Les Fugerables

Anne Hathaway doesn’t always mind the paparazzi…

But when they catch her stumbling out of the wormhole that takes her back to 1993, she feels real threatened.

[Photo: Lisa Mauceri/INFphoto.com]

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  1. Faye

    Eddie Redmayne and his beautiful cheekbones are there too! So maybe its a movie? Or they just bumped into each other in the street (which I kinda like more!). Also, all the ‘youth’ on British TV dress like its the 90s, so she’s bang on trend over here!

  2. Sandala

    Eddie is my new favorite ginger, speaking as a ginger myself.

  3. glee

    She does look a little like a deer caught in very unfashionable headlights – unlike Eddie, who looks cute as a button (he was SOOO swoon-worthy in Marilyn whatsitsnamemovie).

  4. Sandra

    Maybe her luggage got lost and she’s wearing random articles of clothing donated by her colleagues.

  5. Clarence Beeks

    High waisted Mom jeans. Miley wears them too. NO NO NO NO NO. I will never go back to high waisted jeans again. Mine are not super low, but I like ‘em right on the hips.

    • Katie Lynn

      PREACH, sister.

      • Emma K

        The problem isn’t that they’re high waisted. Well-fitted high waisted jeans look just swell on some people. It’s the godawful soccer mom cut that’s pure evil and flatters no-one.

        • Stephanie

          Yes to Emma K! And also, they are too short, so they don’t even look comfortable. If one is going to be slouchy, one should at least be comfortable. But I’ll cut Anne a break, because I like her, and she’s still working the pixie cut. Not maybe in this photo so much, but generally speaking, working it.

    • Art Eclectic

      Assuming you have the body for them. A lot of us don’t have the figure for low, falling off the ass jeans. For curvy women, pants that flatter the waist might be unfashionable, but they look a hella better than low rise jeans that accentuate the width of the hips rather than call attention to a trim waist and hourglass figure.

      Bring on the Mom jeans. I’d rather look good than be fashionable.

      • Clarence Beeks

        The point is, they DON’T LOOK GOOD.

        And I didn’t say falling off the ass crack low. But there are rises that meet in the middle, so you don’t look like a dork stuck in the late 80′s/early 1990′s, or a frumpy Grandma.

        • SaraK

          Ah, Clarence Beeks, where, oh where could I find those mythical jeans that are neither Mom nor Falling Off The Ass Crack Low? I have been searching for so long now.

          Sometimes I take out my old early-90′s jeans (now used for painting and other really messy inside-the-house-only work) and remind myself of what it used to be like to sit down without desperately tugging my shirt down in the rear first. And of course what it was like to actually have a cute waist and jeans at the same time. Those were the days…

          But I don’t go Annie’s 90′s wormhole route. I pull on my FOTACL jeans and suffer for fashion. As does everyone behind me when I sit down a bit too thoughtlessly every now and then.

      • pidget

        Bless you, Art E and SaraK. I also suffer from the woman-hips-and-nipped-waist-no-dratted-jeans-fit -without-gaping issue. I have given up, and wear less flattering mid/lower-rise just because the lower the jeans, the less they miss where my actual waist is. If the jeans go high, the gap at the back/sides gets bigger.

        If I want flattering, I have to go with skirts, or self-tailored trousers. I’m not good enough to tailor jeans, but I can mess with a relatively simple back seam or two. Designers, are you listening? Hourglass women need more options!

        • Clarence Beeks

          Lucky jeans and Paige Premium denim have rises of all sizes. :)

          High waisted jeans give the illusion of a FUPA. Even on thin people. Blech,

        • Annie E

          I got a decent pair of jeans with room in the hips but a narrower waist (I’d peg them as mid-rise) from Ann Taylor a few years back.

  6. Deanna

    at least her hair is growing out adorably

  7. Minda

    I laughed so hard at this. I saw this picture earlier in the week and it totally reminded me of an outfit I wore in college. Which was not recently. And possibly long enough ago that Singles was a relatively new movie. ;)

  8. Helen

    But for the jacket (I usually wore a leather back then), I think I had this exact outfit in 1993.

  9. Jodi

    I love gofugyourself. Have for years. But I would like to respectfully suggest that you veer away from criticizing paparazzi photos of people in unguarded moments, when they are clearly on their own time. LL flashing her crotch at an event she is paid to attend is fair game. But someone who is on the job, ambushed by some dude with a telephoto lens jumping out of the shrubbery should be off limits. Just saying.

