Fugs, Fabs, and Fines of the Winter Whites Gala

In other words, the event where Prince William and Taylor Swift got on stage and sang backup for Bon Jovi on “Livin’ On a Prayer.” YES THAT LINK HAS VIDEO. Taylor proves that she is a human being beyond all reasonable doubt in being unable to resist throwing her fists in the air during that song; William appears to be physically restraining himself to not join her. I truly think that if “Livin’ On a Prayer” were played at my funeral, I would rise from the dead to throw my hands in the air once we got to “OH OH WE’RE HALFWAY THERE!” I will literally crawl out of my grave to gyrate to the chorus of “Livin’ On a Prayer.” Don’t even get me started on what I’ll do for “November Rain.”

Also, celebrities attended! Kate Middleton apparently was home with the baby who AGAIN William says was screaming when he left. William. It’s quite obvious that your child is pissed that he was going to miss Bon Jovi. Don’t be so obtuse.

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  1.  Billie

    Tinie is NOT WEARING SOCKS. Seriously?

    Taylor looks fantastic. Not twee, nor as if she is trying too hard.

  2. Ash

    I saw the clip this morning on the news and squealed with delight! Taylor was totally (and appropriately) nerding out, and Wills, while stiff, was adorable. He is SO not his father, thank god!

    • Mel S.

      Wills’ reaction is so adorable – hands clasped but still singing. Truly, truly endearing. I’m not a Taylor Swift fan but I can still appreciate not being able to keep from singing along to “Livin’ on a Prayer”.

  3. Gine

    Love Taylor’s dress, but I think I’d prefer it without the hip froof. Still beautiful, though.

  4. Tar Heel Gal

    Taylor looks like a very beautiful snow princess in that dress. I saw the video on the news this AM and her arms up-joy made me smile. I have a soft spot for her since she employed my beloved MATT SARACEN #7 in one of her videos. Jessica, “Lying Eyes” by The Eagles is my answer to your “Living on a Prayer” and “November Rain.” I have told DH that one and “Amazing Grace” are my 2 funeral songs…..and this little number by Linda Ronstadt about Friends if he remembers…..”YOU CAN’T HIDE YOUR LYING EYES…AND YOUR SMILEEEEEE IS A THIN DISGUISE” ;)

  5. cath

    Are they the Bon Jovis, or the Bons Jovi? Somehow I want to pluralize it analogously to Attorneys General, Lieutenants Governor, and Mothers-in-Law. Because I am a DORK. Also, possibly, because this post was all about princes and hence and whence, and suddenly my language got all FORMAL.

    • Lynne

      I completely agree. Bons Jovi is clearly correct.

      Taylor looks lovely. Also, while I understand the public’s urge to get all eye-rolly at her perpetual “oh, gosh!” face, I agree that her sunny nature is just damn refreshing. Frankly, I think the girl’s got class. I caught her acceptance of that Super Big Deal Award at the CMAs. She was presented the award by all of the country superstars she opened for when she was starting out. She started her speech by listing everything she had learned from each of them which I thought was a lovely touch. I don’t care if it was contrived. She respects the ones who came before her and I gotta give her credit.

    •  Tagatha

      Since the family name is actually Bongiovi, wouldn’t it be Bongiovis -> Bon Jovis?

    •  SCM

      This just makes me think of the episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai learns it’s ‘culs-de-sac”.

      I miss that show.

  6. Stefanie

    Taylor looks really good. I love the dress. It’s holiday-y without being silly. Say what you will about her, at least we know she’s not going to show up in whipped cream nipple covers and hot pants to meet anyone, let alone royalty.

  7. CaribbeanLaura

    I really like this dress on Tay Tay. which is weird because i usually finds she looks too twee. But this was on point.

    • BrownEyedBetty

      ITA. I’m not a TSwift Fan, BUT….this is glorious. Hair, Makeup, Dress. She totally nailed it.

  8. karen

    As the mother of a fellow screamer, I offer a fist bump to Kate. It’s tough. I picture her at home in her sweats walking & walking that baby – JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!!!! Of course, I don’t have her figure or gorgeous hair, but whatev.

    I really love Taylor’s & Lady Mary’s dresses. Very classy, ladies.

  9.  Angela

    COLIN FIRTH!! That is all.

