Golden Globes Fug or Fine Carpet: Olivia Munn


The first thing you need to know about this dress is that the Armani press release about it bragged about the “iridescent hombre waist.” Even though we knew better, we had such high hopes. Would it just say “HOMBRE” on it? Would there be photos of various hombres? A button that, when pressed, played clips of a fragrance-pimping Joey Tribbiani drawing against the Hombre Guy?

Unfortunately, it was just ombre. And it didn’t really work for me. I LOVE the idea of the herringbone pattern formed from all the turquoise, but the ombre hombre strip here (which matches the whole back) just makes it look like they ran out of beading and had to spill something on the dress lining so that it looked intentional. I want to pack the whole thing back to Armani and be like, “That was just a first draft, right? I have notes. Let’s get together in two weeks.” Also: darker eye or darker lipstick. Has she just been to the gym?

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Speaking of the gym:

I mean… it’s A Look, as they say, but I just keep wanting to ask her why her track suit fits so badly, and whether those look like a pump but feel like a sneaker.

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Comments (15):

  1. Jasmine

    I like the dress in theory. It is sleek and I LOVE the top portion with the herringbone. That colour is amazeballs.

    The belt? Hate it. Not necessary. Makes it look tacky. And I would like it more if the skirt were… different somehow. Maybe more sleek? Perhaps more of an a-line? I don’t really know, I just know it looks like pants and makes me hate it.

  2. A. Beaverhausen

    Whenever I hear the word “hombre” I ALWAYS think of Joey Tribbiani :)

  3. JENNY

    I don’t know how this lady manages to look so slammin in a bikini and so meh in clothes all the time. Also, yes, better hair and make up.

  4. Sajorina

    1st of all, what is wrong with Armani? The word “hombre” has absolutely nothing to do with clothes! I’m throwing my Emporio Armani reading glasses against the wall! 2nd, the dress is cute and the accessories are fine, but she forgot to do something with her head! 3rd, I like the other outfit! She looks good! It’s all FINE! 4th, I almost broke my glasses!

  5. Sara

    You are SO right about a darker eye or lip. Her face looks very washed out to me.

  6. R

    I actually quite like this dress but am probably being influenced by other pictures I’ve seen. In other pictures everything looks brighter including her makeup. In this picture everything does look a little flat… Perhaps she should have ‘borrowed’ Jennifer Lawrence’s belt.

  7. Tiffany

    Her face looks very washed out and shiny. Love the top of the dress, but the belt isn’t cute at all. Wish I could see the back!

  8. Elizabeth

    I…don’t like it. I wish the turquoise had gone all the way down or even was the whole bodice. The way it is now…it looks a bit tube-topular.

  9. chickadee

    I like the bodice, and I like the skirt, but the weird strip in the middle is confusing me. I do think she is crazy pretty though. And I wish this is the necklace Zooey Deschanel had worn instead of the pearls.

  10. ok

    I don’t know what it is about Olivia Munn, but I just don’t like her, and ergo, I find it hard to like anything she’s wearing.

  11. Vandalfan

    Friends? Hombre is complete Paul Newman to me. But ombre is faded, and I see no fading anywhere here. I’d like this outfit more if she’d have tucked the unfinished grey edge of the pretty top into the skirt.

  12. Tamburlaine

    I like the top very much – so pretty – but think it could have been hiked up a wee bit. And definitely needed stronger lip colour: I dislike this nude lip trend – it is not flattering with a gown.

  13. ErinE

    I feel like if the top met up with a black ballgown type skirt, I would be obsessed with this dress. As is, it doesn’t work. and Definitely more makeup!

  14. Helen

    The dress, well, it’s okay I guess.

    The track suit is not.