Grammy Awards Cracktacularly Played: Kimbra

Kimbra here is the woman in Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” and the two of them were totally charming when they won their Grammy last night. I think they were more excited about meeting Prince, who presented their award, than anything, and honestly, who doesn’t feel THAT? I suspect the Jehovah’s Witnesses of Minneapolis must do a far brisker business than those of any other city, because everyone secretly hopes that they’re going to open the door and Prince will be standing there. You can talk religion to me, Prince, but first I want you to record my outgoing voicemail message.

ANYWAY. Kimbra is apparently kind of a wacky dresser, and tonight was no exception.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Carolyn

    Wally and Kimbra are both incredibly talented and very deserving of their win. She looks great.

  2. Lisa

    At no time would I ever like this crazy fairy/pixie frock, BUT, I saw them accept their award and she was so incredibly sincere and excited, it was awesome. I think he is kinda cute, too.

  3. Olivia

    I think this is adorable, but only on her. Because she is adorable.

  4. Orange Clouds

    She reminds me of Regina Spektor and I want to pinch her adorable cheeks!

  5. Mary

    I can’t explain how or why, but I love this dress on her. Funky fairy chic.

  6. Other Emily

    They were adorable accepting their award. Her dress is cracked out and hilarious.

  7. Art Eclectic

    I’m filing this under Secretly Awesome.

  8. AussieAnne

    The designer is from my home state of Western Australia and apparently hand sewed on > 2kgs of beads!!! I love this for the Grammys!

  9. GM

    Yeah, I wouldn’t like this on anyone but her, I think. She’s really selling it with her adorableness.

    (So many Kiwis on GFY lately!)

  10. maryse

    as wacky a dress as this is, i think it really works on her.

  11. Sandra

    This right here is why we don’t look for our Big Event Dresses in Katy Perry’s thrift-shop donation bags.

    Cute girl, love their unspoiled appreciation of the moment, HATE. THE. CLOTHES.

  12. Helen

    Kimbra has very much her own identifiable aesthetic. I don’t want to see it on anyone else, but for her, I say it works.

    And yes, their enthusiasm and joy is wonderfully contagious!

  13. oohsparkley

    I think 5th grade art class helped her make her own costumes. But yeah, they were soo cute.

  14. thebosss

    What, no Prince pix? What was up w/ the hoodie?

  15. Chris P

    I literally sat up in my chair and shouted, “WHAT THE HELL,” when I saw the first slide.

    And then I started looking at the slide show itself. WE NEED MORE KIMBRA. SHE NEEDS TO HAPPEN. HOW CAN I PERSONALLY MAKE HER HAPPEN. (Also: Holy shitballs, that thing has FIVE POUNDS OF BEADS?!)

    Speaking of things that need to happen: A version of Splash costumed by Marchesa is possibly the best/worst idea I’ll hear all week. If every citizen of Fug Nation puts in $10, I think we could get it off the ground.

    • Corriner

      I would love to help you make Kimbra happen!

      Not only is she adorable and totally wacky in a geniune pop-star kind of way, she’s actually really talented. She has a fantastic singing voice.

      Plus, Gotye’s suit might be my favourite of the night – love those skinngy trousers!

      • Sajorina

        @Chris P, she’s already happening… You can support her by buying her CDs, downloading her music, etc. That’s how she’ll stay in the public eye!

        @Corriner, I think Gotye might be my favorite guy of the night as well!

  16. AussieAnne

    “I wanted to see Kimbra on the red carpet looking really beautiful and elegant but then juxtapose that seriousness by injecting a bit of Disney fun into the dress,”Jaime Lee Major said.

    • Sandra

      Too bad she (he?) didn’t give her that dress instead of the mess she’s wearing. There is nothing beautiful or elegant about that collection of fabric and any one of the Disney princesses would have to spend 36 hours knocking back beers with all the dwarves and various iterations of Prince Charming before she agreed to trade whatever she was wearing for Kimbra’s…..thing.

  17. Holly Hamilton

    She knows how to rock the awards shows and her clothing is perfect; i.e. entertaining, exciting, attractive, for those venues.

  18. Eliza Bennett

    I yelled “Leprous Tinkerbell” at my TV when she came on. Then I yelled, “awwww, she’s clapping for Prince!” It balances out.

