Fugs and Fabs: The Pride and Prejudice and Zombie Photo Call

We had an EXCELLENT conversation about this film, the book it’s based on, Jane Austen, and zombies last week, and I’m delighted they’re still doing press for it, because now I can tell you that there is one thing in which it turns out I enjoy zombies, and that is Galavant (which you should be watching). That important update squared away, let’s look at some outfits!

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  1. swellcatt

    The blue Velvet and jewelry are what make it cheesy. Badly done, Matt! And Jack’s pants or trousers are too snug. Maybe I’m just too old to appreciate the skinny look on a skinny man. But no. Both ladies look LOVELY! I love Bella Heathcote’s outfit. I think that it’s the pleats that do it for me. I love a good pleated skirt.

    • Claire's mom

      And her shoes – ooooooooo

    • GrandSophy

      I think I am just a sucker for gold! should have lived in Dubai or something. Bella is so beautiful , between her and Douglas Booth I can only stare at their unearthly beauty- most celebs are makeup enhanced and not out of this world like these two.

    • Kathleen

      Jack Huston’s pants can never be too snug.

  2.  Cucina49

    I don’t love Bella Heathcote’s dress either, but she is selling it. She has that lovely English rose thing going on and she is the only one of the five that looks really happy to be there.

    Lily’s dress is lovely but I don’t think you need to look like you’re going to high tea when you’re promoting a Jane Austen/zombie mashup.

  3. filmcricket 

    I actually think Bella Heathcote’s outfit hangs together fairly well. There could maybe be a bit more gold in the top to tie in with the bottom, but there’s some gold edging on the blouse part, and the belt and shoes are both kind of oxblood… I like it.

  4. NE Girl

    Image 5- your Diagnosis: Nostalgia? (Probably needs more coffee)

    This is bad. Her face is exquisite and also cute, with a haircut that is in perfect proportion to her features.
    Cover her face and you are left with a 1980′s Outback Red shirt and mom’s borrowed holiday skirt from the same exact era. Just, no.

  5.  Mifty

    Was that a Galavant spoiler? :( I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet!

  6. AmyO

    Matt looks like one of the Roxbury Club guys in the SNL skit with Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell. The look is only funny in a parody skit, not a photo call.

    • Lynne

      Holy crap. That’s exactly what he looks like. Even his hair is right.

    • swellcatt


    • Emperor Cupcake

      Yes, that’s why it looks oddly familiar!

      Can anyone tell what his necklace actually is? I zoomed in, and it’s a…cavorting fairy or pixie?

    • Emster

      I feel like the cheesy part is the TRY. Someone told a stylist to pull “business casual with an edge,” then handed it to a relatively posh Englishman who couldn’t resist tucking the tshirt. If he’d untucked the shirt to obscure the belt, or leaned into the bus-cas by ditching the necklace, it might look like he actually put this together himself and, thus, didn’t try so hard.

      And now that I think about it, the Roxbury guys wreak of try.

  7. Lynne

    That’s a dress? Huh. Love the skirt portion but I’m iffy on the top. I’ll take those shoes in a 6.5 though.

    As for the boys, you know I’m not opposed to the suit jacket with t-shirt generally but I find it’s so easy for that look to veer into Brosville if not directly into the Kindgom of Douche. It’s (hopefully) not reflecting your true personality, boys. Please study your Michael B. Jordan / Matt Bomer manuals and try again. Thank you.

  8.  attica

    I used to have a dress like the one Lily is wearing. Same cut of neckline, although mine had a slightly less busy print. I always thought I looked nice in it, which is probably why I feel affection for her verzh. I am of the belief that high necklines flatter one’s cheekbones. Please don’t disabuse me of this if it’s a lie I tell myself — I have to have something to cling to!

  9.  KarenG958

    I always think Bella could play Heather Graham’s little sister in something.

  10. Jenn

    Are the guys wearing the same outfit in different colour palates?

  11. stargazer

    Lily James’ dress would veer into turgid ground on most, but with her fresh faced beauty and the eloquent way she carries herself, she manages to pulls it off looking effortlessly chic. I really like her – I hope she has a long, fruitful career ahead of her.

  12. Allyn

    Total aside: whoever is was who said Emily Blunt might be pregnant, they were right! Just announced

  13. NCK

    Don’t worry, Jessica! I too cannot resist gold lamé, but I’m mostly disappointed that I can’t get just the skirt.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      there’s a little home sewing project for you. just throw the top half away, or wear it with whatever on laundry day if you’re the thrifty type.

  14. Alicia Y.

    ALL THE YES TO THE GALAVANT ZOMBIES. Between that and the triumphant return of the world’s fuzziest-nosed unicorn, this week made me so happy I could barely stand it.

    • swellcatt

      Agreed. The zombies were cracking me up the whole time. And that unicorn….so cute.

  15. Sandra

    I agree with this reviewer that Whit Stillman has made the Austen adaptation of the year.


  16. Little Bow Wow

    I’m too distracted by the background poster to notice the actors.

  17. Alyssa

    Huh, I really love Bella Heathcote’s whole look too, even though it shouldn’t work. I might wish Lily’s was not a turtleneck?

    But my main takeaway is WHYYYYY MATT! So bad!

  18. Mya Ram 

    Even though I don’t care for any of the outfits in this slideshow (they’re all meh! and fading from my memory as I type), this is going to be my first comment on gofugyourself because

    1. Thank you Jessica for giving Galavant a shout-out, I can finally forgive Heather for calling Wonderfalls awful. Galavant makes everything wonderful!
    2. Thank you for alerting me to Love & Friendship. I’d completely forgotten that I had a Whit Stillman + Austen movie to look forward to this year. Plus, all the early reviews are positive – so yay!

    All in all, this post has made me very happy! very very happy!

  19. maryloubethune

    Those are some good Brit actors so this must be more than a silly gimmick? Lily looks lovely as always and I really love Bella’s outfit – unusual and chic. She looks lovely.
    It’s funny the guys all went with the Miami Vice look and they are awfully cute but I am not totally buying it. Maybe a smidge.

  20. Fashionistah

    @Lily’s dress. It is nice to see a kind word for a dress that is an unusual length.

  21.  D.Co

    I, too, really like Bella Heathcote’s outfit. I have a penchant for outfits that shouldn’t work, but somehow do. The pleated skirt helps, I think.
    I admit I have never seen Galavant – should I give this show a try?

  22. sleah_in_norcal

    i just can’t with white t-shirts on the carpet. slobs, let’s see a little effort here. miami vice forever! i love you sonny crockett. the problem with matt is not the jewelry, it’s that the whole look is douchey. the black velvet style painting behind him is not helping. lily, i adore you and your m.c. escher dress. re: bella, yes, jessica, you may be crazy.

  23.  m_

    Lily’s dress is one of my favorites of 2016 so far, and I love that she went for a warm red shoe!

  24.  annieC

    This is all very underwhelming. These beautiful people are being horribly let down by their outfits.

  25. Genevieve

    Galavant is amazingly delightful; it makes me sad more people don’t watch it. And yes, it turns out that is the only place I want to see zombies (for love!)

  26.  Robin

    I think Lily’s dress is making her look boxy when we all know she is very much not, and that neckline is beyond prim and into strangulation territory. Major points for the wine-colored shoes, though.

    •  Kellbell

      Very boxy! And that’s skin and a black strapless we’re seeing under the mesh… right?

  27. Ash

    I don’t think you’re crazy – I too love Bella’s outfit. Gold pleats are needed right now, please!

  28.  Nanc

    Die, accordion pleats from Hell! Die! Die! Die!

  29. sophie

    No Sam Riley at the photo call? I love him!