Grammys Fug or Fab: Adele

I’m torn on this one — thrilled that it’s not her standard basic boring black, and loving the brightness and fun of it all…

And yet, something in her face tells me Adele expected to ride ON the magic carpet to the Grammys, not ride IN it.

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  1. Holly Hamilton

    I was seriously hoping this would be here- it’s so interesting yet unflattering. I can only think of something from a Ronald Dahl novel or a big strawberry but I do also appreciate something other than boring black, but not this in this cut and shape on her body type.

  2. Dazie

    The fabric looks like it ought to have a plastic slipcover over it.

    Great face, great shoes.

  3. Anna

    You know how sometime we say about someone – she’s so gorgeous she looks good in a potato sack? Well Adele is so awesome and nice, I’ll give her a pass whatever she’s wearing.

  4. theblugoldfish

    It just didn’t fit her right…. when she went up to accept the award it was like her chest was smushed and the underlayer was too big and all this badness. In theory this could have been okay? It’s multitude of fit problems kills it though.

  5. Mary

    She looks like a lampshade in a whorehouse.

  6. mandiann

    I don’t mind the pattern so much as I do the shape. I don’t think it’s doing her any favors. And I don’t dig the patterned shoes with the patterned dress either – I think one or the other is okay but not both.

  7. elizabeth

    While I adore Adele, the cut and fabric of the dress made her look matronly. But agree with Dazie that her face looks fab and I covet the shoes.

  8. Lion

    Maybe if it was floor-length?? Maybe. But the blond hair has to go.

    • Kristin

      Yes, she needs to lose the blonde. And the caterpillars on her eyelids. I kind of love the dress, though, just wish it fit better.

    • Ericajeanine

      I saw pictures comparing it with the runway version on another site last night . The runway version is floor length.

  9. Elizabeth

    I am so, so happy that she didn’t wear basic black again that I love it. Also, when I first saw a picture of her in this I thought it was floor-length, and the fact that it wasn’t pleased me so greatly that I can’t think badly of it. It looks like it needs some tailoring at the waist though.

  10. Elizabeth

    It is so carpety and structured. I just kept thinking that she looked like one of those Matryoshka dolls. A gorgeous one, but still.

    • Karen G

      Elizabeth – That’s exactly what I was thinking! She’s so lovely, and this just overwhelms her, and makes her look like a fancy Russian doll.

  11. maryse

    i’m glad to see someone who isn’t a size 2 wear a dress like this. i have 2 problems with the look though. i don’t like the shoes and a more open neckline would have been better.

    • MissTee

      Yes – I agree that the shoes are too much. Maybe w/ black shoes and a black belt. I don’t know. I’m so confused! :D

    • Iris

      I agree that a different neckline might have helped. I like the fabric but there is just too much of it.

      • Ailatan

        Showing some cleavage might be the thing here. It’s way too much fabric near her beautiful face.

  12. tarasaurusrex

    i think a different neckline and different color would have saved this. i detest red though so that might be me and my bias.

  13. Dizee

    It just looks ITCHY. And I love her so, especially that light and breezy award acceptance speech.

  14. MissTee

    I feel like she is so bound up under there – her boobs look like they’ve been smashed down and every time I saw her, it seemed like she couldn’t breathe. I love that she didn’t do black, but this definitely was too crazy for my taste. Maybe if she had broken it up with a thick belt? Would that have made it better? I don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud here.

  15. lila s.

    I have fewer problems with the dress on its own, but the dress and shoe combination is no good. Given my penchant for colorful shoes, I’d have gone bright blue or yellow but no pattern. Or those shoes and a different dress, but I like the effort so dress + different shoes. And different hair because dying her hair blond was such a boring choice.

  16. Kuri

    I’m picturing this dress with a low-cut halter neckline and no sleeves and liking it a lot more that way. I love the full skirt and the shoes, but hate the way the top part looks.

  17. Lisa

    Love Adele, but think this would be better suited to a Vera Bradley duffle bag.

