Golden Globes Fug and Fabs: The Women of “American Horror Story: Coven”

Jessica Lange, you saucy minx. You thought you snuck into the ballroom without the Getty photogs nabbing you, but I will not be denied in my attempts to look at your dress. PS: it’s great, so you really should have stayed outside longer for pictures. PPS: The rest of you look pretty good too, especially Emma Roberts, who may have never looked better.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. BrownEyedBetty

    Jessica and Angela are gettin’ in DONE. LOVE Gaboure and her righteous Tweet to her haters. This is an all-time great post, Fug Ladies. <3

    • Feena

      Gaboure forever! Fug Nation, if you haven’t had word of her tweet please google it. You’re welcome :)

      • Wildviolette

        Gaboure and Emma Thompson need to do a buddy pic. (And many of these ladies need to look into lipstick.) I would literally trample a pack of orphans for Emma Roberts’ dress. And I do not mean “literally” in the non-literal sense.

    • Mimi

      I don’t know; since when does rubbing it in people’s faces that you’re rich justify a poor fashion choice? Does that make her better than other people? Most celebrities ride in private jets. Not too classy.

  2. BrownEyedBetty

    Gettin’ IT done. sheeesh.

  3. Jenz

    Jessica Lange and Emma Roberts look wonderful. Jessica is really pulling off that color and even though her lips kind of match the gown, it works. Emma definitely pulled off a Yes here. She looks wonderful.

    While I agree that Angela Bassett usually looks terrific (and for the most part, she does here), I feel like this dress stumpifies her and is doing unkind things to her girls. Either that or SHE did unkind things to them and pinned them together.

    I have to disagree with y’all on Sarah Paulson. That dress is an Anne Shirley undergarments (from the time she and Diana accidently broke Diana’s bed) and completely washes her out. To the point where her eyes are nothing but black orbs a la black-eyed demons from Supernatural (woooh! Crossover!). My opinion.

    • Edith

      I agree with ALL of this. Looking at the fabulous Angela Bassett is giving me sympathetic boob pain. Yikes.

      Am I the only one who is just THOROUGHLY BORED by Sarah Paulson, all the time? Maybe it would help if I watched this show; she is tainted by association with that Very Important (awful) show about an SNL-type program. wtf was that called? Anyway, I digress. She bores me to tears, and her fashion choices always reinforce my belief that she is No Fun At All.

      Tessa looks cute – washed out, yet cute – but not like she’s at the Golden Globes.

      Gabby is amazing. That’s all.

      • Pouncer

        Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip, may it rot in hell forever. That was the point at which I realized I wanted to smash a brick through my television screen to destroy all of Aaron Sorkin’s creations.

      • scone

        I hate Sarah Paulson and it is TOTALLY irrational. I don’t know that I’ve even ever seen her in anything! (I know she was on Studio 60 but I didn’t watch that!). It’s completely unfair, but then she wears something so musty and ugly (like this) and I feel totally justified.

  4. Victoria

    Jessica Lange is amazing and fabulous and a total dish.

    Gabourey has already been called out for being too fat and she shut them down quite nicely. I love her.

    • Jessica

      One of the many reasons I wanted to befriend her. I love her.

    • jean

      Sassy! Living well is the best revenge.

      • Joanne

        Until you drop dead of a coronary. Seriously, she’s a good actress but her obesity is almost fetishised – that seems to be the only reason people like her. Why not like her for her acting talent? There’s large and there’s obese and that cannot be healthy.

        • Jessica

          I like her because she’s funny and she has a great personality. None of us seem to be fetishing her weight; she just happens to be handling people who give her a hard time about that particular subject with funny elan. And I am sure that most people who are calling her fat on Twitter are not doing it because they’re sincerely worried about her health. In fact, I’m sure many of them were quite nasty about it.

          That being said, we are not going to get into a conversation about her health here vis a vis her weight or anyone else’s. She knows she’s overweight and her health is between her and her doctor, just the way everyone else’s is.

          • Erin

            Thank you for this comment, Jessica. I always enjoy everyone’s concern with the collective “health” of those who don’t fall into societal norms on the body scale. Looking great and dressing well can happen at any size. Huzzah!

          • Claire1

            Any comment about body size of any kind is absolutely horrible.
            And pretending to be “concerned” is bunk.

            Unless you are their doctor, mother, mate…shut up ( and even then you best be on guard)

            • Claire1

              ( btw… a very VERY generalized “you” there)

            • Joanne

              So shoot me. I’ve lost count of the number of times comments have been made saying an actress needs a sandwich (see any number of posts on Kates Bosworth and Middleton) but that’s clearly a-ok.

              • Katie

                Well, actually, Jessica and Heather pop in often to say “please let’s keep this conversation to the outfit and not the weight.” They do it when super-skinny people are body shamed, too. That’s not the point of this site and they’ve made that pretty clear.

