This is severely underwhelming.

Pretty fabric, but why is the bodice being so relentlessly awful to her? Did she offend it? Did she steal its lunch out of the work fridge, or eat a tuna melt at its desk and then leave behind a soiled napkin? The droop it’s imposing may explain why her head appears to have decided against styling itself: some kind of cranial protest.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Sandra

    Did the house fall on Glinda this time?

  2. christine christine

    I think the photo is unflattering, because the combination of the background and the shadow from the camera flash make her look about 6 inches wider than she is. I feel like if we saw it in daylight we’d love it.

    Not the hair, though…although with that face, who needs hair?

  3. PB

    When I first saw that I said “is that Lizzy Caplan?”. Marion Cotillard is better than this.

  4. Ailatan

    I wish this was either shorter or longer. Love the colour and the pattern,

  5. heron

    I do love the fabric and if the bodice could be hoisted up and fixed, it could be a great dress.

  6. Carolina Girl

    The dress would be a lot cuter if it were a lot shorter, but those shoes are AMAZING.

  7. Lindy

    The only problem I have with the dress is the unfortunate tea-length.

    • Jasmine

      Me too. I actually kind of love the hair and the shoes are KILLER. It would be nice to see them and not be distracted by the stumpifying tendencies of an otherwise supercute dress.

      • Squirrel!

        Jasmine: I think the shoes may literally be KILLER. As in, they could cut a b*tch. :-P

    • Emma

      I love tea-length dresses. I think they’re fortunate.

  8. Linda

    If the bodice had better, or any, stays in it so that it would fit and stay where it should be, instead of looking like a tube top, and if the skirt was fuller so that it stood out a little, it would help with the length problem.

    The hair and make up are a little casual for the dress, I’d like a little darker lipstick and the hair with a little more fullness, since she’s not wearing jewelry or anything around the shoulders.

    But she’s gorgeous no matter what she wears.

  9. Vandalfan

    I’d trim about three inches off the hem and fashion little straps, or a halter neck. It would lift up the whole dress, visually.

    And fix her silly hairstyle that looks for all the world like a big bow on her head. Maybe wear it like that with something else, but not with this fabric.

  10. pinkcheese

    EXTERMINATE! about a foot and a half off the bottom and hand her a plunger and a wisk, and it’d be fab.

  11. Art Eclectic

    What a great fabric! I actually love the whole thing even at tea length. Hate those Glinda the Good Witch shoes though. Please tell me pointy freaky shoes aren’t back this fall…..

  12. robyn

    My first thought ” It’s a Dalek! “

  13. hillary l.

    Mmm…tuna melt.

    In retrospect, it is rather Dalek-chic.

  14. buttercup

    Awkwardest length ever. If a dress can make Marion look a phone operator on Mad Men, we’re all in trouble.

  15. Katherine

    Yup, she’s wearing a dalek

  16. Chrissy

    I think the whole deal needs to be pulled up several inches. This is what I don’t like about strapless and I don’t get why so many people wear strapless wedding gowns. Anyway, I bet it was much better in person.

  17. Lily1214

    Mmm . . . the hairdo should go with the gown for an overall look – this hairdo looks like it’s getting ready to go play tennis.

  18. Nina

    I’m very confused as to why anyone dislikes the hair. Looks like a 40′s style victory roll type thing going on. She looks stunning from the neck up.

  19. Sajorina

    I think the dress is FABULOUS and fits her well, except for the length! The problem is the styling… Her hairdo is pretty, but she needed some sparkle in her eyes and bold red lips! She also needed earrings, a ring and maybe a necklace. And the shoes are wrong for this outfit, she needed to go for a black patent leather, blue suede or red satin high-heeled sandals! Just more color & bling!

  20. Emma

    I don’t know why everyone is so anti-tea-length. If she shortened it, it would look like an ordinary off-the-rack cocktail dress. I love the length, and I think this whole look is really pretty.

  21. ProudMary

    huh? I agree this is hitting her chest a bit strangely, but on the whole this is adorable.

  22. Karen

    I think it’s great, except for the shoes.

  23. Jo

    I hate the shoes- Ms Pointy is no friend of mine. Love the fabric but it’s towel-style wrapped around her boobs!

  24. Peachsiki

    It looks like it’ was a last minute descision no tailoring happened here and if it did that tailor needs to step back and look at the effect as a whole before he takes it apart. It fits her waist but pinches her boobs, they look droopy and sad. I’m not a fan of those silver shoes either.