I am personally in the middle of a Claire Danes moment:

I don’t mean that I’m currently dressed like Melanie Mayron on thirtysomething where she’s being all 80s “Artsy” where “Artsy” actually equals “freaked out about never meeting any decent dudes and secretly kind of dowdy,” a la the actual Claire Danes here. Well. I presume Claire Danes is fine on the dudes front, being married and all, but you know what I mean: this is all 80s “Artsy” meets “wine bag,” and she should be better than that. Parenthetically, I would like to thank Bravo for running all of thirtysomething in syndication in 2001, when I was unemployed and could watch a show every day at 3pm, which is how I saw it all as an adult. (I am old, but I’m not quite as old as you sometimes might think I am.) Because this was 2001 and you couldn’t pause live TV — basically, we were all Amish — this led to people calling me to chat and me saying things like, “I can’t talk Nancy has cancer” and slamming down the phone. This may have kept me from going crazy. No, what I mean is that I LOVE Claire Danes now, mostly because she’s SO AWESOME in Homeland, and also because she told ASOS that she doesn’t even buy jeans anymore unless they feel like sweats and I (a) kind of feel her and (b) really hopes this means I eventually get to feature her wearing Pajama Jeans on GFY. Perhaps a step up from this mish-mosh? I’m just saying.

Although maybe said mish-mosh is a subliminal message to her old My So-Called Life bosses Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick to REMAKE thirtysomething (ALSO their work, this is like THE CIRCLE OF LIFE up in here) and give her the Mayron role. YES. YES, that’s it. She can handle two TV shows a year, right? SOMEONE GET SOMEONE ON THE PHONE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.