Olivia Munn has been doing A LOT of press for The Newsroom, because I think the universe has agreed that she plays the least annoying character on that show and that therefore she might be the only person we could handle shilling for it. I mean, I’m saying that as someone who LIKES Emily Mortimer and Alison Pill, like, theoretically (and also in person, at least that time at Fashion Week we saw Alison Pill getting shit-faced at Chris Benz and talking about sports [after which she accidentally tweeted a topless picture of herself. I seriously might want to be friends with Alison Pill and also she might NEED me]. And the bad news is that she actually has been looking really cute. DAMN IT MUNN. MAKE IT EASIER FOR ME TO CONTINUE TO DISLIKE YOU.

[Photos: Splash, INF, Pacific Coast News]

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