Fugsie J

Congratulations to  Jessie J, who will be competing in the Tour de France team this summer as part of Team Hasbro.

Although if she gets the yellow jersey at any point, it will seriously complicate her theme of World’s Easiest Twister Game.

[Photo: WENN]


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  1. Prolixity

    My eyes, MY EYES!

  2. hope

    YES! team hasbro! hilarious!

  3. Sajorina

    OMG, I’m dumbfounded! But, if the dots were diferent colors, her leotard could’ve been the most fun game of Twister ever!

  4. Eleanor

    Since The Voice UK started, I’ve had a lot more patience for Jessie J and her outfits. Even though I’d be horrified by anyone else wearing it, all I can think when I see this is “…she’s delightful.”

  5. Eric

    I think this is actually quite low key. Could be worse. At least there aren’t any florescent highlights or whatnot.

  6. TaraMisu

    Is she wearing…… pantyhose? Cute onsie by the way :D

    • Mair Mair

      I was just about to post EXACTLY the same thing. With the ellipses and everything.

    • anny

      Well, if it’s cold enough for long sleeves, a jacket and boots, it’s probably cold enough to cover her legs with SOMEthing.

      I’m just relieved it’s in the traditional hosiery position and not on her left elbow or right hip or something.

  7. dkc1123

    It looks her vajayjay is leaking oil — she might be a quart low. Ewwwww.

    • Christian

      Yeah, why does she hate her crotch so much? She also seems to hate her face – her makeup constantly belies the fact that she’s only 24.

    • Sandra

      That is a particularly unfortunate effect. I suppose her mirror has long since given up trying to tell her anything about her clothes.

  8. Rebecca

    Shes’ crazy, but at least she’s fun. She’s not trying to make a political statement with her pantyhose or something.

    Sidenote: I think she’s pretty, but she is so much prettier when her hair is not in that bob with the sever bangs. That cut does nothing for her.

  9. Cathy

    Already starting her run for Fug Madness ’13!

  10. Lina

    She’s completely growing on me. I mean, it’s a polka-dot onesie, and yet she’s kind of adorable. Clearly it must be Stockholm syndrome.

  11. Rachel

    The polka dot jersey means she’s leading the King of the Mountain competition in le Tour.

  12. Amanda

    This is straight off of a dancer from Club MTV. Wow, the 90′s are coming back in a big way. I’m officially old.

  13. TonyG

    “World’s easiest Twister game” ::snicker snicker::

    Using the phrase “world’s easiest” with its potential sexual double-entendre possibilities, my thoughts went right to the gutter.

  14. teekay

    I’m pretty sure she defected to team Cruella deVille

  15. Darren

    This woman is supposedly a year younger than me and I REFUSE to believe it.

  16. kroozle

    Why is Eartha Kitt wearing polka-dot spandex?

  17. corriner

    The polka-dot pattern combination at her crotch is shaped like a tiny penis… is anyone else seeing that?

  18. ohmygodGO

    Is this a Stella McCartney creation? It reminds me of her dress that keeps showing up.

  19. Kris M

    But the nylons! She’s totally channelling the Duchess…

  20. Charlotte

    Every time I see a picture of Jessie J, I initially thinks she’s someone else. Fergie. Katy Perry. Katie Price. Or, in this case, Cyndi Lauper. Are we sure she’s a real person and not just a piece of performance art put on by one – or all four – of the aforementioned ladies?

  21. xoceles


    I was scrolling through GFY entries from top to bottom and sometime while reading the Claire Danes entry, my mind must’ve wandered off to the current “Women In TV” Vanity Fair cover. So just by association, when I scrolled down to this entry I momentarily mistook this for Juliana Margulies.

  22. ccm800

    how OLD is she? She looks like a worked on fifty year old here.

  23. vandalfan

    Darn weird, but I like the fun vibe I get from her, like Katy Perry or Minaj or CeeLo. Unlike pretentious Gaga.

  24. racheldreadful

    why are the young stars all wearing flesh colored pantyhose? It has to be the most
    unattractive item ever invented! It is grandma-ish on anyone wearing them and totally
    depresses me. There are so many more interesting choices to make for your legs..
    pants being one of them.

  25. Ariadne Elise

    I bet that’s a Mondo Guerra original she’s wearing– and I say this with love, as I ♥ Mondo.

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