Grammy Awards Fug Carpet: Bonnie McKee

Here is what songwriter Bonnie McKee — of three Katy Perry hits, among others — wore to the Grammys last year.

If Orange Julius were a lingerie store, this would be in the window. And if it were a euphemism for “holy crap I am going to see your vagina in ten seconds,” it would be applicable here too. But apparently opening her birth canal to casual eye traffic didn’t grab enough attention for her liking, so this year Bonnie went a different way:

She’s gone from a gold medalist in the Crotch Olympics to a full-on Car Wash Gladiator. That’s a lot of ground to cover in a year.

[Photos: Getty]

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Comments (28):

  1. Eliza Bennett

    Wha-wha-wha-WHAT? What IS that?

    • Francesca

      I think it’s Silly String. Or string cheese – the cheddar version. Gawd awful. Not even quirky, just horrid!

  2. Jules

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: After a certain point in life, light hair just ages you. Those heavy, bleached bangs combined with the powder-pink lipstick make her look like someone’s grandma got drunk and wandered into the prop closet at the retirement home theater. She looked so much fresher and brighter in the previous photo, ob/gyn dress aside.

    • Stefan

      I have a fuzzy on my computer screen and totally read that as “poop closet at the retirement home.” Either way, true.

      • Jules

        I think ‘poop closets’ only happen on Hoarders. At least, I hope they do.

    • jjdaddyo

      I had to look it up: she’s 28. Girl, you need to pace yourself a little better.

  3. Willow

    Why has she scalped Sailor Moon? WHY?

  4. Leah

    Last year’s dress was bad, but at least she looked hot, like she could be the pop star herself. This year she looks like a sad old lady.

  5. Alice

    I really like the bottom of the dress, it looks like a bee’s face, I wish the entire dress look like that.

    I really hate her hair though, it looks like she had an eraser stuck to her forehead.

  6. Travis Harrison Lafferty

    I actually want that first dress in Barbie size so I can pretend to do a reboot of Mannequin where Kim Cattrall has an obsession with orange sherbet. But the second one… meh. I mean… Ill take it in doll size too. It’s been YEARS since the Misfits got a new party dress.

  7. Stella

    Wow, she managed to age 20 years in 1 year?

  8. Meg

    Her dress from this year looks like a bad McQueen knock-off.

    • Chasmosaur

      That’s what I popped into say. McQueen barely pulled those off, and that’s because he was Alexander McQueen. This is horrid.

  9. Stefanie

    I actually think last years look is cool – granted precious inches are needed but I like it. And I like her hair too.

    This year? Yeah, not so much.

  10. Stefan

    If looking like you peed yourself and haven’t shaved your armpit hair in a decade is necessary to get on the red carpet, I AM SO THERE.

  11. Carol

    People of Earth! I come in peace!

  12. Kimberli

    That is legitimately one of the ugliest dresses I’ve seen. But at least it’s not skanky. My bar is pretty low after seeing the stuff featured on this Web site for the past five years.

  13. Kit

    when I was watching the red carpet last night I hoped you’d do her. Now do Katy Perry in Helen Mirren’s dress!

    P.S. Love her shoes in the first pic

  14. Dazie

    Illusion netting. Really? With all that going on she needed ILLUSION NETTING??

  15. Miranda

    Without my contacts on, the shockingly skin-toned front of her hair looked like the top of her head was shaved bald. As horrifying as her outfit is- I would absolutely not have been able to stop fiddling with the fringe- I can’t stop fixating on the idea of her with a samurai-esque hairdo.

    • anny

      Heh, if I had that fringe I’d’a had myself one fancy plant hanger by the end of the evening.

  16. vandalfan

    This reeks of self-loathing. She’s moderately pretty and somewhat talented, and she is not a performer, so why? She’d be fine in something selected by Duchess Kate’s stylist.

  17. Hel

    Does she has two shades of hair color?? Blonde and orange?
    The first dress could have been pretty if it was floor-length.

  18. quichepup

    Looks like somebody wants to be a Fug Madness contender this year.

  19. guerra

    The first dress would of been okay if she wasnt flashing her vagina every time she moved. The second is hidious!! also 28 wow.. same age as me almost wow she needs a facial asap

  20. Sajorina

    1st dress is ridiculously short, so FUG! The 2nd dress would be nice without the yellow fringe… SO CLOSE!

  21. gryt

    This is kind of awesome actually, haha!