Fugs, Fabs, and Fines: Various Fruitvale Station screenings

First of all, I am really looking forward to seeing this movie; I’ve heard it’s fantastic. Second, can we just talk about how I want all the good things in the universe for Michael B. Jordan? He has a quality that makes him innately sympathetic in EVERYTHING from All My Children to Friday Night Lights. I spent all of FNL — where, Hart of Dixie fans, if you haven’t seen it, Mayor Lavon Hayes played his SUPER TERRIBLE father — wanting to hug him. He didn’t have to do anything. Every time I saw his face, I just wanted to run up to him and hug him. (Finding actors with this quality must be a Jason Katims specialty because I also felt this way about Matt Lauria and Zach Gilford.) It does not hurt that he wears a suit very well. Let’s ogle him (and other people)!

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  1.  Carolina Girl

    If Octavia Spencer can somehow manage to wrangle her rack without shoving them under her chin, why can’t Christina Hendricks?

  2. TonyG

    Octavia has an excellent tailor. Be the dress loose or tight-fitting, she she almost always looks great.

    Hire tailors people!

    • Emily

      I totally agree. She’s wearing a variety of shapes here so mixing it up but she’s doing it well. They all fit beautifully so that even the looser Gatsby-esque dress still demonstrates that she has shape and she looks stylish.

      • HelenBackAgain

        YES. If someone described that dress to me, then said, “Octavia Spencer,” I’d think, “Oh, no, that isn’t going to work.” And I’d be totally wrong, because her tailor is a genius, or possibly God, and she looks great in it.

    • Gigi

      Yes! And Melissa McCarthy needs to get in touch with Octavia’s tailor and stylist, both! Maybe if MM goes with Christina Hendricks, she’ll get a two-fer discount. C’mon, ladies, Octavia shows us how curves can look sharp!

    • Lucasta

      YES YES YES. She is literally and consistently the best dressed woman over a size 6 in all of Hollywood. I just…why is Fug Nation not in charge of these things? How is it possible that Hendricks, McCarthy etc don’t see Octavia and DEMAND her stylist/tailor?

  3. Kristan

    Ditto your feelings on Michael B. Jordan. And Matt Lauria (who I first saw on Lipstick Jungle — what a different role!!) and Zach Gilford, for that matter.

    • Annie E

      Seriously. Jason Katims doesn’t shy away from casting manly men who can cry and be sensitive. And then Michael B. Jordan on the Wire… sob

  4. KLeewrite

    If you like Michael B. Jordan and haven’t seen the first season of “The Wire,” oh my God, watch it right now.. He is so heartbreaking. Great to see he’s grown up so well.

    • Emily

      He was also the best thing on Parenthood. He sells every role.

    • LMS

      Yes! Was just about to say the same thing. Oh Wallace…

    • NIcole

      Oh, Wallace — you’re so right. When it became clear what was going to happen that first season, I almost wanted to do that Friends thing where I put the offending tragic novel/movie in the freezer and then proceeded to pretend that the show ended right there with something happier happening…but then I watched anyway and was shattered for days. Michael B Jordan has such star quality and huggability — I remember even from his All My Children days, there was just that Thing where you wanted him to do well because of his talent and charm.

    • Claire


      Still not over it.

      • Petrova Fossil

        Oh my gosh we still say that all the time. One of the most heartbreaking (fictional) moments ever

  5. ortenzia

    This could be groundbreaking – Jason Katims has the first known superhero power, the ability to find and create the huggable people/characters, because it’s sooo true.

  6.  Mia

    I love Octavia’s black and white number, and I also love her bangs!

  7. qwertygirl

    Why was Ahna barefoot? I mean, I guess she’s on a boat and whatnot, but it seems to me at a fancy party, one wears shoes.

    • Laurie

      yes, SHOES! it’s gross to go barefoot generally, but especially at a fancy party. I really hope she wore them on the gangplank onto the boat.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I think she – and some of the other women, check out the background – may have been unused to being on the water and had to remove their heels, not having realized you can’t wear those on a boat in the first place.

      • qwertygirl

        I looked back and there were several women who seemed to have read the invitation as, “footwear optional.” Or as HelenBackAgain says, maybe because the alternative was falling over. Or constantly getting a heel stuck in those grooves all night, which would get old very fast (not to mention ruining one’s heels) Still, maybe next time she should tuck a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats in her minaudière.

        • HelenBackAgain

          Yosi Samra makes some super-cute foldable flats, too. Definitely a good thing to have handy!

    • Karen

      I was wondering about Ahna’s shoes, too, but then I developed a theory, based in great part on the color of our dress: she was wearing a pair of giant nude platform pumps, and wasn’t prepared to get fugged over them.

      • Karen

        Ugh. HER dress. HER dress. Not our dress. I do not own that dress.

        • qwertygirl

          I actually toyed with the same theory–that maybe they were giant lucite pumps that I just couldn’t see. Like Wonder Woman’s invisible plane where it always just looked like she was cruising along doing wall sits in midair.

