Whoever is counseling Anne Hathaway on her pixie cut is doing a bang-up job. I went from being unsure about it to thinking she absolutely should keep it for a while. I mean, among other things, enjoy having the shoulders for it, you know? Mine need to be hidden.

But this dress is as sad as this movie promises to be, except with the movie, it’s on purpose (and devastatingly satisfying, because you don’t go to Les Miserables for unicorns and rainbows; you go because when you were 12 you thought Eponine was the bomb, and you used to imagine how it would feel to perform “A Little Fall of Rain” and make a dumb beautiful boy REGRET YOU FOREVER). I often wonder if Anne has struggled with her post-Fantine frame, because she lost so much weight for the movie and wasn’t sure how to clothe it; yet again this seems to be the wrong fit, and unflattering. It starts with the harness, and sags from there — in fact, the very cut of the bodice almost creates a droop. And then we have the uninspired shoes, which lend a dowdiness to the affair that directly contrasts what the back reveals:

Peekaboo! Also, apparently half of this dress is made out of the bag in the gym closet that contains all the volleyballs. Somewhere, Fantine is like, “Lady, I WAS A CONSUMPTIVE PROSTITUTE WITHOUT TEETH. YOU HAVE OPTIONS. TAKE THEM.”

[Photos: WENN]