Even though I liked Julianne Hough’s icy Jenny Packham dress, I agreed that it wasn’t doing the MOST flattering things to her figure — which is something that, in general, she’s struggled with lately, as her Emmy dress and others have suffered a similar fate. On that front, then, I think this actually really works.

This is nice on her, and as a bonus, she’s nailed the makeup. My theory about Julianne is that her eyes are so pretty and unusual — they are this very piercing pale turquoise — that it can be hard to paint around them, so to speak, without competing with them. But it all sings here. It all lends to a groovy Victor/Victoria vibe that suits her better than I’d ever have expected — and makes me want to sit down and watch Julie Andrews’ entire singing filmography, and shake my fist at the sky to curse whatever guardian angel was sleeping off a hangover the day she had the surgery that damaged her voice. Sniffle.

[Photo: Getty]