  19. Robin

    Kimbra can get away with wearing anything and she usually still looks gorgeous. Aside from her considerable musical talent, this should take her far. Love her. And now I want to watch “Tulle Time” so please make that happen! ;)

  20. Veronica

    I have no idea what the hell happened her sartorially, but I am very fond of her music, so I was pleased to her see her in attendence nonetheless.

  21. ceecee

    The first one is a formal ice skating costume. The second one- well, she has eyes on her shoulders and legs so what more can you say.

  22. rebecca

    Maybe the invitation said ‘formal ice dancing’. But I think it would only take a little rebalancing of tulle and beading to make it totally cute on its own merits. And Mermaid by Marchesa would be an improvement for Marchesa…

  23. Sandala

    I love it and in picture 3 it looks like she might have ripped it?? Dear Kimbra, stay crazy and please don’t become the ‘cute’ girl. I love it when people are delighted to be at these things too!

  24. Courtney Brookshire

    Peeps from that part of the globe seem to be generally awesome and joyful ie Gotye, Sia, Kimbra, Missy Higgins, Flight of the Concords…

  25. MissTee

    When I first saw her I was like, “Crazypants dress, yo!” But like y’all, I just couldn’t help but love it by the time I was done watching red carpets and awards b/c she is so endearing and cute. I love her.

  26. rb

    sorry to be crass, but… what the f?

  27. Amanda

    Gotye looks very handsome in that suit. He deserves a Well Played, skinny tie and all.

  28. katiemelb

    PLEASE, Heather and Jessica, it’s Gotye, not Goyte. Common misspelling (even our national broadcaster’s Twitter spelt it wrong yesterday when he won, because they were so excited), but I rely on your (usually) excellent spelling.

  29. Jessica

    Sorry; we were working very late last night. It’s been corrected.

  30. Sajorina

    Two Thumbs Way Up for them for being so AWESOME! I love to see people being genuinely joyous and appreciative at awards shows! She might look looney, but she’s such a sweetheart and good singer, that I can’t help but to love her… I embrace her kind of crazy! And he looked so handsome, I just love him! Plus, I love their song too! ♥

  31. forchange

    “I suspect the Jehovah’s Witnesses of Minneapolis must do a far brisker business than those of any other city, because everyone secretly hopes that they’re going to open the door and Prince will be standing there.”
    This is one of the funniest things that I’ve read on the internet in a long time. And true!

  32. Claire

    I’ve done more than my fair share of Kimbra stalking on the YouTube and the Internets in the past year – because she is talented and wonderful – but in pretty much all of these pictures I wouldn’t even recognize her, and I can’t pinpoint why. New eyebrow shape? Different makeup?

    Important and related: this Kimbra video has wicked wonderful man dancing:

  33. Lis

    Yeah, she’s already happening! Seek her out!

  34. Sarah

    I love her music so am really happy to see her here and looking like she’s having fun, but there is something about the first photo (not her, I stress) that makes it look to me like her face has been super-imposed on a Barbie doll. In many ways, this makes me love the look more.

  35. SharonCville

    Laughing out loud at “Tulle Time”! Time to get some lunch and re-up my blood sugar, methinks. Yes, she was adorable enough to make the Steampunk Fairy thing work.

  36. Kris

    Still laughing at Tulle Time!

  37. jenelope

    I honestly can’t say enough about these two. I saw them at a fairly small theater last spring just as they were starting to explode and it was an outstanding show. They are just so charming, attractive and above all, talented. And all that you see here? It’s just who she is.

  38. Claire1

    There are a few, very few people who can pull off crazy and look charming and eccentric and perfect. Obviously she is one of those rare birds….and now I need to go Spotify them

  39. MegoPachego

    She is just so freakin’ adorable. That smile is amazing! That dress is crazytown, but she’s wearing it, rather than it wearing her, which is awesome! Is it wrong that I sort of want her to show up on The New Girl to play Zooey Deschanel’s sister … or bizarro Zooey … or something. She’s just too cute!

    • MegoPachego

      *bizzarro … bizzaro? Ugh, work with me Seinfeldian fake words.

  40. Jules

    Somewhere, Zooey Deschanel feels a disturbance in The Twee.

  41. Brenda Romero

    ummm is it just me, or does her head seem huge? maybe it’s the background playing tricks on me, but she’s got some lollipop look goin’ on.