Fugs and Pieces, September 2 2011


Another week done! And as this is Labor Day weekend in the States — goodbye, summer! — Heather and I will be back posting on the regular Tuesday, September 6th. Until then, please enjoy:

– Look, I know that this Denny’s sandwich — it’s a patty melt with MAC AND CHEESE INSIDE IT — is obviously going to make my heart explode and I don’t want to eat the whole thing, but I HAVE TO HAVE A BITE. The curiosity is KILLING ME. And then the fat will. (Time)

– I can’t believe Jessica Biel got back together with JT AGAIN. AGAIN. It it amazing how boring she manages to be even when her love life is ostensibly kind of drama-filled. THAT takes skills. (Lainey)

– Our friend Sarah Bunting investigates whether Dawson’s Creek stands the test of time. For those of you, like me, who loved her and Tara Ariano’s Dawson’s recaps from the early days of TWoP (or, rather, Mighty Big TV, or, rather, Dawson’s Wrap, or, rather, WE WERE SO YOUNG) this is a particular delight. (NY Mag)

– This is a fascinating piece about the complicated historical preservation efforts around the Taj Mahal. (Smithsonian)

How many of these mega-long novels have you read? I’ve nailed four and a half of them — but there are lots of other mega-long books that didn’t make the list, too. Me, I love a long-ass book. (Flavorwire)

– Speaking of books, this is a cool gallery of 50 that were banned. Don’t ban books, y’all. Seriously. (Stylist)

– Lilo got a new tattoo. Of lyrics to a Billy Joel song. Well, there goes my big plan to get all of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” tattooed on my face. (The AV Club)

– This is so interesting. I’m just going to give you the headline: Bones of Australia‚Äôs Jesse James Are Identified, but His Skull Remains a Fugitive. What follows is fascinating. (New York Times)

PACEY PAPER DOLLS. Need I say more? (Imaginary Men)

Twenty Iconic Male Movie Roles in Which Helen Mirren Would Have Ruled. Need I say more AGAIN? (Monkey See)

100 Years of What to Wear in 100 Seconds: Charming as hell. (The Hairpin)

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Comments (22):

  1. l0nepinemall

    The bones are of Ned Kelly, not Jesse James.

  2. l0nepinemall

    Although I guess the article has it incorrect, not you…

  3. sony_b

    In response to Monkey See (she tweeted it herself this morning) – five roles in which Helen Mirren would have been terrible: http://throwingthings.blogspot.com/2011/08/drawbacks-of-classical-education-i-list.html

  4. Carrie

    Jessica, I loved YOUR DC recaps. I still remember certain lines sometimes when I am watching my DVDs.

  5. Hima

    Ditto to Carrie. Jessica’s recaps allowed me to share in the Pacey love and squee over him and Joey. And they brought me here to GFY! So, yay!

  6. Jessica

    L0nepinemall, it says, “the bones of Australia’s Jesse James.”

    Thanks to those of you who read my DC recaps! They were really fun to write, and I am really grateful that I was asked to take over for the end of the show’s run.

  7. AP

    I am proud to say I’ve read 2 of the books, Atlas Shrugged and Remembrance of Things Past (or, In Search of Lost Time as it was when I read it). I think Infinite Jest is next!

  8. Sara L.

    Oh my gawd, I read all of the Dawson’s Creek recaps on TWOP a couple of years ago, in some kind of crazed marathon. I loved them! So hilarious.

    And the Helen Mirren thing? Genius, sheer genius. I weep when I realize none of these movies will ever happen.

  9. buttercup

    Actually, it’s not the fat in the Denny’s sandwich that’ll kill you, it’s the carbs, vegetable oils, and sugars.

    Hope that makes you feel better. ;)

  10. Sajorina

    I am so having that Denny’s Sandwich… It’ll be the only thing I eat that day, but I have got to try it! YUM!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Squirrel!

    I think the Denny’s Mac ‘n Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt may just bring to life the phrase “Sweet pasta sandwich”!

  12. Jennifer

    I’m so old that I remember you guys from the comments section of Daniel’s epic 90210 recaps. I’m not going to figure out how long ago that was, but I wow, did I look forward to those reviews every week. Good times.

  13. Veronica

    The Helen Mirren article is really great. Though it’s also a mildly offputting reminder of just how few good movie roles are out there for women.

  14. Terre Bowden

    i’m THRILLED that neal stephenson’s ‘cryptonomicon’ was mentioned in the book list. i’ve seriously read it 5 times. guess that means i should get to “war and peace”…

  15. Andrea

    Yay for putting up the Ned Kelly story!

    We Aussies were no slouches when it came to crime that’s for sure, bushrangers (as our version of your old west gunmen were probably closest to) make a fascinating study and it’s easy to waste an afternoon reading about them.

    If anyone outside of Aus is interested also we’re currently showing a series of Underbelly: Razor which is about the crime gangs of Sydney in the 1920s-30s. Interestingly the two biggest operators of crime back then were ladies named Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh. I actually ended up buying the book about them and it’s one of the most interesting things I’ve read in a long time – those were some tough ladies. If you have the time I strongly recommend you check it out!

  16. Nick

    Were new image??? Just 2 sept ???

  17. Ivona Poyntz

    Helen Mirren article was inspiring

  18. Katharine

    Couldn’t LiLo afford someone to calligraph those lyrics for her? Or, at the very least, a tattoo artist who knows how to kern? The only way that tattoo could be uglier is if it were in Comic Sans.

  19. Haidee

    I love your blog so cool funny pun of a name I LOVE IT :)

    Love your blog :)



  20. Lisa D

    That Imaginary Men website is fantastic!!! So many Pacey links. I love how they keep referring to Josh’s Fringe character as Peter and then crossing it out to write Pacey. I never call him Peter Bishop – only Pacey. LOL.

  21. Kris

    I would have added in the last 2 “Song of Ice and Fire” books by George RR Martin on that list of epicly long books. The previous 3 books each clocked in at over 1000 pages, but the last one was so damn long that he split it into two nearly 1000 page books. (A Feast for Crows and A Dance of Dragons) That’s a lot of bodice ripping and disembowling.

  22. Lisa K

    That English ad is adorable if not a terrible reminder that popular fashion has generally sucked since the 60′s.