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Don’t worry, Gossip Girl mega-fans:

Ed Westwick is planning on staying in character ALL SUMMER.

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  1. Sylvie

    He could wear ANYTHING and I would still swoon :)

  2. Willow

    I like the blazer but the trousers are a bit much.

    However, I would still bang him like a screendoor in a hurricane.

    Too crude?

  3. Julie

    “I’m…. Chuck…. BASS.”

  4. Softwear

    I don’t know, maybe it’s Monday, maybe I’m hormonal (tmi?) but I like this. It’s almost like it’s so douchey it’s come back around to cool. Maybe. Almost.

  5. Geemee

    Weirdly, the heavy plaid makes him look tiny, like he’s squished in on himself but still has a big ol’ head.

    And Willow, don’t think I won’t be using that screendoor line the first chance I get.

  6. marianna

    I actually gasped out loud in my office when I saw this. He looks ridiculous!

  7. foo

    I’ve never watched GG, but always thought he was kind of hot when I saw pics. Not anymore…

  8. Carolina Girl

    The most I’ve ever seen of GG is a promo, and that was only while I was channel surfing, so I have no clue who this person is but he kind of looks like a long lost Gotti brother. And why is his head so large???

  9. ProudMary

    that poor boy. yet another victim of Huge Head and Hands Syndrome. how is the other one even fitting into his pocket?

  10. Lina

    Er, is he supposed to look like a bobble-head doll dressed in a clown-suit from the 1940s? Is that actually a viable look for men these days?

  11. Carolina Girl

    Also, is he at a sod farm?

  12. val.

    Thanks to whomever pointed out the disproportionately large hand. Now I can’t stop laughing!

  13. Lynne

    @Carolina Girl, that’s freaking hilarious. I didn’t notice the sod which, by the way, who laid that down. It’s kind of a crap job.

    Here’s the thing. He’s very dreamy and he kind of pulls off the ridiculous amount of tartan he’s wearing. I’m concerned about the expressions he wears in these public appearance shots, though. It’s like, “Hi. I’m Chuck Bass. You may remember me from such things as Gossip Girl and being the most awesome guy who ever walked the earth.” He just looks so douchey all the time. It’s starting to bug me.

  14. acake

    I WISH.

  15. Anne B

    My little brothers had to wear all-plaid suits too, for an Easter fashion show at a local department store in the ’70′s, so I feel for poor little Eddie here.

    My brother Mikey was six and Paulie had just turned four. If they didn’t do the fashion show, my mom wouldn’t keep getting discounts. There were six of us, and none of us wanted that on our heads.

    Similar to this setup, I remember the boys walking the fake grass — there were also hay bales, for posing — and having to wave. (Hence the giant hand?) I would not be surprised at all if there’s a creepy Easter Bunny on the fringes somewhere.

    Paulie’s suit was three-piece plaid, with a tie. And a bowl haircut.

    Just wanted you to know, Fug Nation: It can always be worse.

  16. LizC

    Please. Chuck Bass hasn’t worn anything remotely this entertaining in at least 2 seasons. Not since they tried to make him all serious asshole businessman.

  17. ck76

    Willow, thank you for that…like Geemee I’ll be using that one first chance I get.
    Now, is he really wearing a big turqouise ring on his pinky finger? Really?

  18. blu

    I think he’s… KINDA pulling it off, no?

  19. Sara L.

    I like it. Plaid suits for all!

  20. Sajorina

    I like this look; what I don’t like is that turquoise pinky ring! He is British, not Native-American!

  21. Joy

    He totally pulled it off.

  22. Bambi Anne Dear

    Oh yeah, rockin’ except for the shoes. But he does seem to have a big head doesn’t he? BratzMan.

  23. Xen

    Jesus Jumped Up Christmas Trees! This is fantastic. I don’t watch the show – and would be hard pressed to name someone else to pull this off – but damn! This kid is selling it.

  24. vandalfan

    Look’s like Rupert’s depressed brother left out in the rain.

  25. candice

    i love this. to be fair, i think chuck bass is dead sexy. do i think this is objectively a good suit? oh my, no. but, Ed? you listening? you’re working it, you handsome, large-handed man. and i will be over here, ready for babymaking any time that’s convenient.

  26. sarah

    see, if the trousers were maybe black? i could actually get into this as a whimsy thing. the matchy matchy just takes it a gate too far.

  27. Kat from Jersey

    Ugh! I’m sorry, but there is absolutely nothing attractive about this man, what with his pseudo-male-model stares and his flare-y nostrils and his horrible, horrible wardrobe. He always looks slightly slimy to me. My daughters hate when I’m in the room during GG, since I always have to comment when Chuck is on the screen. Flare, Chuck, Flare!

  28. SME

    That was the EXACT color and pattern of my uniform skirt in Catholic grade school. Ah, memories.

  29. lc

    so, so bad