Golden Globes Best and Worst:THE RESULTS

Just in time for the SAGs this weekend. Behold, Fug Nation’s Best:

Tina Fey was ALSO Fug Nation’s Best Dressed at the Emmys, giving her two in a row. She and Amy are both nominated for a SAG Award on Sunday — AKA, at Hollywood’s Most Self-Congratulatory Awards Show — and I hope they really fight it out. You’ve got a winning streak on the line, Fey. If Amy takes it this week, you’ll be tied. CAN YOUR FRIENDSHIP WITHSTAND THE PRESSURE?

And also, our worst:

Speaking of withstanding the pressure, MY EYES CANT.

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Comments (14):

  1. lemoineau

    Does that dress have “Property of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center” stamped on it somewhere? Is hospital chic a thing?

    • Orange Clouds

      Yes, it looks like she just escaped from the hospital ward and decided to turn up at an awards show.

  2. lindaD

    This is like what I wore for my last mammogram. I don’t even mean one like it — I think this is the exact one.

  3. Lisa

    I voted for Guliana whatever for worst dress. I find Amanda Pete’ dress so ridiculous, it’s funny. Gyno chic.

    • Sylvia

      Thank you. At least Amanda made me laugh. She obviously looks miserable and I’ll assume she’s learned her lesson. But Giuliana smiled and posed. She looked at that dress and said “yes, I’ll wear THAT to the Globes. I’ll interview Intern George in this.” It makes me very stabby.

  4. Garbo

    Some people borrow dresses from Valentino; she gets hers from Merck. What she needed was a purse shaped like a little bedpan or an IV bag.

  5. Sajorina

    This were not my choices for best & worst, but DAMN, Tina & Amy BROUGHT IT on the Red Carpet & stage… They were 2 of my favorites of the night and they deserve it! Congrats!!!

  6. Kristen from MA

    I didn’t vote for Peet because this struck me as similar to Taylor Momsen’s outrageous get-ups: worn purposely to attract attention. Rancic’s dress was truly awful (to match the woman – I can’t stand her!). Berry’s reeked of desperation.

    Yay for Tina and Amy! I heart them both.

  7. lindaD

    I have to say, if Tina and Amy can pull awesomeness off a minimum of THREE COMPLETE CHANGES, I think it should allow no excused fug for anyone from now on.

  8. Tiffany

    Yay!!! I wanted to vote for the Tina non-red carpet dress, but I didn’t see it on the list so I voted for someone else. So glad to see that even despite my stupidity, that they still won!

  9. Hima

    Can someone please tell me what color Tina’s amazing dress is? I kept calling it blue, but everyone keeps saying it’s green. Am I color blind? I never knew.

  10. Sophia Loren

    I know I already commented on Amy’s hair and I’m the only one who cares, but I love it AGAIN. I just realized that she found a hairstyle that worked with both ensembles! Brilliant! And many hairstyles would have made the deep red dress look too Star Treky . . .