  10. Lisa

    Taylor looks great. The Bon Jovi family looks adorable. And Colin Firth is perfect.

  11. Gigi

    I feel funny about these particular worlds colliding, and I’m not sure why since Taylor here has dialed back the cornpone and gone dignified princess-adjacent (Southern women should be the poster children for royalty) and despite the group photo with William’s wait-maybe-this-was-a-bad-idea face, the Bon Jovis seem to be having fun without doing something dumb like giving the prince rabbit ears in the shot. Thumbs up everyone.

    Also, in my part time role as Fantasy Casting Director, I have decided that Mr. Darcy and Lady Mary need to be the leads in a two-Kleenex box rom com. And have beautiful babies.

    • Squirrel!

      I’m not sure what you mean by “Southern women should be the poster children for royalty,” but I’ll note that Taylor Swift is from Pennsylvania.

      • Squirrel!

        Clarification: She’s originally from Pennsylvania, about an hour from where I live, which is how I know. :-) Her family relocated to Nashville when she was a young teenager so she could pursue a singing career.

    • Genevieve

      I second the need for a Colin Firth/Michelle Dockery movie. They don’t necessarily need to be love interests, but they just seem like they would make for interesting scene partners.

  12. Sarah

    Taylor looks fantastic and the video is adorable. I feel like Kate is probably bummed she missed the fun but perhaps after the baby went to sleep she passed out from exhaustion. Poor thing. Being a mom is hard work.

    Colin Firth looks amazing as usual, and Lady Mary is gorgeous.

  13. scone

    That video was a delight. William adjusting his bowtie and Taylor doing charades to inform William that they should join in on the “HOOOOOOOLLD ON” section was amazing. (I also couldn’t help but note that Taylor sounds pretty much just like I do when I sing along to “Livin’ On A Prayer” and yet I have not sold billions of albums. She looks REALLY good, though.

  14. Trixibelle

    Jessica, I absolutely lolled at the image of your funeral! The Bons Jovi brought their best hair game (as you’d expect).

    • TiaChocolate

      HAHA – I love that Jessica loves November Rain too. I have requested that it be my wedding entrance song – methinks it’s why Pookie has held off on proposing in the first place. Heh.

  15. BrownEyedBetty

    I love William for just being Human. And I, too, couldn’t help but notice the “wait-maybe-this-was-a-bad-idea” face. Bless him.

  16. Libby

    I’m worried about Colin Firth. Also, why are Lady Mary’s boobs always down near her waist? Don’t they sell supportive brassieres in the UK?

  17. Kat

    “You were everyone’s Prince
    But you were my King
    From the moment you helped me up
    To the stage to sing”

    Yes? No? Needs improvement?

  18. Tiffany

    Taylor’s dress is really, really beautiful. I love that it is sparkly but still elegant. I love the graceful neckline.

  19. amylola

    I just love that Taylor is the fangirl we all would be on that stage. Dancing like it just don’t matter and belting out that song. Sweet.

  20. Rebecca

    As if I wasn’t already jealous enough of Taylor that she’s gotten to see Harry Styles naked (probably), now she gets to sing my all-time favorite song with Bon Jovi?! AND Prince William? Life is so unfair.

    Oh and she does look gorgeous, I love the bit of sparkle without going into sparkly princess territory.

  21. Evalyn

    I am not a Taylor fan, but it’s so refreshing to see a young woman growing up famous without slopping over into Mileyville or Lindsaytown.

    Colin Firth just keeps getting more and more beautiful to behold. Such British posture!

  22. Valerie

    Am I the only one who noticed how much the older Bon Jovi Jr looks like his dad?

  23. Bella

    Taylor’s dress is perfection. The Bons Jovi are delightful and I’m so glad to see his daughter looking great. Colin Firth does not seem to be aging well at all, but Lady Mary is beautiful.

  24. ChristieLea

    Now I can hardly wait for the inevitable tabloid cover which shows T.Swift looking all conniving and sly, under the headline “TAYLOR PLOTS TO STEAL WILLS!” with a sidebar of Kate looking heartbroken.

    Because of course.

  25. sarah

    Imagine if Harry was there though….

    • Melinda

      Heh. Probably why he WASN’T.