              • Jessica

                There have been an endless number of times on this very website where I have told people to not to do that, actually. There is no phrase I hate more than “she needs to eat a sandwich,” at this point.

                For example, speaking of, Kate Bosworth at the Oscars, in a conversation that got very contentious but where I lay out the way I feel about this entire thing.

                I try really REALLY hard to keep discussions of EVERYONE’S body off limits and I do it every single day. I might miss it occasionally, but not for lack of trying. It is something that is really, really important to me, and I would truly appreciate it if everyone would try to stick to it. I GET the desire to be comment on people’s bodies and their health and all that, I really really do, and I am not trying to be a jerk about this. But it never leads to a good place, it’s off-topic, and truly NONE of us know how healthy or unhealthy ANY of these actors are. The comments here are a much, much better place when we don’t tell people to start OR stop eating sandwiches.

                Thank you, very sincerely.

    • Jenz

      I think she is awesome. She looks like she’s a riot.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Hah! She wins, indeed. What a perfect response.

  5. qwertygirl

    I saw another picture of Jessica Lange’s dress from the front. There is no sheer there (not that you really thought there was, but just to make sure we all know this to be true: no sheer). And it’s a beautiful color on her.

    • Lori

      I wish I could see the back: is there some kind of ruffle going on? She’s top three on my best dressed list!

  6. patricia

    No Jamie Brewer??? I think this was her at the after party looking fantastic in an LBD, though I HATE the shoes. Hate-hate them.

  7.  Betsy

    I agree that Emma looks wonderful. My sister texted me that she’s basically wearing the dress Rosemary Clooney wears in White Christmas when she goes off on her own. Yes, we love Whit Christmas. Google it. She’s totally right. They are very similar, and it was a great choice!

    • Freckles

      Whoops, great minds…

    • Robyn

      Just what I thought. I saw this and started singing “love, you didn’t do right by me…”

      • Claire

        Plus turquoise earrings! Better and better! Minus Bernardo, though, unfortunately.

    • Sally

      Yes yes yes- my favorite dress of all time! Was lucky enough to meet Clooney once and got to tell her that her “Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me” dress was the definition of sexy for me and she told me she loved how pretty and sexy that dress made her feel. I have carried around a photo of that dress for 40 years – I love that there is a part of fug nation that knows and loves that dress.

      • KatB

        I am in total agreement, I have always thought that is one of the most beautiful, TIMELESS, dresses ever…the kind that makes any woman look fabulous.

  8. Freckles

    Jessica Lange is smokin’ as usual. Angela Bassett is similarly smokin’ in face and bod (those ARMS!) but the dress is not being nice to her girls.

    Emma Roberts is wearing a dress that is very close to being my all-time dream awards show dress – the one I’m going to have recreated for myself when Idris Elba takes me to the GGs next year – Rosemary Clooney’s divine black gown from the scene in White Christmas when she’s singing “Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me” in the night club. I looooove it.

    • BrownEyedBetty

      Freckles! Rosemary Clooney in WC. That’s it! And I too thought that there were several pieces here that would be my dream awards show dress… Jessica’s, Angela’s and Emma’s. Classic and timeless, all three.

  9. SharonCville

    Lily Rabe’s dress would have been SO MUCH BETTER if it had been lined in virtually any color other than nude (or black). Picture it in peacock blue or wine, or a gem tone like sapphire or emerald. Even WHITE would have been an improvement!

    As I tweeted Sunday night, I’ll give Taissa a pass this time because she is only 19, but the time is running out on that style dress for her! It makes her look more like 14.

    •  Jenny

      I’m just so thankful it is lined at all, I am giving her a pass. Because you just know on any one of several other ladies, there would have been all kinds of body parts on display that we didn’t need to see.

    •  Jen S. 2.0

      …she’s NOT 14?! That changes my opinion on that dress drastically. (I don’t watch the show.)

  10. aemom

    Angela Bassett’s dress looks like it has illusion netting across the front. Am I seeing things?

    • Jo

      It looks more like plastic to me than illusion netting and therefore – fug. Also, ouch.

    • mjo

      But those ARMS!!! I can forgive any netting or plastic because of those ARMS!!!!

  11. jean

    I wanted Mirren, Streep, Lange, and Blanchet at the same table. Dish! Lange always seemed too neurotic as a young actress but time has made her so much cooler.

  12. TonyG

    Well done Covenistas! Love all these looks. My faves are Emma and Angela. Angela is so va-va-va voom here!

  13.  HelenBackAgain

    The only one of these that really works well, to my eye, is Lange’s. She’s smokin’.

