress would be gorgeous, but otherwise…..shush, now, dear, fingers on lips, inside voices only…….

  27. Sajorina

    I’m so tired of her shtick… It reeks of low self-esteem, an obsessive need for acceptance and desperation! I’m glad that she’s not flashing us her lady parts AGAIN, but I’m bored now!

  28. witjunkie

    Now that you mention it, put-upon dude in pic #2 WOULD look great in a long coat and cravat. Yowza.

  29. ChaChaHeels

    Whole lot of pointlessness going on with her.

    I don’t know what it is exactly that makes her look so “mumsy” in everything she puts on.