    •  Gypsy Danger

      That would make for quite the song on her next album.

    • Lisa

      I was just coming here to comment that in the photo with Wills, it looks like he is ennumerating the reasons that Taylor should date Harry (at least in my imagination).

  26.  HelenBackAgain

    Swift and Dockery are both looking very elegant and lovely here. Well done, ladies!

    The Bons Jovi are adorable, Eliza Doolittle may be making a Fug Madness run (or just the madness part), and I love that unusual bodice on Livia Giuggioli. Also, I think that dress is lined in pale blue, so, bonus points.

  27. Legally_Blonde

    Taylor, so close but NAB.

  28. tigers4us

    “A deranged laundry sheet”. I love it! I’m no fan of Taylor Swift, but she looks beautifully elegant here.

  29. Chris P

    I truly think that if “Livin’ On a Prayer” were played at my funeral, I would rise from the dead to throw my hands in the air once we got to “OH OH WE’RE HALFWAY THERE!” I will literally crawl out of my grave to gyrate to the chorus of “Livin’ On a Prayer.”

    …I didn’t know you were from New Jersey, Jessica.

    (Seriously, I am 95% certain “Livin’ On A Prayer” is our state song. I am also pretty certain this happens at least once a week at every single funeral home in the state.)

  30. Jules

    Livin on a Prayer was on our wedding reception soundtrack. The dance floor was packed. And remember the flashback scene from Charlie’s Angels where Drew is singing it at the top of her lungs? We love that scene because we’ve ALL been there.

  31. Faye

    Taylor looks great. What a cute video. Always nice to see famous people getting lost in the music like us average folk.

    (On a shallow note, I know there’s been a lot of debate about whether Taylor had some, ahem, upper-body augmentation. I think this dress clears up that point. But it was good work, not overdone, so good job on that).

    Happy Thanksgiving, Fug Girls and Fug Nation! I don’t know if anyone besides me on this board is celebrating Chanukah as well, but if so, Happy Chanukah too!

  32. Vi

    Michelle is a classy bi**h, and when she is done with this classy number, she can send it
    my way….:)

  33.  M

    Eliza Doolittle looks completely wasted, like she drank too much and somehow wound herself up in the curtain sheers.

  34. Jenz

    Did anyone notice that Eliza Doolittle is completely standing on her dress? It’s tucked under her shoes.

  35. Claire1

    There’s such a strange irony about Taylor and Wills singing “Living on a Prayer”…I just can’t.
    ( yes I know they do a lot for others…I GET that they are lovely people…it’s still ironic)

    However, she looks great and they seemed to be having so much fun. My girl is one of those sunny people….so Taylor’s surprised/pleased/happy face never bothers me…she reminds me of my teen. ( but I could do with NOT listening to her music…just NOT my thing).

    Doolittle’s hair makes me so Bonham Carter happy.

    If you had not told me that was Firth, I would never have recognized him!! Oh dear! I hope this is for a role or because of a role….I worry.

  36. AlisonC

    I think that the bodis of Taylor’s dress is very similar to the one everyone felt was inappropriate on Jessie J.

  37. Aby

    I heard a radio report that said William was asked about it being unusual that he got up on stage to sing and he replied something along the lines of ‘ It could have been worse I could have got up there and twerked’ Prince William twerking!!!!!!!! I die (and also I bet Harry taught him that!

    • Claire1

      This Thanksgiving I am also thankful for Aby for sharing this wonderful mental image!!

  38. Aurora

    I think “the blue lining” on Livia Giuggioli’s dress is just the satin reflecting the blue carpet. Which makes it a lot less interesting.

  39. CJ

    It’s “Back To December”, not “Last December”. HAHA!

  40. Apollo1023

    I know I’m late to this party, but I just got back from a week in London, where this was on all of the news channels. I have to admit my favorite part was when they were interviewing Taylor on the blue (apparently) carpet, and she asked the reporter to repeat the question and she finally laughed and said, “I have to tell you, I love your accent, but I don’t understand a word you’re saying!” Which is exactly how I felt all week.

    PS – Slightly longer version (http://mashable.com/2013/11/27/prince-william-taylor-swift-bon-jovi/). Love the high-five at the end!

  41. BagLady

    Methinks Colin Firth needs a sandwich, other than that he is perfection…