Fugsip Girl

These pants are giving me a flashback to The Gap from, like, 1996.

The waist is so high it would fail a drug test, she is in danger of being haunted by a polterwang, and there’s so much fabric, it looks like she was wearing a miniskirt that took HGH and grew itself some slacks. I hope ALL of those factor into the show next season. Maybe Blair invents a time-traveling stretch limo that runs on acai berries and spite.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Molly

    Oh sweet cracker sandwich NO.

  2. Emily

    I really like the top, but those pants are just plain sad.

  3. Christian

    “The waist is so high it would fail a drug test” – brilliant.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    “The waist is so high it would fail a drug test.” And once again my coworkers want to know why I’m gasping and chortling and trying to hi-five my monitor. I love you, GFY.

  5. sarah

    Can’t stop laughing…that might have been one of the briefest, wittiest posts I’ve ever read. Thanks for the Monday pick-me-up!

  6. becca

    ditto for me, eliza. holy crap. i can’t stand how funny that is. i must use that immediately. unfortunately, i don’t know when i’ll have the opportunity to use it, since i work with all men and we don’t normally chat about the rise on one’s pantaloons at lunchtime. instead it’s all tits and sports. sigh.

  7. Carol

    These are evocative of what we used to call “Chicago jeans” way back in … 1976! Not 1996!!!!!!!!!

  8. Geemee

    She can wear those pants every day if she NEVER DONS FLIP-FLOPS WITH THEM AGAIN.

  9. Lina

    …the purse is cute?

  10. Amelia

    I second Lina. I adore the purse! It’s the only part of that outfit you’d ever see on Blair Waldorf, who may have sent girls home crying for not wearing pants, but would have exiled them for good if they returned wearing those heinous trousers. Blair Waldorf would appreciate that a small waist (or really any waist) deserves better.

  11. jess

    “The waist is so high it would fail a drug test”


  12. What's The New Black

    I saw another photo of this outfit and then it looked pretty cute (except that the shoes and the super-cute purse didn’t really work together – she was wearing other shoes, pink heels), but I can see now that it’s awful. The other photo must’ve been from a flattering angle or something. Urgh, DISlike.

  13. Eliza Bennett

    @becca–use it about sports! or, perhaps, someone’s rack. Although the thought withers my soul a bit. I didn’t even see the horrible flip flops. I was just trying to figure out why she was wearing my ballet classmate’s leotard from 1997 with my grandpa’s pants. But..flip flops?
    Lawd have MERCY there’s MORE?

  14. amys

    I’ve never seen pants hemmed (?) or cuffed like that. Interesting choice for sure. Like the idea and color of the purse, but everything else is just wrong.

  15. peachpye

    Why is are they dressing her like Mischa Barton?


    And yes, that line about her pants is brilliant and I shall be stealing it post haste.

  16. J

    In her defense, it looks like they pinned up the bottom of the pants so she could wear them with flip flops during off time while shooting GG. Saw a different photo of her in this outfit and she was wearing heels and the pant hem was…regular. It’s like the summertime equivalent of actors wearing parkas and Uggs with fabulous outfits while shooting outside in the winter.

  17. Lina

    WHAT ARE THOSE CUFFS?? I never minded a flattering wide-leg trouser, but this is not that. Not at ALL.

  18. Artist Formerly

    Oh the drab brown colour! and the paunchy over long legs of those pants… Stop they’re hurting my eyes!

  19. amy

    Every time you write “polterwang” I giggle. EVERY TIME.

  20. Jacq

    Those are the world’s most unflattering trousers. Doesn’t she own a mirror?

  21. cachichas

    You guys are funny. I love this. I would wear this OUT

  22. Bambi Anne Dear


  23. anny

    @Lina – You’re a glass-half-full person, aren’t you? I can tell.
    (But you’re right, it’s an adorable purse!)

  24. vandalfan

    The handbag is very nearly nun-punching-worthy. The pants?… sigh. Maybe if they fit properly and were of heavier fabric?

  25. eandh

    the purse is Valentino – so very, very expensive cutesyness. The tank top looks like something my mother would’ve bought me at Sears in 1983, and the pants are dreadful – there are other pics out there in which you can see more clearly how poorly-fitted they are, the crotch hangs as though the waistband was supposed to be pulled up over her tits.

  26. megan

    Those pants are terrible & in no way go with that top at least wear a cream lace top to some what salvage them!

  27. Faye

    I am having flashbacks to my teenage years living in gap khaki’s – though they could be worse, at least they are not jodpur-esque!

  28. ChaChaHeels

    I’ve seen this photo where she was in full costume, wearing fuscia coloured high platform pumps (which explains the impromptu sloppy cuffs so she can walk in the lame flip flops). I personally think the pants are great but they are styled by a moron here, in particular a moron stylist who cannot find her charge’s correct size (or even tailor them on the spot to fit properly at the crotch). My mother made that top for herself when she was in her 70′s, and always wore it with shorts–and yes, she looked better in it than this girl does here. Also: that bag is so seriously “wrong decade” and “wrong personality” with this outfit that it all looks like an infant playing in grandma’s attic chest.

  29. exquisite red

    “The waist is so high it would fail a drug test.” AHAHA that might be the funniest line I’ve ever read on this site. Love it! (But not the outfit.)

  30. Lyndsay Wheble

    I literally crying with laughter. Bravo, bravo.

  31. sjb33

    Ha, that is straight off the bottom 3 of a Project Runway episode!

  32. Kat

    Oh Leighton, why? It’s like she was wearing her swimsuit and flip-flops and just wanted to run out for a quick errand, but her (very tall) grandfather demanded she cover up… So she stole a pair of his pants just to spite him.

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