          • DubaiMom

            Actually, most yacht owners will not allow you to wear heels on deck. Ideally, you should be wearing boat shoes, white rubber soles. High heels will massacre a teak deck. After a party like this one, the whole deck would have to be ripped out and a new one installed. Usually, there’s a place to stow your heels when you get on board.

  8. Claire1

    I kind of love that Ahna took her shoes off….only because I can imagine that if I were on a yacht I wouldn’t be all that excited to be wearing stilts either…
    Then again, if I knew I was going to be on a boat ( even a huge fancy one that doesn’t move all that much) I’d probably make it my mission to wear something I could wear with flats.
    I ESPECIALLY love that she’s on tip toe so you can see how the dress is SUPPOSED to look with the right shows….that’s some quick fashion thinking there!

    As for Octavia…. the woman is fabulous even when she’s not Octavia Fabulous.

    • Claire1

      shoes….not shows ( I always do that!)

    • Sajorina

      But everybody’s got their shoes off! Look at others in the pictures!

      • Soop

        Looks like a lot of the women are shoeless. Probably had to take them off to avoid destroying the hardwood. High heels are really destructive to hardwood.

        • Julia

          Yeah, my dad would have been livid if anyone tried to wear high heels on board his boat. The teak deck that he lovingly maintained would have been trashed by stilletos.

          There’s a reason for the word “boat shoes” – soft soles don’t damage the boat. Hard ones do.

  9. Sajorina

    I am not complaining… Except for Patina, everybody looks from GOOD to FAB here! The men especially look pretty DAMN great! Plus, if I’m going to a party and they tell me that everyone must take off their shoes, I’d say “If the servers can wear their shoes, I’m wearing mine”! And if they insist, I’d leave!

  10. Abby

    Two things:

    1. The very first thing I ever read about this movie talked a little about Hot Ryan Coogler’s journey of how it got made and all, and mentioned that he was a USC film student. I’m an annoyingly pro-USC lady, so I cheer for this movie (which thankfully looks great!) just for that. So my question to you, GFY Jessica the Bruin: are you excited about this movie in spite of that? I feel silly asking this because it shouldn’t matter, but I personally definitely am MORE excited about seeing it because he’s a Trojan! :)

    2. I try to keep my grammar correction in check, because seriously, typos are not that big of a deal in life. But this is actually an interesting gendered-language thing: in slide 9, you refer to the women by their first names, and the man by his last. This is often a totally ingrained thing that we all, even professional writers, do — tied to how men get to be super official and formal when they’re mentioned in media, whereas women are often portrayed as more personable, likable, and casual. To be more consistent and fair, it’s best to pick one (all first names or all last names) and go with it for everyone. Hope that wasn’t too pedantic. :)

    • Jessica

      Thanks, that’s a good note. I actually often switch back and forth with both men AND women, and then have to go back and fix them to be consistent (as in fact I did on this post when I wrote it last night — I called Spencer “Octavia” because I think I feel that I “know” her more, but went back and changed them all, but missed at least this one). I’m sure you’re correct that I do that more often than just this time, though, which is something to be mindful of.

      I could not care less that Ryan Coogler went to ‘SC, just as I am sure many many SC Film School students don’t care that, say, Francis Ford Coppola is a Bruin. My animosity is primarily sports related. :)

      • Abby

        The last-name/first-name mixing definitely isn’t something I’ve noticed you (either of you!) doing consistently. Just something that struck me on that one slide, so I thought I’d mention it, since it’s an interesting phenomenon that even heavily-edited (am I being overly optimistic?) news outlets fall victim to.

        I’d like to say I keep it sports-related only during the season? But no college sports are on right now! :)

  11.  Julia

    Looking dapper indeed! Love Michael :) heck, I love just about everyone from FNL because it’s the best show ever.

    As an aside, I just realized that Cress Williams is a far better actor than I have been giving him credit for. He was magnificently, believably a terrible person in FNL but is just as believably affable and kind in HoD. The roles couldn’t be much different but he sold them both.

  12. Beth

    Michael B. Jordan (and oh my word, YES on Friday Night Lights and The Wire) should be the role model for the rest of young male Hollywood on how to dress for these functions. Not grunge, not gangster, and not, for the love of all that’s holy, like you just – literally – rolled out of bed, hungover on a Saturday morning. THE REST OF YOU LOOK LIKE FOOLS!

    Ahem. Carry on, young Michael. Carry on.

  13. Princess Buwwercwup

    I love the pattern on Octavia’s first dress and I think she looks great, but a different neckline that didn’t go up so high would have looked better on her. God bless her for looking so great in all her outfits; she gives hope to the rest of us ladies with bountiful assets.

  14. HelenBackAgain

    I like the Clip Art thing on Melonie Diaz.

  15. Tiffany

    “I want all the good things in the universe for Michael B. Jordan? He has a quality that makes him innately sympathetic in EVERYTHING”

    OMG, I thought it was just me! There is something very huggable about him…which is why I am terrified to see this movie.

