Fugs and Pieces, January 13 2012


First of all, the Golden Globes are this Sunday! We can’t believe it either. We’ll be live-blogging the red carpet for Vulture starting at 3pm Pacific/6 Eastern, so please join us there for all the fun! (I’ll toss up a link on Sunday, both here and on our Facebook page and our Twitter [we're @fuggirls])

– Isn’t it nice to hear that Nina Dobrev is awesome? (Lainey)

– This is so charming: What Happens in Bookstores At Night. (Colossal)

– Why are the Oscar-eligibility rules for documentaries SO JACKED UP? (NPR)

Someone is writing Yelp reviews as Stefon, Bill Hader’s SNL character. I love that person. (Vulture)

– The history of (sometimes theoretical) moving sidewalks. This is very cool. (Smithsonian)

– This is a fascinating article on identical twins. (National Geographic, via The Hairpin)

– I love this rumor that Katy Perry is dating Tim Tebow. It’s like the tabloids just picked two name out of a hat. (Celebitchy)

– The Amish are so hot right now. (Time)

Jason Wu for Target is cute. (The Cut)

– In honor of David Bowie’s birthday over the weekend, Flavorwire put together a slideshow of him doing “normal stuff.” Not included: judging walk-offs of male models. (Flavorwire)

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Comments (15):

  1. Jennifer

    Nina Dobrev’s dress is so much better with those boots! Too bad they’re not red carpet enough.

  2. Carrie

    I love how she’s carrying her award around the airport because she doesn’t have anywhere else to put it. How awesomely normal.

  3. Becca

    Also, Ian Somerhalder’s face in those photos is fantastic. He’s clearly THRILLED to be schlepping her bag around as well.

  4. Lu

    actually, given that they are both super religious, katy perry + tim tebow isn’t that insane.

    • LoriK

      That was my first thought. I’m trying to pretend I didn’t even read that though, because frankly the idea of the two of them together kind of freaks me out. I’m hoping that Tebow’s beliefs and/or mother will not allow him to date someone who is still married and therefore we’ll be spared this pairing and the skeevy comments you know people would make about their (theoretical) sex life.

    • Sarah

      I think the rumor exists because Katy Perry’s super religious dad has been saying that he wants Katy to date Tebow. I think the Perry’s invited Tebow to their church in hopes of making a match with their daughter…

  5. Mhari Doyle

    Is it me, or is SWINTON a bit of a dopplegänger for Mr. Bowie?

  6. Mahastee

    Wait. Katy Perry’s divorced? I really need to read more trashy gossip sites, I guess.

    Love the twins article. And the Bowie article. And the moving sidewalks, and the bookstore article, and also I now know why the Oscars suck (but I will still watch them).

    Fugs & Pieces is the best.

    • LoriK

      Katy Perry is currently still married, but she’s separated. She and Russel Brand announced their split a few weeks ago, presumably to take advantage of the fact that folks were too busy celebrating the holidays to get all up in their business.

  7. Karen

    The Ohlenkamps’ video IS awesome, but Warner Bros. established what goes on in bookstores at night back in the 1930s:
    and again in the 1940s:

  8. Suzie

    I kinda think Swiston is Bowie’s doppleganger too, Mhari!

    Becca, I totally giggled at Ian’s facial expression while towing the bags :)

    And I totally want the entire Jason Wu collection for Target!

  9. Mon

    That article on the Amish is great – the link to the woman who is a stylist in LA is even better as apparently she was a hot mess on Tabithas Salon Takeover. I don’t think being Amish helped her in the least.

  10. C-No


    • i

      I died to hear HE is HER boyfriend. I mean I never really hated her…
      But to, the writers here, the photos of them walking around in the airport can easily be made into something hilarious.

  11. Faye

    Ever since I heard that both Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder smoke, I’ve gone off them a bit. I know everyone has their vices, but both of them, especially IS via Twitter, prattle on so constantly about the environment and all the evil evil corporations out to pollute it — and meanwhile, they’re doing something that’s not only injurious to themselves but is also bad for said environment. Hypocrites much? Yeah, I do get worked up about it, partially because I’m an asthmatic who’s had many an attack triggered by selfish smokers.

    That being said, they are a cute couple and I still love The Vampire Diaries (to my shame, I’m 32 :)).