Fugs and Pieces, January 25 2013

Guess what happens Sunday? The SAG awards — or, as I like to think of them, Hollywood’s most self-congratulatory night! ACTORS AWARDING OTHER ACTORS. Is there any other event more likely to devolve into a chorus of ME ME ME ME MEEEEE? Aw, we kid because we love. Kinda. Regardless, we will be live-blogging the arrivals HERE at GFY on Sunday, beginning at 3pm P/6pm E. Come on by and snark it up with us. Until then:

– Have you checked out this week’s Freaky Fug Friday giveaway? You could win an autographed copy of the newest Jackie Collins novel. Go get creative!

– This is one of my favorite stories of the year to date. A New York Public Library is loaning out an American Girl doll to kids who don’t have one, and it is heart-warming. (New York Times)

What happened to the dudes of Mean Girls? Buzzfeed knows. (Buzzfeed)

– The Duchess Diaries takes a look at the many hats and fascinators of Kate Middleton. (Socialite Life)

– In honor of the inauguration, Smithsonian unearthed — and parses –the menu from Lincoln’s second inaugural ball. It included EIGHT “ornamental pyramides.” (Smithsonian)

– This headline says it all: Katie Price Was Asked If She Was a Porn Star….AT HER OWN WEDDING. I’m sorry. I laughed. (Celebitchy)

– Um, you need to see the cast of Dawson’s Creek in this ancient J Crew catalog that I vaguely remember getting in the mail at the time. (Refinery29)

– I learned from this article that you should NOT get into it with Richard Marx on the internet. (Salon)

– Time asks the same question I’ve been asking: WHY is every actor in the world in Movie 43? EMMA STONE, YOU ARE ABOVE THIS! (Time)

– I assume you guys have seen Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange. (Lainey)

– I love Grub Street’s New York Diet, and this week features the always awesome Rachel Dratch. (Grub Street)

– The Cut examines our obsession with all things Jane Austen and teaches me that Kelly Clarkson is a huge fan. I KNEW I LOVED KELLY. (The Cut)

Heather and I talked to Bullett about blogging — with a bonus shot of us working the Emmys on the hottest day of the year. (Bullett Magazine)


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  1. Sandra

    Awwww, now I want to go to my public library and see if they loan toys to kids. What a great idea!

  2. Sue

    I want to buy the J.Crew catalog for you so that you can then go write captions for every picture. Pure gold.

  3. Kara

    Dude, Mike Faber from Homeland was in Mean Girls??

    • Annie E

      I keep thinking, over and over, just what Buzzfeed wrote: “SHANE. OMAN. IS. MIKE. FROM. HOMELAND.”

  4. Carol

    I can almost swear I got that J Crew catalog too! But that’s impossible. I lived in Australia in the 90′s (otherwise known as the “Decade Where I attempted Both the Big Fringe (i.e. bangs) AND the Pixie Cut”. It did not end well.) – so it must just be wishful thinking =D

    Loved your chit-chat with Bullett Mag! It’s always a treat to see you gals in the flesh – also useful for that fateful day when I accidentally run into you at the mall and shriek at you. Don’t be scared – it will be over soon and I will *probably* come over and say intelligent things. Maybe.

    Anyways – point is – I’ve read you guys for years now and I can’t even remember how I stumbled onto this blog! I just remember all the times I’ve laughed so hard, I’ve had to get up and walk off the side stitches =D I hope you do blog till you’re Fug Hags – because then you can REALLY let it rip cuz that’s what Old Broads do =D


  5. Kalli McQueen

    The American Girl Story brought a tear to my eye, especially since Kirsten was MY first American Girl doll! It was so sweet! My little 9 yr old cousin is obsessed with the dolls too (she has three and we went to the Cafe for her birthday last month), so I’ll have to share this with her and her mom.


  6. Chris P

    “As a gesture of goodwill we are willing to offer her a refund on condition she does not choose our resorts for any future weddings or stays.”

    This may be the best thing I have ever read from a Fugs and Pieces.

    Actually, no, the Library American Girl doll was the best one, but this is definitely up there.

  7. Art Eclectic

    I’m sorta glad that the UK has their own version of Pam Anderson in Katie Price. Every country should have one for the entertainment value.

    Also, Richard Marx has long been known as um….temperamental. It would be wise for him to stay away from social media.