    Bassett’s is WAY too booby (they look like a butt!); Rabe’s is okay but blah; Roberts is thoroughly overwhelmed by what has to be her aunt’s dress; Paulson’s is okay but blah; Farmiga’s would be great on Quvenzhané Wallis in June; and Sidibe’s is a beautiful fabric but lacks the kind of tailoring she needs to look her best.

    Win: Lange.

  14. EudoraLee

    I don’t care if it’s completely irrational of me, but I wish I could turn back time and force Emma Roberts to don a pair of elbow length gloves à la Lady Mary. Preferably gloves with those silver sparkles that Rosemary Clooney flaunted at Bing Crosby. Am I reaching for the stars here?

  15. sandra

    why is everyone so afraid of color??!

  16. moi

    Emma Roberts for once looks elegant and fresh, rather than in need of a good scrubbing. Such a great look! Jessica Lang can do no wrong. But Sarah Paulson’s dress belongs on a little girl, not a grown woman.

  17. Lori

    I always say that if I woke up tomorrow morning looking like Angela Bassett, you would never be able to get me away from the mirror. Seriously.

    Also, the second I saw Emma, I commented in the live chat that it looked like that dress from White Christmas, which made me automatically looooooooooooove it. (Random fact: My friend’s 4-year-old son told his mom he hated that dress while they were watching White Christmas [kids are weird], so I sent her a picture of Emma’s dress and asked her to run it by him.)

    Gabby always looks like she is having the best time, and I love that. I thought the dress really worked on her.

    I don’t know where Taisa thought she was going, but it doesn’t appear to be the Golden Globes. That is seriously not a Globes dress.

  18. rockwocka

    Sorry, but as a doctor, someone who treats the complications of obesity on a daily basis, I don’t think it’s correct to say that “any” comment about body size is “horrible.” Gabourey seems like a wonderful person, with a great self-esteem, but one could argue that she may fall complacent about the health implications of her weight. Yes, it’s true that a person can be “heavy” and still be healthy, but she clearly does not fall under that category.

    • Jessica

      And this is a website about fashion and celebrity, not people’s health, and we have a hard and fast rule not to talk about celebrities’ weights here. Whether or not Gabourey is complacent about her weight is literally none of our business and it is tremendously off-topic.

    • Joanne

      Well said but your comment will fall on deaf ears here, where everyone else is a medical expert and Gabby is seen as some sort of heroine for normal-sized women. That is NOT normal-sized.

      • NinjaGaiden

        There are, quite literally, hundreds of websites that will allow, nay, gleefully encourage you to comment to your heart’s content about the sizes and flaws of anyone and everyone. Why is it so difficult for you to comport yourself to the clearly and politely stated guidelines for this one?

      • Liz

        Funny how this “health concern” is only ever mentioned on posts about actresses. I have yet to see a post here featuring a large man in which this “concern” is raised. It smacks of sexism and the desire to make women feel as though their bodies are always up for public judgement.

  19. gryt

    Here’s who I’d really like to be friends with: Jessica Lange! Have you ever seen her on a talk show? She’s a blast. And saucy indeed! Yes, I’m totally fangirling, heh.

    PS. Silk velvet is amazing.

  20. Bambi Anne Dear

    How tan is the guy behind Jessica Lange?

  21. Bambi Anne Dear

    And, in simple black, Emma Roberts looks pretty amazing.

  22. Sajorina

    Jessica & Angela look GREAT! Love the color of Jessica’s dress!

    Emma Roberts looks DIVINE! That dress is a knockout, so simple and elegant! Just GORGEOUS! Her skin is perfection and I’m jealous as hell! And those earrings are BEAUTIFUL! One of my favorites! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sarah’s and Taissa’s dresses are LOVELY! They both look AMAZING! Sarah’s styling is spot on! FAB!!!

    Gabourey ROCKS! She’s a beautiful lady and I love her! That picture of her and Taissa makes me smile! I would love to be friends with them!

  23. kate

    Who did Emma Roberts’ dress??? it’s an almost exact replica of the one Rosemary Clooney wore after she got stroppy and left for New York to sing at the Carousel Club in White Christmas. I have coveted that dress since before I knew all the lyrics, which is a LONG time ago.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      This one is Lanvin, but the dramatically broad sweetheart neckline is a thoroughly classic style that you should be able to find pretty readily in general. I mean, you’re probably not going to just walk into Saks and see one, but Any Vintage Shop Near You should know exactly what you’re talking about, and be happy to call you when they get one in.

  24.  Marisa

    I did not like Gaboure’s dress. The fabric looked cheap and was not very forgiving. I saw another photo of the dress and I could see her belly button. I don’t care what your size, if you can see the belly button through the dress, you may want to rethink your choice. She could have chosen so many other dresses that were more flattering for her figure. Shiny, white, and flimsy does not flatter a voluptuous shape. Not sure why everyone loves this look… (note: this comment is not attacking her weight)