Glastonbury Fugs and Fabs

Glastonbury is, to me, Coachella with wellies. And, at least in 2013, a hundred percent more human dinosaurs.

[Photos: WENN, Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Alma

    BENEDICT! Smoking a cigarette?!! Next to a Robert Pattinson-Jared Leto hybrid?? My heart is broken

    • Annie E

      Same, plus he is wearing SHORTS with a SCARF. I wish I could unsee that photo.

      • Sandra

        Yeah, that should never happen. Even in England, where the weather is notoriously fickle.

        • Jessica

          Yes! I think this has been said before but it is EITHER warm enough for shorts OR cold enough to need a scarf. It can’t be both.

      • Karen G

        Ah, I still think he looks great!

    • Maria L.

      I have just come to the sobering realization that I never actually wanted to see Sherlock’s legs. They aren’t bad legs, I just don’t want to see them.

    • Mo

      Plus isn’t this photo proof that not everybody is hotter in sunglasses? Hiding the cheekbones!

    • Jules

      I’m actually quite impressed that ol’ BC managed to find someone who is essentially male ’90s style condensed into a single form. He looks so put-together in comparison!

    • ChaChaHeels

      He looks like my neighbour, only much more confused.

  2. CakesOnAPlane

    There’s a weird trick of the eye thing going on in the third Sienna Miller picture – her purse strap matches the color of the background between her and Tom’s legs, so it kind of looks as if her arm is detached from her body.

    I am kind of in love with FloWel in both the second and third pictures. She really looks awesome in a good pair of jeans.

    I have nothing new to say about the Dinosaur Body Diaper Stage Schtick. It’s so tired by now.

  3. mary lou bethune

    That last one is a doozie… who would even listen to her or Ora – you would just have to gape and then laugh and drink a Stella- or whatever Sienna’s bf is not drinking. He is a serious self regarder, isn’t he?
    But Cumberdoodle looks pretty cute no matter what.

    • Sarah

      Actually we did go see Rita. Her set was great and the dress moved fabulously as stage clothes. She looked great from the crowd.

  4.  Billie

    Solange’s hair looks HEAVY.

    • justine

      It does! It’s like she took Denise Huxtable and turned her up to an 11 (including the harlequin pants).

    • Deborah Stultz

      I really really miss her old hair. I loved that afro halo so much!

      • HelenBackAgain

        I almost wonder if some frenemy got jealous of how startlingly beautiful Solange was with the natural, and convinced her she’d be even more fabulous in ridiculously long braids.

      • Shanti

        Me, too! Came here to make that exact same comment.

  5. maryse

    i am just jealous that it’s cool enough there to wear jackets and scarves as i sweat my ass off here in crazy high humidity.

  6.  TaraMisu

    So…. I noticed the sun making an appearance in some of those pics. Glastonbury is notoriously wet, yes? Yay for the attendees :D

    Flo looks fabulous I think…. I couldn’t wear anything she owns but she makes it all work.

  7. Amalia

    FloWe’s floral mini look isn’t just good on her relative scale, it is GREAT. She looks, well, so put together that I almost can’t believe it’s her. (Maybe the sunglasses fooled your photo service? Is it actually Jessica Chastain under the shades?)

    •  Sarah

      I want that dress right now to wear this weekend.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Florence looks terrific here. And, for once, also age-appropriate! Maybe she’s finally shedding that tendency to dress like she’s in her 40s.

      She could go up a size in the jeans though. They look good, very sexy on her, but also uncomfortable.

  8. Other Emily

    I ALSO want to gleefully stroke Chris O’Dowd’s beard. Or any part of him, really. So charming and adorable. Florence Welch is basically a goddess.

    • Erin

      I love Chris O’Dowd. In case you haven’t, check out his recent appearance on Graham Norton with Kristin Wiig and Steve Carrel — HILARIOUS!!

      • jean

        I love that he squatted down so they could look eye to eye. There’s something sweet about a tall guy doing that. And those seemed like genuine smiles, like they’ve been friends for a long time which is nice (I mean, I guess they could have been friends for a long time and given she’s stroking his beard in such a friendly way, I will assume they are good friends).

        He’s got a wedding ring :^(

  9. Kate

    I covet Florence Welch’s cognac boots. COVET.

  10. Ponytail

    When you mentioned dinosaur, I thought we were going to get two Cumberbatch pics. How could you not include the Instagram one where he’s wearing a dinosaur hat ? Consensus seems to be he was probably enjoying a little bit too much of the Glastonbury ‘air’ when he wore that.

  11. Jo

    Heartache and pain, but a tiny bit of relief at the same time: Benny isn’t freaking PERFECT after all.

  12. Goldfish

    I don’t know, this is too much like a mash-up of my eighties era prom and a renaissance fair. I’m out.

  13. Vi

    Florence Welch is awesome! I covet everything she is wearing, especially those gorgeous boots!

  14. Katie

    With the exception of the hair-coat, I think Florence Welch looks fantastic. The second outfit, in particular, is just fantastic. Those boots! I want them in my closet! And that jacket in the third picture is just fantastic. I would buy that jacket and only wear it a few times but I would take it out occasionally and look at it lovingly.

  15. Miranda

    Solange wore what appears to be skirted overalls and a weave from the ’1990s Erykah Badu’ Collection. I love me some Solange, but I cannot give these a pass.

  16. Rose

    Florence. Florals. Actually looking like a normal human being (I’m pretending that ridiculous coat does not exist). Overall, a win for her.

    Carey Mulligan also gets points for pulling off the “I am only here because my husband’s band is performing” look.

  17. HelenBackAgain

    It’s like Azealia Banks woke up one day and thought, “Hey, what if GWAR were Muppets?”

  18. Megan

    Jurassic Snark! Brilliant!

  19. Diane

    Nobody’s going to call him Benedict Crumbleflops for wearing flip-flops? I thought the British were staunchly anti-flop, at least in public? I, also, have come to the realization that I didn’t really ever want to see Benedict’s feet.

  20. HelenBackAgain

    Cumberbatch looks fine to me – it’s a casual outdoor event, right? This is just what normal (by which I mean, non-famous) people wear. I’m totally okay with a Famous Person wearing non-famous-person clothing.

    The flip-flops do concern me a little, but not as a fashion item; rather, because he’s surrounded by all those boots and it surely got crowded. Seems like a real “Ow, man, that’s my TOE you’re standing on!” kind of risk.

  21. Milly

    But you are already fabulous!

  22.  I Pick Pretty

    Since you Ladies Fug have such a talent for covering festival freakytude, might I suggest you also cover Austin City Limits this fall? Sub in cowboy boots for wellies with a dash of Coachella and you have the basic, hipster-haven idea.

    (slightly more on topic: you had me at “Bendywinks Crumblethong”.)

    • jean

      What I love is that you two know they were called thongs once instead of flip-flops. I referred to flip-flops as thongs the other day and shocked a teenager. I said “nice thongs” looking at her feet and she was startled.

      And I agree that scarf AND shorts seems a bit off, but his hair is pretty awesome and reliable.

  23. Sajorina

    I like everything Sienna and Florence are wearing! They look AWESOME!