Les Fugerables

Whoever is counseling Anne Hathaway on her pixie cut is doing a bang-up job. I went from being unsure about it to thinking she absolutely should keep it for a while. I mean, among other things, enjoy having the shoulders for it, you know? Mine need to be hidden.

But this dress is as sad as this movie promises to be, except with the movie, it’s on purpose (and devastatingly satisfying, because you don’t go to Les Miserables for unicorns and rainbows; you go because when you were 12 you thought Eponine was the bomb, and you used to imagine how it would feel to perform “A Little Fall of Rain” and make a dumb beautiful boy REGRET YOU FOREVER). I often wonder if Anne has struggled with her post-Fantine frame, because she lost so much weight for the movie and wasn’t sure how to clothe it; yet again this seems to be the wrong fit, and unflattering. It starts with the harness, and sags from there — in fact, the very cut of the bodice almost creates a droop. And then we have the uninspired shoes, which lend a dowdiness to the affair that directly contrasts what the back reveals:

Peekaboo! Also, apparently half of this dress is made out of the bag in the gym closet that contains all the volleyballs. Somewhere, Fantine is like, “Lady, I WAS A CONSUMPTIVE PROSTITUTE WITHOUT TEETH. YOU HAVE OPTIONS. TAKE THEM.”

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  1. Ailatan

    I think they’ve heard your praise for the pixie, because that hair has been recently cut. I agree with you reg. the hair. It looks awesome on her, though in the first pic it looks like she has a brunette Florence Henderson going on but that’s just a shadow.

  2. glee

    I know it’s not the best dress in the world, but Anne looks totally fine (not fug), and her face is again amazingly beautiful (she looked very gaunt – which, you know, consumptive prostitute) with a very cute pixie cut.

  3. MelissaW

    Love the back of that dress from the waist up. Very sexy peekaboo. And she looks so great with that haircut.

    The dress needed to be 1) not made of athletics netting and 2) not black.

  4. Vandalfan

    That’s not a dress, it’s a fancy apron.

    If the big gash in the bodice was closed, and the halter string eliminated, and the mesh turned into a decent fabric, then we can talk. Hair, yes, shoes, no.

  5. lilywise

    I’m not a fan of A.Hath. and her particular features are fine but just not my preferred cup of tea. I prefer a pixie hair cut with more fine-boned facial features, and Anne has a perfectly nice face but her features are bolder. That said, I actually like this dress. It was interesting without being vulgar. I like that she’s not pairing the pixie with twee little outfits.

  6. theotherjennifer

    those shoes from the back are great. open toe, not so much. The back of her dress is gorg from the waist up – but is that some kind of elasticy material – it looks very thick. I think she is rocking the cut and she looks fabulous face-wise.

  7. Mrs. Ditter

    Remember that Sharon Stone incident from several years ago when she was onstage presenting some award and you guys had a shot of what the people standing behind her on stage were seeing? This is not NEARLY like that and yet Sharon Stone and Anne Hathaway are now linked in my brain, which is just wrong.

  8. Anna Svahn

    I like her in stronger, quieter outfits. There is too much going on with this dress. She needs something more simple, I think. Don’t mind the shoes and the makeup is fine. I like a short cut so there’s that.

  9. Carolina Girl

    This kind of reminds me when Rooney Mara was running around in all sorts of “edgy” black clothes while she was working it hard for that Oscar that she never got.

  10. pantsonfire

    I loved her hair when she hosted SNL recently, but it has indeed been trimmed since then and I’m slightly less enthused. She has lovely, lovely hair, so although I think she has moments of absolutely perfection with the pixie (depending on it’s exact length and styling), I’m in the “grow it out” camp, I think.

    Anyway, this dress is particularly awful with the pixie because of the drastic imbalance it creates from the tiny head, long thin neck, very slim shoulders, to the ballooning pear shape in the full skirt. The dress might actually be ok on someone else…there are things about it that interest me. But it is a terrible, terrible choice for both her because of the pixie but even more so, because of her body shape. This dress needs to be on someone with an slender but decidedly more athletic/sharper build. And even then, it would probably need some adjusting/more structure in the front bodice/waist area.

    • pantsonfire

      There are so many typos in what I just wrote. Blerg.

      • Jilly

        I see what you’re saying. Maybe put it on Princess Charlene?

        • pantsonfire

          Yep. Or perhaps a Paltrow even.? Honestly, maybe even Kiera Knightly. I’m just thinking someone more angular. Anne, even when very thin as she is now, has a fundamentally “soft” body. I’ve noticed this previously–she’s lovely and very feminine, but there is something about her body shape and proportions that is uber feminine — narrow, slightly sloping shoulders, long, thin neck, fuller in the bosoms, long legs but not really defined or muscular-looking. She’s graceful and lovely and I don’t mean to imply that she’s doughy or anything. It’s just a very womanly body. And I think this dress is meant for someone with a more angular, maybe even slightly androgynous, or more …aggressive? body.

      • Kim Baker Vidas Davey-Irvin

        i think you’ve misspelled “blargh.” ;>

  11. kickassmomnyc

    The skirt of this dress looks like the thing you put over a bowl of food at a picnic to keep the bugs away. Not crazy about it.

  12. Sandra

    Why does she do this to herself? That dress is godawful fugly. But 10 of 10 for hair and face.

  13. Carol

    Mesh, like satin, should be banned as an option for apparel. Okay, mesh may be used in certain, highly selective, mostly sports-related uses, such as basketball jerseys and shorts and for the occasional backpack water bottle holder/pocket. But that’s it. No red carpet. No movie premieres. We mean it.