  18. Ms. Pants

    I would wear the holy hell out of this dress with a pair of Fluevog Munsters.

    • Cucina49

      So glad to hear someone mentioning Fluevogs (I am wearing a pair of their black booties today, in fact)–Adele is just the sort to wear them!

  19. TonyG

    A big HOORAY for the choice of a color, but…

    I did not like this on TV last night.

    When I first saw it a corollary to the old Elvira joke came to mind: “Nice dress, who shot the couch.”

    It looks better on the close-up as one can appreciate the detail of the embroidery. I think it needs a belt or sash or something to break up the pattern at the waist.

    It’s oddly either too young or too old for her, for the life of me I can’t tell which, but if it were on one of the Fanning sisters or Betty White I might like it more.

  20. anny

    Oh, dear. “Upholstered” seems so harsh, yet so apt.

    • Robin

      Yes. If it were less stiff, with a drapier hand, this could have been marvelous.

  21. Victoria

    Aren’t we plus-sized girls encouraged to wear A-line dresses? So is it just the fabric that everyone objects to? I applaud her for going with a bright color.

    • Sandra

      A-line dresses, yes. Lampshades made out of William Morris wallpaper, no.

  22. BooRad859

    Sorry, but this is the Partridge Family bus.

    And now I want a Reuben.

  23. Lisa

    I love her, but…..all I can see here is Delores Umbridge….

  24. Helen

    To me it’s an easy Unfug. Open up the neckline, change the sleeves to half-length and the same fabric as the dress, make the shoes a solid color, she’d look great.

    Nice to find out her pretty, pretty face looks so terrific next to reds.

  25. h² fashion

    At first I was like omg, what is she thinking. Then I realized it’s Adele and she can pretty much do no wrong, so I started coming around to the 70′s looking print. And now, I’m completely fine with it. On anyone else, it would probably be dreadful though.

  26. Franziska

    I love this dress, I think it’s fabulous. The only thing I would change for Adele is the neckline, she needs to show off at least a little bit of her boobs. I would also add a belt.

  27. Jules

    She looks like a couch, and that’s coming from someone known to favour prints than echo wallpaper from the 1950s. Lose the sleeves, make it a deep V neckline, burn the matchy shoes and it’s on.

  28. Fiona

    Adele has GOT to cool it with the grandma fashions. She’s so, so cool and she dresses so, so frumpily.

  29. SharonCville

    I think this whole look comes across as “matronly,” and that’s not an adjective I would ever apply to her. She looks like she stepped out of a How to Vacuum in Your Pearls article circa 1959. I’d like to see her in something more up-to-date that also flatters her curves.

  30. Katharine

    Is there anybody in the world who is flattered by that tight high round neckline? Especially with a baby Elizabethan ruff tacked to it? Maybe there is, but that person is not Adele. (Nor is it Michelle Williams.)

    I like the fabric, in theory, but this dress is just too much of it. Not to mention it looks TIGHT. Peering at it in the closeup, I’m wondering if she held her arms like that all night — cos it looks as though any other position might be impossible. I’m also thinking she’s Spanxed up the wazoo underneath it. Whatever. She looks packed in and uncomfortable, which has nothing to do with her size, and everything to do with the dress.

    I think a different neckline — even a lower square one, maybe with a tiny ruff to carry on the vaguely Elizabethan theme in a slightly more flattering way, elbow sleeves, and less confining tailoring — well-fitted, rather than shrink-wrapped — would go a long way to fix this.

    And right on to Ms Pants’ suggestion of a pair of Fluevogs. Those granny carpet slippers are not doing justice to the dress even in its current iteration.

  31. Jenny

    Chop a few inches off of the sleeves and hem, add a black patent leather belt and shoes, and I am all over this. She is so gorgeous she can make anything look good (almost).

  32. The Other Molly

    “Lamp shade in a whorehouse” is the perfect description.
    Since there are people commenting here who actually like this, it’s true…
    fugly is the new pretty.

