Golden Globes Unfug or Fab Carpet: Julianne Hough

Look at these two crazy kids and their matching poofs. It MUST be love.

The first dress: Do you like it, or would you change it?

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  1. Sajorina

    Can’t see the picture, but I’m pretty sure is FUG!

    • witjunkie

      Heather and Jessica, I just wanna say that you are awesome. You are so committed, getting up early and working so hard getting these GG posts out despite obvious Technical Difficulties, and I love coming here after dinner (EST) and there are still MORE POSTS, it’s such a bonus! I know you guys are probably exhausted but I love you and enjoy this so much. Thanks.

      And sorry for hopping on your comment Sajorina but apparently it’s the only way I can post today :)

      • TaraMisu

        I’m having commenting problems too Witjunkie…. and I just love awards season!
        I like the first dress, in theory. The hair is weird and the second dress is awful…. I agree, satin hates everyone.

  2. Tiffany

    I like her first dress. It isn’t my favorite, but I think it has enough whimsy to make me smile. I agree that it would look great as a column.

  3. linda

    There’s something very prom-like about that picture of the both of them.

  4. Esme

    I kinda like it–she’s pretty, it’s pretty on her.

  5. Bella

    I love her look here. Classic with a definite edge.

  6. Chasmosaur

    I actually thought it was a cool dress, but I am partial to Monique Lhuillier.

    The hair, however, is straight from Strictly ballroom and needs changing.

  7. Sara

    Not a fan of the dress. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention the “ear cuff” she was wearing that she mentioned on the red carpet. The “edgy” look works on some people, but it feels like she was maybe trying too hard to pull it all (and there’s lots of “all” going on here) off.

  8. Vandalfan

    You are only as attractive as you are on the inside, so, nothing she sports works for me.

    • Faye

      Vandalfan — what about Julianne makes you say that? Not a challenge, I am genuinely curious.

  9. Elle

    I… don’t hate the second dress? I’d probably do away with the satin panels, but I think the same is really flattering on her and lets you see how svelte she actually is. Plus I kind of dig the shoulders.
    But proof that satin panels hate you: she totally ripped the hell out of that dress on both sides during the after party.

    • ok

      I think the second dress is great. She looks wonderful in it– edgy and svelte.

      • Aphy

        The second dress ripped at the after party! Two huge rips up the front. I’m not sure she didn’t do it herself though, maybe she didn’t like the satin panels either.

      • MG

        I like the second dress, as well, sort of in a Jean Harlow way. How unfortunate to have had it rip!

  10. anna s.

    I don’t hate the first dress … but I don’t like it much either. There’s enough tulle in that thing to costume a production of Swan Lake. I sort of wish she’d cut down on the Barbie Princess Dress factor, and amped up the sophistication.

    Then again, if ever there was an excuse to wear a Barbie Princess dress in real life, the Globes might be it, so perhaps I should be congratulating her on the wish fulfillment.

  11. JillB

    Her eye makeup is terrible. It makes her eyes look wonky and weird.

  12. anonymoose

    Looks like a mannequin standing next to Miley Cyrus. And “Miley”‘s dress looks like it has been sprayed with projectile vomit and I don’t think that’ll come out.

  13. lindsay

    agree with making this a sleek column – she has a great figure but doesn’t often flatter it.

    also, i second the first comment that H+J are true rock stars! i happen to be off this week, so i have been hanging on every word of globes coverage and it’s been fantastic. now go to bed, you two!

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  15. Trace

    “Their matching poofs” – love it! Well they do say Seacrest is keeping something in his closet…

    • Linda

      Matching Poofs reminded me of the Magicians Magazine on Arrested Development – Poof!

  16. Lizzy

    The first dress would make a lovely, romantic ice dancing costume if it were cut shorter.

  17. Vi

    Well, that’s decided! I am never wearing satin. If it makes a lovely woman like her, who I am sure has very toned thighs, look like that, I don’t have a faint hope in hell of ever getting away with it. Not that I have many occasions to wear satin….

  18. JillC

    Did you guys not see what happened to dress #2?

  19. Helen

    Hate, hate, hate the second one…

    Kinda love the first. I don’t think of Hough as wearing “charming quirky” very much, but then she’s been changing up her style a lot over the past several months. And, rather to my surprise, I think charming quirky is working for her.

  20. Bottle Ginger

    The first dress would look FAAABULOUS without the puffy skirt. The puffy skirt and the gold detaling are too much, if she’d just had the gold detailing on a simple white sheath she would have looked stunning. Really, she’s got the figure for perfect fitted sheaths, she ought to take advantage of it.

    The second dress is pretty, but the color makes her complexion look orangey.