    • Trace

      Don’t insult Pammy – Katie Price is so trashy that she makes her look like Kate Middleton!

  8. Frances

    I was so ready to be eye-rolly about the doll lending, but instead I teared up. I hope Kristen has a safe trip all by herself to the hospital!

  9. Seamyst

    I just let out an “Oh god” when I saw the pic of Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange. He looks like the man… which, considering that I very much dislike Assange and adore Cumberbatch, is making me feel really weird right now.

  10. Frances

    And now I have to comment on Richard Marx. He seems like a fascinating combination of humility and arrogance wrapped up in a ball of insecurity. With a sense of humour to boot. I’m intrigued. Well played, Mr. Marx.

  11. Sally

    LOVED the interview but has it really been almost 9 years? Yowsha! I remember when you had comments, then didn’t (because of nastiness) and then did again (and am grateful to FugNation for keeping it civil because y’all are so much fun.) During the no comment days but after Fugs and Pieces had started, I sent an email saying how much I enjoyed F&P – that it was a glass-of-wine-on-Friday-highlight and was thrilled that Jessica responded within 30 minutes thanking me for following.

    LOVED the image of Jessica LITERALLY juggling the beans.

    DO NOT LOVE that Intern George makes you work while he is fetching chicken soup, tissues and Dayquil when both of you are sick.

    • Nicole

      Yeah! I actually came here to comment, “BUT WHAT ABOUT INTERN GEORGE???!!!”
      I had no idea he was such a disappointing intern.

  12. ellenderavenous

    I’d just like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the link to the Richard Marx story. I’ve had the crappiest day ever, and reading that article whilst listening to “Endless Summer Nights” on YouTube has given me the will to carry on!

  13. fritanga

    I think Stone thought she was starring in another Martin Luther King Day. It’s the only possible explanation.

    I think Cumberbatch looks terrible as Assange – like a cross between a Star Trek Original Series platinum-haired alien and Limahl from Kajagoogoo. His hotness is leeched out in direct proportion to how light his hair goes: super-dark in Sherlock/Star Trek Into Darkness = SUPER HOT; ginger/blond in Parade’s End/Julian Assange biopic = NOT HOT AT ALL.

    Moral of the story: stay away from the peroxide, Ben.

  14. milex

    I adore everything you do

  15. Sajorina

    As a Museology student, I thank you for the article from the Smithsonian… Loved it!

    And, as a “Dawson’s Creek” LOVER, thank you for reminding me of those pictures! I remember when that catalog came out and I didn’t care what they were wearing, I was just happy to see pictures of them having fun! Memories… That pic of the four of them together is my new desktop background!

    I really hope that I get to follow you into your FugHags days… I wouldn’t want it any other way! What you write sometimes is the best part of my day, so THANK YOU! I’ll happily become a Fug Hagtional!

  16. Valentina Bozo

    As much as I like Cumberbatch, I think Assange should have been played by Julian Sands.

  17. Chantel

    Re: Jane Austen. Do you guys watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Because if you love Austen, you should. It’s awesome! It’s a free web series: http://www.youtube.com/user/lizziebennet

    • Lyndsay

      Yes!! I love LBD!! The article on The Cut did not describe it very well, at all.

  18. Alli

    Richard Marx. Such great love songs, but so full of…um, not love. Best lazy Saturday morning Internet dude b!tch fight reading ever.

    Bryan Adams would never.

  19. Miss Louise

    You two, I loved your interview with the Bullet. Your attitude is what makes this blog stand out – humour, humility, non-sycophantic but also non-bitchy attitude toward celebrities – and I would add your completely admirable determination to keep body judgementalism out of the conversation. And nice to see your smiling faces too! Nice work!

  20. Lena

    Cumberbatch does not look good. Daniel Brühl otoh makes me actually consider watching that movie. I hope he gets some more international recognition out of this!

  21. Faye

    Did you guys see Friday’s Wall Street Journal? There was an awesome article about the popularity of all things Austen — they mentioned all the books, series, movies, etc related to her. They also showed a picture of the Austen ring Kelly Clarkson purchased at auction. It’s really pretty!

  22. Rebecca

    Please end up as Fug Hags. I have been a faithful follower for the past 7 years and I cannot imagine a world where you ladies are not making me crack up when I should be working.