Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Amanda Peet

I’d like to congratulate Amanda Peet:

She has officially rendered me speechless, which I’m sure is a relief for all of us.

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  1. Anita

    I was waiting for this one to show up.

    Why she’s wearing a hospital gown is beyond me.

  2. Tara

    Hospital gown.

  3. Liz985

    Wow, this is beyond ridiculous. You know, if I were part of the team that put her on the guest list, I’d be kinda pissed at her right now.

  4. Sajorina

    She’s nothing if not consistent… FUG!

  5. Sarah

    Hospital gown AND hospital bracelet. Good Lord.

  6. Mair Mair

    Jesus Cristo.

  7. McLisa

    Hospital chic? wtf?

  8. Rayna

    No, seriously!

    Surely SOMEONE would want to dress this beautiful woman properly???

    • Trace

      I agree – she’s got such good raw material but always wears hideous shapeless sacks.

  9. nmlhats

    I like it, but it is not appropriate for the GGs. Give her a nice, feminine hat, lay on a cool necklace, lose the black tights–and it’s a smashing look for a luncheon.

    • Helen

      A luncheon in summer, with those accessories, yes, I agree. I’d also hem it up at least a few inches.

      Unfortunately, in winter and with the black tights, it just looks mildly psychotic.

      Maybe more than mildly.

  10. Erin

    What is even happening here? Poor, poor Amanda Peet.

    • Deborah

      My theory is that she came straight to the awards from the set of “Sister-Wives, Saturday Night.”

  11. Julie

    It’s a hospital gown and compression socks! Obviously they let her out of ICU for the event. I do hope there was a stretcher backstage.

  12. Mary

    Amand Peet haiku

    She snuck past the nurse
    in hospital gown glory
    The Globes are calling!

  13. Sylvia

    I can’t decide what offends me the most about this outfit. I kind of just want to cry about it.

  14. Stefanie

    We joke about hospital gowns but I think this really is one.

    • Robertinaz

      Maybe she was actually hospitalized (read: commited).
      The question is: who let her out??!!!

  15. Rachel

    She is wearing my brother’s Ikea duvet cover as a dress :

  16. evalyn

    I made that dress in 1983 (Butterick pattern as I recall) and wore it with leg warmers. And yes, it looked THAT good.

  17. Kate

    Came to the comments just to see how many people see nothing but a hospital gown. Turns out, plenty. Great minds, everyone. She even has the frozen, nervous facial expression of a recent escapee.

  18. Swiftcat

    If the majority of us thought, “hospital gown”, there’s no way someone close to her didn’t think the same. Her friends need to speak up!

  19. Meh

    THANK YOU AP – that felt good.

  20. Suzanne Zappia

    I’m with nmlhats – if it were a day event and not the GG’s, and if it were summer, and if it were knee-length, and if she lost the tights, and if she had a long pendant and some cute peep-toes… but alas – none of that happened.

    • Maggie

      I consider it a general rule of thumb that if something requires more than 3 ‘if’s to justify it’s existence, you’re probably better off scrapping the whole thing and starting fresh.

      At 5, things have generally descended into defending it as ‘I appreciate the fact that fibers have been assembled into an opaque woven material’.

  21. regina

    Tears, you guys. Tears.

  22. gryt

    This makes me thnk she 1) doesn’t listen to anyone, or 2) is surrounded by frenemies.

  23. PJ

    Where’s the IV pole?

  24. Robertinaz

    I’m ignoring the awful hospital gown (it does not exist) and going straight to those hideous shoes paired with black socks: all i can see is a white stripe fug fug fug fug!!!

  25. Meghan

    There’s nothing more to add. I’m rolling with laughter at all the great comments!

  26. yep

    This is a crime. Is she blind? She actually put this mishmash of items, which, on their own, are innocent enough, TOGETHER? And actually left the house? Thinking, “Yes, I like how this represents me to the world.”?? It’s worse to know that this was at or near an award show.

    Honestly, there’s a whole lot of desperate Fug on this site. But this just saddens me. I like this girl. I liked her in Something’s Gotta Give and Whole Nine Yards, even in Simply Irresistible (rmmbr that one?). But this is, like, sartorial low self-esteem. Amanda Flippin Peet. Come on!

    • Ladyblahblah

      She was also very good in Igby Goes Down.

      • Aphy

        I love that movie and yes, she was great in it. Such a tragic character. This hospital gown is also tragic.

  27. Chriss

    Looks like she’s goin’ to the Sunday ice cream social in the church yard.

  28. Mel

    I thought it was a hospital gown in the thumbnail and I’m still not convinced it isn’t after seeing the full-size. Ugh!

  29. mue

    If this garment had long sleeves, she would be ready for the weather: It was COLD!

  30. Ladyblahblah

    I feel like there’s got to be some self-loathing going on with this girl, or possibly she’s just getting a late and half-assed start on being an alterna-chick/indy girl (or whatever they’re called now). I could totally see this on Sevigny.

  31. Melissa

    Escaped from an asylum are the words I think.

  32. mauxxo

    WTF?! Is she ill?

  33. Ann

    Urgh. She’s one of my faves, and I’m always glad to see her working, but, for the love of god, she needs a style fairy or something.

  34. WhooflPomp

    I bet you that she feels big as a damn mountain

    (That’s not a comment about her size…)

  35. fritanga

    Why is she wearing a hospital gown with witches’ shoes? Isn’t she married to some hot guy? Why is she dressed like a crazy woman?

    So many unanswered questions.

  36. Elbyem

    Truly – an “American Horror Story – Asylum”.

  37. Maisie

    She lost a bet . . . right?