In other words, the event where Prince William and Taylor Swift got on stage and sang backup for Bon Jovi on “Livin’ On a Prayer.” YES THAT LINK HAS VIDEO. Taylor proves that she is a human being beyond all reasonable doubt in being unable to resist throwing her fists in the air during that song; William appears to be physically restraining himself to not join her. I truly think that if “Livin’ On a Prayer” were played at my funeral, I would rise from the dead to throw my hands in the air once we got to “OH OH WE’RE HALFWAY THERE!” I will literally crawl out of my grave to gyrate to the chorus of “Livin’ On a Prayer.” Don’t even get me started on what I’ll do for “November Rain.”

Also, celebrities attended! Kate Middleton apparently was home with the baby who AGAIN William says was screaming when he left. William. It’s quite obvious that your child is pissed that he was going to miss Bon Jovi. Don’t be so obtuse.

[Photos: Getty]