Fugs and Fabs: The Other People At Presumably The Last Catching Fire Screening

Right now their frequent flier accounts are what’s catching fire AM I RIGHT. … Sigh. I’m ready for this to be done so American Hustle can premiere, and we can all watch me struggle to rub together three words about Amy Adams.

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  1. CakesOnAPlane

    was there a memo about dickeys that was disseminated right before this screening?

  2. Lizzy

    If only Elizabeth Banks’ outfit were a dress instead of harem pants!
    Yes, Sam Claflin’s hair swoop is epic, which seem so in character for Finnick. Well-played.

  3.  zuzu

    Enobaria was the one who’d filed her teeth into points. If you can find her promo poster, you can see how freaky she looks.

  4. Jenz

    I actually like Elizabeth Banks outfit.. I mean, I could do with less sparkle on the pants but I like it.

    Jena looks.. cute. Okay, basically I’d say that about anything she wears when her eyebrows aren’t being the camel from the Hump-Day commercial…

    • Lynne

      Yeah, I like it too. I feel like it’s appropriate to the event considering her character. It’s a good idea to wear something kooky to this premiere. I dunno. I think if the bottom half were a skirt, it would be sort of boring.

  5.  CremeBrulee

    I am amused by Meta Golding’s Barbie Doll pose.

  6. MollyMonster

    Sorry, I think Patricia Clarkson looks like someone’s sixth-grade math teacher who wandered onto the carpet. The shoes are hideous and make her legs look stumpy. Plus, boots with peep toes AND peep heels? What the heel is that about? Between the flat hair, the schlumpy dress, and the hoofy shoes, it is a fail all around.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      What you said. Nothing works together. And that dress doesn’t even work alone.

      She looks best in classic shapes; she rocks black.

    • Bonnie Klein

      Agreed, and I ADORE Patricia Clarkson so it hurts to say so. My 14 year old walked in the room and said “she’s dressed like the girls in my grade and it doesn’t even look good on them.”

    • Kat

      I agree; I love Clarkson, but she’s NOT pulling this disaster off.

  7.  Billie

    Aww, no adorable Hutch?

    I really cannot believe how well this movie has be cast. Sam Claflin looks like a perfect Finnick, velvet blazer and all. I really wish Ms. Bank’s look was a dress.

    • Brenna

      Hutch is hosting SNL this week, so I think he finally got a break from flying everywhere so he can rehearse.

    • Ethel

      IDK–Claflin is certainly handsome, but I pictured Finnick quite differently, for some reason. A bit older and bigger, more imposing.

      • Heather

        This event was IN New York, though, so if he’s ALSO in New York, no need to fly.

  8. Donna

    Patricia Clarkson was a total scrolldown Fug for me. And the purse does not go with that dress, at all. But, she’s gorgeous!

    • BrownEyedBetty

      ITA. Patricia Clarkson is an all-time fave of mine. If she’s aging, she’s doing so unbelievably slowly and gracefully. She pops up in some unsuspecting movie roles and is reliably good…and underrated (IMO). Which is why her ensemble here and unfortunate shoe choice are causing me pain at the sight of them.

  9. Sandra

    grammar nazi rant

    They couldn’t do “Remember who is the enemy” rather than the other way around? It also makes more sense like this.

    /grammar nazi rant.

  10. Ms Poopy von Pants

    I love Patricia Clarkson’s dress, the colors are great but WHAT ARE THOSE PEEPTOE SHOOVES?! NO NO NO.

  11. Megan L

    Jena Malone will forever go down in my mind as the worst part of Pride and Prejudice, but is looking AWESOME these days – the thickened brows are a nice touch.

    • Ms Poopy von Pants

      Yes, her eyebrows are awesome. As a victim of overplucking in the 90′s, I’m jealous.

  12. Sajorina

    I love Jenna Malone’s outfit! I treasure Patricia Clarkson! I have a crush on Sam Claflin!

  13.  Tamburlaine

    I really like Jena Malone’s outfit and styling here. She looks fab (and such a nice contrast to the luggage dress and the modesty panel dress)!