  33. Laura

    Adele needs to talk to the costume designer who dresses Christina Hendricks for Mad Men. So does CH, for that matter. That person should be in charge of dressing these beautiful women who are not size 0s–why doesn’t anyone else understand that being over a size 8 does not mean you have to squeeze into something designed for a size 2, or a “distracting” crazily patterned insane thing, or something muumuu adjacent?

  34. remi

    There’s a picture of Frank Ocean going on stage for his Grammy, everyone is standing and clapping except Chris Brown who is sitting and looking at Ocean weirdly. Adele is also in that picture giving Chris Brown an amazing disapproving look of her own.

    While my interpretation of looks is obviously an exact science, this is why I like this dress.

  35. Sara

    If we lopped off the sleeves and did something interesting with the neckline, maybe it could ne really cute and fun? I think the bell skirt is pretty, especially on a lady who (much like myself) might be sensitive about things that fit too tight around the posterior. Lunges do not come naturally to the likes of us.

  36. I Pick Pretty

    Wouldn’t a wide belt and a lower, maybe square/boat neckline solve 98.2% of the problems here? Love the retro feel she’s going for, but we need to fiddle with the details a bit.

  37. Jill Moran

    Give it sheer sleeves, a scoop neckline and it’s way better. Love the flared skirt and shoes. Ok with the fabric (not black) and she needed a hot red lipstick. Bonus points for not black and flared.,

  38. Cassy

    Maybe I’m just biased because that pattern looks like a lot of stuff at my Russian in-laws’ house (my husband totally saw it too) but man, I love her, and I love how happy she looks, and I love how she’s good with her weight and I don’t even care. She doesn’t wear muu-muus and she never wears anything that looks awful on a woman her size (ahem Loretta Devine at the NAACP awards) and just, yay Adele. :)

  39. ceecee

    A for effort, C- for execution

  40. gryt

    I didn’t realize until I read the comments that this was a dress – I thought it was a coat. And even as a coat I found it to be wearing her. So frumpy and unflattering. What is she, Mary Poppins? Holy moly.

  41. mara

    I feel like I’d be singing for joy if she’d continued her alterations from the runway version by hacking off the sleeves. It would have taken this off its path to dowdyville and redirected to cutelandia.

  42. LibraryChick

    My coworker said this outfit made Adele look like a tomato, so she would have voted for my imaginary “Should have had a V8″ option. My reaction to this was milder. I saw Mary Poppins painting the town red, but it didn’t bother me because Adele looked so happy and relaxed during much of the show.

  43. house mouse

    I love her, and I appreciate the effort to change it up, but the print and fit of this just aren’t working for me. It’s just all very awkward. Maybe without the sleeves?

  44. Aurora

    Really need to lop off those sleeves, they look so stiff and constricting. A lot of larger celebrity women seem to veer toward unnecessary arm coverage, whether due to self-consciousness, or unoriginal stylists. It’s too bad, because they look so much nicer without the afterthought sleeves/bolero/whatever tacked on. Gives those babies some freedom!

  45. buttercup

    I think she looks amazing. This is not unflattering, this is one of the most body-conscious things I’ve seen her wear! It’s not her usual black muu-muu.

    The only thing I would change would be a strong black shoe instead of something so strangely matchy. But otherwise, good on Adele for taking a ree-eesk (see what I did there?). I think she looks smashing!

  46. Sajorina

    I wholeheartedly LOVE this whole outfit & Adele! I love the POP of color, the elaborate fabric, the cut & the fit of the dress! And I love that the shoes match! I want to wear this outfit so badly!!! Hair, makeup & earrings are FAB as well! BRAVO!

  47. jean

    I totally approve too. It’s so darn groovy in the best possible way. It takes a strong personality to wear this and she is pulling it off. My only suggestion is darker lipstick and stiffer hair. For such a stylized dress she could have gone more structured with the hair. And maybe a bit darker? The hair I mean. Does she change her hair color much?

  48. Harken

    I thought she had the baby?