    • Jessica

      Well, we have to write about what’s out there — there is not an unending supply of interesting red carpet events. We’ve been featuring paps shots of people for as long as the site has been in existence. Vanessa Hudgens won Fug Madness on the strength of candids alone; and Anne’s wedding candids were some of the most popular photos on here for weeks.

      If you notice, we generally don’t feature people say, in yoga pants at the grocery store or going out to get their newspaper, but we have always and will always OCCASIONALLY feature a candid shot of a celeb if what they are wearing seems worthy of conversation.

      • Jodi

        I would suggest that someone coming out of a recording studio where she has been doing her job for many hours is on the level of a grocery store in yoga pants moment. I can imagine Anne is very tired of rolling out of bed for another unglam day doing the normal stuff we all do. I can’t imagine she is all that excited about having her Rachel Zoe clone greet her with 5 pairs of jeans to try on so that we can judge what is the least “crotchtacular.” Or what is the least “Mom jeans” look on a girl who is whisp thin, not even 30 and not a mom.

        I do notice that you don’t stoop to the level of other mags who feature endless paparazzi moments. I appreciate that greatly, it keeps me coming back every day. But I also do notice when you do.

        • Gill

          I have to admit, I kind of agree with Jodi. I mean, at an event it’s part of a celebrity’s job to look good and someone is being paid to style them, they know what they’re getting into by going there. But coming into the public eye every time they step outside the house, without knowing that they’re being photographed by a paparazzi, that’s really gotta suck.

          (If nothing else, maybe the unflattering clothes help her go incognito.)

      • Aj

        I just kind of hate anything, like this type of of photo, that keeps the paparazzi in business. They are vultures.

        And as much as I enjoy Fug Madness every year, I wish the candidates who are known to have significantly bigger problems than their wardrobe choices could be spared the piling on. I don’t think I need mention any names here.

  10. Sarah

    Don’t hate me but I think she looks pretty adorable, high-waisted jeans and all.

  11. Jodi

    And you don’t have to write about what’s out there. I love you guys I really do. But you can turn your backs and say no. And I will respect that. I think we all will.

  12. anny

    Anyone else getting a little Ferris Bueller vibe from her expression here? No? Anyone? Anyone? (Sorry.)

  13. Courtney

    Hahaha. You hit the nail on the head.

  14. Genesis P. Olenta

    Well, she is cute as a button whatever she wears. I quite like this “boyish” look.

  15. regina

    umm, I think she’s on set…?

  16. TaraMisu


    I have really grown to love her pixie haircut, I wish I had the features (and straight hair) to carry it off…. my hair would be gone in a second.

  17. val.

    I think, even at the grocery store, even running errands… one should NEVER leave the house wearing that outfit. Ever.

    Yoga pants would be a step up from this.

  18. Cristina

    I’m going out on a limb and guessing this will be the first and only appearance of Oskar Eustis on this site. Heh.

  19. Amanda in Austin

    Please tell me that photo was taken of her on set filming a new movie. Please. And that the movie is set in 1992. Seriously. Because if those were her real clothes for the day, and not wardrobe for a movie, I might have an aneurysm.

  20. AM

    Have you ever seen actresses from the 1940s in pants,wearing HIGH-Waisted pants? I am old enough to remember from the 1980s when jeans were high waisted and (gasp) pleated. The fashion magazines all pointed out how they were SO much better, more flattering, etc. And that super low rise flattesr no one. POINT: a few years from now, we’ll see a picture and everyone will be: oh no, those have such a low rise, everyone should wear high waisted, it’s so much more flattering, blah, blah, blah.

  21. nina keneally

    that’s the artistic director of the Public Theatre, Oskar Eustis, on the left.

  22. Lily1214

    Guy on the left Really needs a barber!

  23. kindakute

    omg. The belt. Just wow. You know there is a camel toe behind that umbrella. She is owning her inner theater geek.

  24. Moi

    I actually find the photo rather charming. We all have those moments when, half-thinking and perhaps in a rush and not really going anywhere all that important, we put an outfit like this together, hoping that because we have a closet full of relatively cool stuff, we’ll default to something maybe kind of funky and interesting. And then halfway through the day, we catch a look at ourselves in a bathroom mirror or the window of the donut shop, and gag.

    • bonz

      It’s reassuring to know that goddesses like Anne here have those moments too.

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