  16.  Noodle

    Something about the combination of Octavia Spencer’s hair and the colour of her dress at Cannes makes her look extra-super dishy. I would like to look like that, please.

    • Ericajeanine

      I was thinking that also. She looks so much younger with her hair down.

  17. CC

    I’m in love with Octavia’s white lace dress with the black scroll-y embroidery/overlay. What a fabulous dress. Anyone know who the designer is?? Also, love Melonie’s black and white “secretary dress.”

    • Ranchole

      It’s Tadashi shoji! I think most of her dresses are his work, and they’re quite affordable, as in only one month’s car payment!

      • Edith

        It’s super-flattering – it’s like those ubiquitous color-blocked dresses with the dark side panels that (theoretically) make it look like you’re really skinny because we only process the center column of color. Only, as it’s lovely scrollwork, it doesn’t scream “I AM USING COLORBLOCKING TO LOOK SKINNIER!!!”

        • Sandra

          Octavia Spencer is my spirit guide to the fashion world. It’s because I saw pictures of her dressed in Tadashi Soji’s designs here at GFY that I was able to find a killer dress that looked good on me for a recent formal event. That I found it at a consignment shop and paid less than $60 for it made the victory that much sweeter.

  18. filmcricket

    Octavia was having Hair Issues in Cannes, but almost everyone except Nicole Kidman and Fan BingBing did, I think, so she can be forgiven. Love all her dresses.

    Add Guy Ritchie to the “Hot Directors” list, at least back in his Lock, Stock days. I don’t know what he’s looking like now.

  19. Jenny V

    I want Octavia Spencer to take Melissa McCarthy aside and give her the name of her stylist and tailor. They are both stunning women and Octavia always looks amazing, but Melissa could use so much help with her red carpet looks.

  20. Kelsey

    So, I just went to check out this movie on IMDB…AND CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY IS IN IT. WHAT THE WHAT?!?! Sorry, that just felt like it had to be expressed in all caps…

  21. mary lou bethune

    Octavia S is ab fab! She looks lovely and that arm candy she ‘s got is too.

  22. Evangeline

    Throw pillow or no throw pillow, I think Octavia looks great – in every outfit. Plus she seems like she’d be awesome to know in real life.

    Michael B. Jordan – hot damn, come to mama!

  23. googler

    I feel like Melonie looks like a cross between Selena Gomez and Hayley Atwell.

  24. jenelope

    I love how chic Octavia Spencer looks with her hair pulled back, but I never realized how sexy she looks with her hair tousled and loose. Her Cannes “Gatsby” dress is a stand-out look.

  25. Edith

    I love the pic of Melonie on the boat . Something about the angle at which she’s posed, and the way her right arm disappears behind her body combined, and my first impression was that she was holding that hors d’oeuvre platter that’s actually on the table. It completely threw me. “Why is the starlet in the evening gown ALSO acting as cater-waiter?!?”

  26. jean

    I love Octavia. She’s of a certain age and generally dresses appropriately (the Gatsby dress was a bit young in style for her). She always looks pulled together, always! And I covet that first dress. It’s unusual and she wears cap sleeves! As someone who needs to do about 1,000 push-ups before even considering cap-sleeves, she makes it seem possible. She is also proof that good tailors are worth the money, but it also means she takes the time to get fitted. I wonder if some people like Christina Hendricks just try to go with off the rack and obviously she suffers for it despite being stunning.

  27. Sabrina

    I just wanted to say I feel the same way about all the FNL actors. Especially Zach Gilford, even on his most recent shows where he is suppose to be a doctor or something, it’s all ‘oh how cute you reattached that woman’s leg, Matt Saracen, now get over here and let me pinch your cheek.’

    Um, most of these people look very nice.

  28. sarah

    i like that ahna o’reilly seems to be barefoot, and covering for it in the photo by standing on her tiptoes. i hope it’s that, and not that she’s wearing plastic shoes… i’m going to go back and read the comments because i’m sure some intrepid fug national has solved this mystery.

  29. Vandalfan

    Meloooonie? Ahhh-na? My confusion on the “clever” spellings reflect my codger status.

  30. Glenn

    Hot directors: Xavier Dolan, Nash Edgerton (Joel’s brother), Greg McLean, Bennett Miller…

  31. Esme

    That Gatsby look is a rare FAIL for her, I think.

  32. Eli

    I love Michael B. Jordan. He is adorbs. But I am sad that his success means he will prob never come back to Parenthood. Sniff (not that it was likely anyway since Hattie went to college).

    Also I did not watch FNL so how on earth was Mayor Lavon Hayes his father? Aren’t they like 10 years apart? Is this like soap opera parentage?

  33. Eirwen

    As a fellow curvy/busty lady I’ve learned to avoid tight high necklines which makes your boobs look vast covered with acres of fabric. The bust is too tight on ner and could do with being a scooped neckline and just a bit looser. The material looks weird too.

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