  14. maryse

    love her hair.

  15. Yates

    Dying was totally Eponine’s best option. Even as a 9 year old something rubbed me the wrong way about Marius and his wishy-washy ways (Um, just go fight with hot Enjolras already). This way Eponine doesn’t have to end up with Marius but can haunt him from the beyond. Huzzah! Everybody wins. Except Fantine.

  16. Kalli McQueen

    Anne looks so pretty from the shoulders up, I love her hair too. I like the top, back half of the dress, but the skirt and the front are nutso.

    Anyway, I REALLY wanted to comment to say that I haven’t been this excited to cry at a movie since Phantom came out several years ago (and how disappointing was that mess!). I’m planning on seeing it at a local theater that sells booze so I can bawl my eyes out with a bottle of wine! “Devastatingly satisfying” is really the best way to describe it!


  17. Evalyn

    This dress reminds me of when I was in highschool – lo those many years ago – when everyone teased their hair up high and then only combed the front. The back of thier hair looked like the back of this dress, unfinished and forgotten. WE CAN SEE THE BACK TOO, you know.

  18. katkin74

    If this were tailored well, on a well toned someone with an hourglass shape, this could be really great. Not so much on a willowy frame, and baggy. Do like the hair though. I think perhaps some of her great look is coming from “newlywedded-ness”.

  19. Ines

    o god i love those shoes.

  20. Nat

    As someone else pointed out, this dress has the worst possibile shape for her frame. She has a tiny head (which the short hair enhances), and this dress makes her look like a pear. Which of course she doesn’t.
    Also, she has been wearing A LOT of black recently. I really hope she’ll rediscover colour, or this promo tour could became really boring.
    On a good note, her face looks great and the pixie cut is finally working (it was just too short and awkward when she first cut it).

    As for Les Mis, I don’t think that I’ve even been waiting so much for a movie ever. I’ve never been so excited about the idea of crying my hearth out for two hours.
    And yes, I still think that Eponine is the bomb, and that Marius is totally dumb (exept when Michael Ball is portraying him. He’s cool, he can stay).

  21. namidu

    Hoo boy. Fashion aside, did you ever nail it with that Eponine thing. I can’t count the number of times 14 year old me soulfully sang along with her during her Tragic Demise. But back to the dress – WHAT.

  22. Sara

    “you go because when you were 12 you thought Eponine was the bomb, and you used to imagine how it would feel to perform “A Little Fall of Rain” and make a dumb beautiful boy REGRET YOU FOREVER” is quite literally me – on every car trip from the age of five I listened to the soundtrack with my family, and my over-the-top renditions of On My Own became something of a family legend (I am slightly worried that when my father sees the movie, he will drive everyone in the theatre insane because he will think that his Valjean is more worthy than Hugh Jackman’s).

    All that said, Anne is kind of making me think dangerously about getting a pixie cut, which would be a TERRIBLE IDEA. I am extremely sick of high-low hems, though.

  23. Minda

    From the waist up, this is a really great dress. The bottom isn’t my favorite, but, OMG, we have seen so very much worse. It’s what Audrey Hepburn would have worn if she were 20-something right now. That said, she would have also made sure it was tailored to fit her better. But I don’t think it’s so dreary.

  24. Jo

    Nasty back detail. I don’t think Anne’s body is at fault- it’s a weird dress!

  25. mary lou bethune

    I agree that Audrey H. would have worn this – Anne is chic and she takes risks. Of course being tall and beautiful help when the outfit misses. I love her hair and she looks so happy and I hope this movie is a success.

  26. Bob Stanley

    I give the dress an A for effort and it’s quite promising but it has some fatal flaws: it looks like it’s straining under it’s own weight and sagging — it’s busy and yes, sad.

  27. Sara

    For your comment on being Eponine at age 12 I will love you guys forever. Forever and ever. That is all.

  28. Sajorina

    I love the dress & I love the shoes, but maybe not together? I mean, she could’ve gone with bitchin’ colorful high heel sandals and rock my world: http://i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/541501767_1/Brand-shoes-platform-heels-gladiator-pumps-shoes-high-heel-sandals-for-women-14cm-heels.jpg

  29. fritanga

    Oh, please PLEASE stop comparing the insufferable Hathaway to the sublime Audrey Hepburn. Hathaway is to Hepburn as Lohan is to Taylor – a world of NOT.

    And this dress is total Rooney Mara (ie trying much too hard) and Hepburn wouldn’t have touched it with a 30 foot barge pole, now or then. She had taste and an unerring sense about what made her look fabulous (as did Hubert de Givenchy).

  30. Helen

    Didn’t like the dress on the runway and don’t like it on Hathaway either.

    I do like the shoes!

    And she looks great from the neck up.

  31. Rachael

    This is like a turn around fug, instead of a scroll down fug, except I actually think she looks good from the back, but kind of sad and slouchy from the front (except her head — her face and hair look beautiful). The back of the dress look interesting and sexy in a way that Anne doesn’t usually tackle. The netting is usually something I would hate, but somehow don’t here. I say almost there, but not quite. Even the shoes look good from the back, but dowdy from the front. Tale of Two Annes.

  32. El

    I feel like Anne Hathaway is trying the Rooney Mara route post-Dragon Tattoo – awkward hair compensated by edgy clothes. Except Anne Hathaway is not quite Rooney Mara only because of her previous fame and since these departures feel more like departures than a signature style.

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