Kinda Well Played, Kristen Wiig in Marc Jacobs


Some of you are going to think I am CRAZY. But hear me out!

"Zoolander 2" World Premiere

YES, OF COURSE I wish it were lined, but you know that. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, I’m gonna want things to be lined ’til I die. No, I don’t know why it looks like a Kleenex she used to blot her lipstick is stuck, static-cling-style, to her hip. But I do know something, and it’s that Wiig here looks totally ready to tackle another glamorous broad, right into a lily pond, and settle some shit. And sometimes that’s EXACTLY the kind of look I want on the red carpet.

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  1. Jilly

    Even with the just-got-out-of-spinning-class hair-do?

    •  lilywise

      I think this whole look looks like she’s already been thrown in the lily pond and has dragged herself to the red carpet in wet hair and with algae stuck to her dress.

      • LoriK

        Especially with the shoulders are kind of Dynasty-lite.

        • Claire's mom

          YES – those are some major 80′s shoulder pads there.

          • Bottle Ginger

            Now I’m so curious about who she fought in the lily pond and why, that I’m not angry that the dress looks like it’s covered in pond scum and litter!

            And who won?

    • H C

      Yes thank you, the hair is AWFUL. But the dress is a really interesting new direction on her. New stylist perhaps?

  2. welshforjohn

    Yes, you’re crazy today, Jessica. Did you forget to take your crazy pills this morning? lol Have you not had enough coffee? This is hideous, nuts and I can see her thighs right up to her crotch. No siree.

    • giggleswick

      It is hideous, yes. But I’ll give it to her as she’s at the Zoolander 2 premiere, so more or less thematically appropriate. Worn to any other event and, girl, no. Sheer lace, alien shoulder prongs and a lipstick ad torn from a magazine glued to one’s hip is not generally a good look.

      • welshforjohn

        I hope she’s in on the joke because otherwise I question not only her taste, but her sanity as well.

        •  Third March Sister

          Awww, I think Ms. Wiig is just messing with all of us fashion gawkers. My hat is off to you, ma’am, and your wonderful sense of humor. I look forward to seeing you in Zoo2.

          • Ella

            I wish I could believe that it was some kind of sly joke. But she pretty much always dresses badly on the red carpet, and they can’t all be sly jokes.

  3.  kat

    I love the silhouette (yay, 80′s shoulders!) but that’s about it. Way too much pizza. And also lips on the hips has a nice sound to it doesn’t look good.

    •  Boca baton

      Yes! I thought I was seeing things. LIPS ON HIPS!

    • Mrs. Helpful

      those two hip patches are real deal-breakers. I mean, this dress has at least a dozen kinds of fancy fabric and decoration — some of it beautiful — but those two patches are really inexplicable.

    •  MoHub

      Channeling Groucho: “The lips on her hips made his heart skip a beat.”

  4. Stefanie

    Now this is Derelicte!!

  5. Annie S.

    This is weird, and definitely kind of ugly, but I’m with you, Jessica, in not totally hating it. Wiig actually looks…pretty good? The shoulders and neckline are flattering, it’s well-fitted, and her favorite undone hair is a nice counterpoint to the fussiness of the dress.

    I also think this is a great argument for context. Would I hate this on, say, the Globes RC? TOTALLY. But for a Zoolander premiere, it kind of works.

    • Liz 2.0

      It’s a full on Monet.

    • Ellen

      If I close my eyes to the sheer skirt and the random lip print, she looks fantastic. Better than I think she ever has, so I’m with Jessica on this one.

    •  gryt

      She can really wear the hell out of clothes.

  6. Jennifer

    Oh dear. This is really unappealing (to me)

  7.  Mina

    This is wacky and my brain is having difficulty understanding just what happened in the room when this dress was being designed.

    • welshforjohn

      Marc Jacobs was clearly on acid. Knowing his partying ways, I don’t doubt this one bit.

  8.  TaraMisu

    Jessica, you are indeed crazy. This is a HUGE no. I still love you though :D <3

    • maryloubethune

      Romulan lady on Star Trek. The sleeves at least. I guess she always after a comic look? That would explain a lot. I love her to bits, though.

  9. Gypsy Danger

    I’ll allow it. Because Zoolander 2. She gets a pass just this time.

  10. BrownEyedBetty

    OMFG NO. It looks like I can see her pubes. I know it’s just an unfortunately placed flocked bit but I can’t not see it.

    Why oh why is it so hard for her to find tasteful frocks for the RC? Other people don’t seem to have a problem. Good Grief.

    • Amy

      Oh now I see it!!!! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!! This is awful.

    •  Am

      Pshaw. As if anyone has body hair these days!

      Seriously, though, take it from a single person in mid-life, it is a cold, hairless world out there. A far cry from the imagery I grew up with!

      And somehow, now, this dress with its built-in merkin seems thematically appropriate for Zoolander!

  11. Buffy

    No. Nuh-uh. No way. Negatory. Hell to the nizzo.

  12. Anne

    This is some Krystle Carrington-goes-to-Studio 54-for-champers-and-nose-candy realness, and I, for one, this it is batsh*t fabulous.

    • Liz 2.0

      I’m undecided. But i think that your take sounds awesome. Maybe I’m with you?

  13. Jennifer

    But it looks like she *already* tackled her arch rival into a lily pond thanks to that greeny-brown color and the texture. It was a poorly tended lily pond with a thick layer of algae and mosquito eggs, apparently.

    • welshforjohn

      I was gonna say, that’s some algae or moss growing on it. I wouldn’t wear this even if I were paid to.

