First, I want to discuss the nefarious black-gloved hand that is photobombing this picture. She’s looking all glamorous and healthy-haired, and then some dude behind her is passing photocopied national secrets with the nonsense code phrase, “I’ve always thought giraffes were the ones we should fear,” or something.

Onto the gown: Well, there’s definitely a germ of something here, and I don’t mean the norovirus kind. The detail work on all this lights my candle, but then the vigorous peplum and strap-lashes snuff it out again. I wish I could make it strapless and sleek — there’s a heavyness to it with the size of the apron on it, so I’d settle for lopping that off entirely to see if we’re more buoyant. Maybe the feathers would survive.

Or, there’s an alternate approach:

Somehow, even with the pelvic umbrella, the coat helps.


What would you do to change it?

  • Nothing, you goon. (8%, 288 Votes)
  • Lose the straps. (12%, 430 Votes)
  • Lose the peplum (36%, 1,272 Votes)
  • Lose the straps AND the peplum, or some other combination of things (31%, 1,098 Votes)
  • Toss it out and start over (12%, 417 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,506

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