Fugtalia Tena

Natalia Tena here plays Tonks in the Harry Potter films, a character who — like or dislike her in the books, and I get the sense most people fall in the latter camp even though I fall into the former — is either unlikable or a total afterthought on screen. It’s a bummer. I don’t know that it’s Tena’s fault, but I do think she is not helping her cause here.

Convincing me that Tonks runs a rodeo-themed wedding chapel in Vegas is not making me want to see more of her. … Wait, shoot, that’s a lie, it IS making me want to see more of her. Damn her wizard tricks!

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  1. Annie

    I have nothing against her in the books but she is a total snooze in the movies, whether or not that is her fault.

    Whoever did her makeup ought to be sacked.

  2. shay

    But what is she standing in from of?!

  3. shay

    damn it. *front

  4. Sandra

    That…..hair…is just……oh, please God, make it go away! The outfit and the makeup are doing her no favors either. She looks like she’s running a rodeo-themed wedding chapel that runs special offers for Cruella DeVille impersonators.

  5. Lina

    Oh, heavens. This is more-or-less appropriate bridal wear in certain parts of the US. Like, for actual rodeo weddings. It is so brain-breaking to see anyone wearing it outside of that context.

  6. val.

    This is so bad it has to be a joke, right? Right?

    The hair, the makeup, the dress, the boots… well actually I quite like the boots but NOT WITH THAT DRESS.

  7. Minoli

    She looks like old school Tori Spelling.

  8. Noire

    Tonks is AMAZING in the books.

    I think the dress is cute! But I’m a huge sucker for lace. The boots, the hair, and the makeup are GOD AWFUL.

  9. Rachel

    I sort of really like that dress. Maybe all in black?

  10. Willow

    Tonks was amazing in the books and was one of my favourite minor characters, however “Movie Tonks” hardly even registers on the radar of characters I care about, it’s a pity they made her such an extremely minor part because she is quite important in the last book, which must be frustrating.

    This dress however, maybe on someone a little younger and in a colour, blue? Yellow? anything but white.

    And no cowboy boots.

  11. Jessica

    I am neutral on Tonks in the books — I don’t dislike her at all, but I don’t really CARE as much as I do about everyone else — but I really find her irritating in the movie. I’m not sure why.

  12. Peggy

    Dear Natalia. Fire your makeup artist. Your face should never be 4 shades lighter than your body. Especially not with a visible line where one meets the other. You look like a bad photoshop treatment of yourself. Did someone take your face and put it on this bad outfit?

  13. Kate

    With all the colour matching foundation “technology” these days, how do people still end up with the over-powdered face look?

  14. cstiddy

    Keep it up, Tonks, and you’re looking at Fug Madness 2012.

  15. funderpants

    The dress is all” Nymphadora” and those ghastly shoes are all “Honkey-Tonks.” Yeowch.

    I had no idea I was in the minority of Tonks-lovers! I love this actress, too, especially in About a Boy. If we could see her in About a Great Outfit, though, I’d stand up and give a big ‘ole yee-haw.

  16. Amanda

    I can’t think of anything to say except Holy Sh1t!

  17. vandalfan

    (Oh, funderpants, you clever wag!) Remove and burn the boots, make the dress any color, even a print, add some bling, and fix her makeup. Her face is so off-colored it almost seems photoshopped here. The movies, of course, must edit, edit, edit, and poor Nymphadora gets barely a nod on screen, like Sir Nicholas, and so many others.

  18. Anna

    Another (book) Nymphadora fan. But I am not a fan of those boots.

  19. Phoebe

    I didn’t realize people didn’t like her! What’s wrong with Tonks??

  20. erin

    I liked Tena in “About A Boy”. But she’s not right for Tonks.

  21. yeahandalso

    I find her mildly annoying in the books, but not a huge problem. In the movie she is just kinda useless. I think she is only there so people don’t think Remus and Serius are a couple, cause seriously how cute would they be together?

  22. Julia

    How can anyone dislike Tonks? In the books, that is. On film… well, actually, she’s almost never actually on film.

    And although the dress is cute, in a twee sort of way, the rest of it… ::sigh::

  23. Meredith

    People don’t like Tonks? Who doesn’t like Tonks? I love her! In the books. I always kind of forget that she’s in the movies. And I never realized that she was in About a Boy. I love that movie.

    Anywho, yeah, that’s really strange. Although I would have loved those boots when I was about 10, when I went through my cowboy phase.

  24. Noire

    Remus and Sirius would be the best couple ever.

  25. zut

    Count me among those mystified by the assertion that most people don’t like book-Tonks! I need to see some hard data here ;) Movie-Tonks is useless. Natalia here needs to hoist that dress up, donate those boots to the Lone-Star School for Wizards and Cowhands, and maybe aim a brief Cruciatus blast at her stylist.

  26. annie boomer

    Is that not this 1980′s prom dress that she shortened and added a black sash…


  27. JK

    I liked the character in the books when she was introduced, but then she got all mopey and love-weepy instead of butt-kicking and I lost interest. The movies? An absolute waste of the actress’s talent. This outfit? Also not doing her a bit of good.

  28. Jo

    I love Tonks! Who doesn’t?? And I never ever ever forgive or forget JKR for brushing her aside in the book 7 final.

  29. Jo

    Having said that, those boots and that hair stylist, they all have to go.

  30. Dillypoo

    I love Tonks in the books and always picture Scarlett from Four Weddings and a Funeral as the perfect movie Tonks.

    The boots are the best part of this disaster.

  31. miwome

    I looove Tonks in the books and find her movie version completely boring, which then turns into completely annoying because I wanted her to be lovable. Not boring. And then there she is, boring me like an annoying chump.

  32. LemonFresh

    I love Tonks. I really really do. I don’t care at all about her in the movies, but they butcher an awful lot of things in those movies so I can’t get too worked up about it.

    But in the books, I love Tonks so much. Even when she’s all inexplicably emo in Book 6.

    This outfit… bleargh.

  33. Rose

    Another for the “Who doesn’t like Tonks?” category here. I also agree that Natalia basically got to play the role of “Auror No. 3″ and not much else in the movies, so I don’t have anything against her. Her makeup in this picture, however, is killing me. Not even the dress/boots are bothering me as much as that is. She could be wearing The Greatest Dress of All Time, and I wouldn’t care because I’d still be giving her face the Goggly Eye of Confusion (Too Many Capital Letters, Not Funny Anymore).

  34. Cathleen

    This is the picture they should use in the dictionary to illustrate “Scrolldown Fugs”.

  35. LYNN

    Tonks should whip out her wand and give herslef a Banishing Charm on that entire look.

  36. Kristen

    People dislike Tonks? :(

  37. Mary

    Oh honey. There are some of us (and maybe we live in Texas) who still think boots and a cute little skirt can be a fun look. You are not helping our cause.

  38. holly

    I have that dress in mint green (Betsey Johnson Tea Party Evening Dress.) With better hair, makeup, & accessories it’s really cute!

  39. novadame

    I liked her in the books, though not with great affection or anything. I think this is one of the only poor casting choices made in the film adaptations. And I guess if they’re allowed one poor casting choice, I’d rather it be on Tonks than any of the other main or featured characters.

  40. Jennie-Suz

    My biggest complaint about Book Tonks vs. Movie Tonks is that Book Tonks seems to be fun, generally carefree, is admittedly clumsy, and energetic. Movie Tonks is mannish, aggressive, and a complete afterthought in both execution and how I feel about her.

    My biggest complaint about this outfit is WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF!? I want to like the dress on its own, but I’m both too distracted by the cowboy boots and feel like it would be Rodeo Wedding even on it’s own.