  14. Art Eclectic

    I liked this at first glance but up close it looks like costume for a play in which the leading lady attends a fancy formal event – and costumes are never meant to look good up close, they’re meant to READ all the way from the back balcony seats. The materials look cheap up close. The lips are …eww. The shoulders are really, really pointy.

  15. Bob Stanley

    Great color choice for the fabrics! She looks gorgeous.

  16. tetra

    Pass the vomit bag

  17. Shannon

    Can we give her credit for wearing lipstick if it’s on the wrong body part?

  18.  Bella

    Nope. The ‘lip on the hip’ puts it at a whole new level of awful.

  19. Eliza Bennett

    I love the shape, and the neckline, but …Stockholm Syndrome, Jess. If you were at the mall and your friend tried this on, you’d say “It’s a good start…but I bet we can find that shape in something not insane. Stay in the fitting room and I’ll go find it!”

  20. Kathy

    I love the fact that she pushed up her sleeves a bit. As though she were thinking “Ah, THIS will make the outfit look effortlessly casual.”

    •  kat

      Complete dedication to the 80′s – Krystle Carrington’s shoulders and Sonny Crocket’s sleeves.

  21. Sandra

    Isn’t this the zombie Lizzie Bennet is trying to kill?

  22. rachelee

    There’s something nostalgically lovely about this in a Linda-Evans-in-Dynasty way. But it’s still a hot mess.

  23.  BeautyMarks

    Yet another photo where the wearer looks like she’s in the dressing room trying it on and not in public at an opening, where one might consider brushing one’s hair and putting on lipstick and wearing some jewelry.

    And that’s not even talking about this putrid excrescence of a dress!

  24. Nancy

    it looks a little too ice-dance-y to me.

  25. deee

    I must respectfully and vehemently disagree.

  26. Mia

    I think this dress works for the Zoolander #2 premiere because it’s got some references to narcissism. Check out the closeups of the front and back of the dress. There’s a glittery mascara’ed eye, hand mirrors and more rouged lips:

  27. Suzy Q

    No. Absolutely not. This is crazy and ugly AF, full stop.

  28. lilagrey

    The weird lipstick bit is the only thing holding me back from fully embracing this.

  29. Gill

    If this was just one fabric–the gold (with lining), the silver and black embroidery at her neckline–or one single accent piece, like the lipstick print, I’d almost be on board too. But all of it together is just too much crazy. No way.

  30. Ms Poopy von Pants

    I kinda like this on her because she looks like she’s in character. (What character that is, I’m not sure!) I like her darker eye make up too, it makes this weird Dynasty dress look more bad ass. Now that I think about it, maybe add Doc Martens and go full on bad assery!

  31.  GeoDiva

    Sorry, but this is super fugly!

  32. Brenda

    Really really bad. Like those Lennon-like sisters from SNL.

  33. Andrew S.

    this looks like one of those knock off barbies sold at dollar stores in the 80s that had Jem aspirations on a shoe string budget. EVEN lined this would be a mess but, NGL, there’s slight charm to this due to the story crafted above by lilywise

  34.  AK

    Just wanted to give thanks for the Showboat reference! :)

  35. Copperhead

    I disapprove!

  36. Edith

    I kind of hate the color, the lack of lining, and the weird, slightly moldy way it goes from gold to white and back again. But I love the detailing around the neckline – and I love the neckline – and the shoulders are awesome. You are right about it being very very evening soap – and I think Dakota Johnson is dressed to be on the receiving end of that push into to lily pond….

  37. Wordphreak

    No, this is insane. And truly ugly.

  38. PurpleHays

    I think she’s beautiful and talented, no doubt. However, she cannot dress herself. Ever. If a stylist gave her three picks, she’d pick the worst one every time. I’m not trying to be mean but she rarely has an outfit that isn’t cringe-worthy.

  39. Sybil

    Nope, this is just terrible. And I like her so much . . . this is sad.

  40. Krissie

    I dig this but she can’t pull it off. She always looks so droopy and uncomfortable and has the wrong hair. I don’t know what it is with her but she could be wearing the most beautiful thing and she’d look bad in it.

  41. Jolene

    This is a silhouette that she should play with more. Of course, this is on the sole condition that the dress is fully lined and otherwise agrees with all Geneva conventions.

  42. Cazmina

    The neckline and shoulders are great. Her eye makeup is great (I’d prefer to be able to see her lips).

    But, ack, that mossy colour! Against the icy grey colour it just looks like pond scum, as others have already commented.

    If it were me, I’d have the whole dress in the icy blue/grey colour, eliminate the kiss patch and add a slightly pinker lipstick.

  43.  KarenG958

    It’s so unusual for her, and in the context of this premiere, I’ll give it to her.

  44. Lori

    I feel like there are a few good dress ideas in there, but they do not all belong in one dress.

  45. Maya

    Silhouette is good. That’s about it

  46. Ella

    If the Fug Girls are not prepared to fug this heinous frock, life has truly lost all meaning.

  47. phxalba

    Why is she wearing J.Lo’s dress?

  48. jinxster

    You are either crazy or feverish :)

  49. mimosachan

    This reminded me that Fug Madness is coming up soon! Life just has lacked a certain sparkle since the last one finished. And remember this dress for Fug Madness 2017!

  50. Ripley Waters

    I love it! So SO weird, but I think she has maybe never looked better? This is one of those moments where the right dress is on the right person. She has a weird style, she’s goofy and this dress flatters her figure. I think her hair looks good too, anything fancier would be too much with so much dress!