Fugs and Fabs: The Lively-Reynolds Clan

Can we discuss how strange it is that Ryan Reynolds posed on the red carpet with ROBYN Lively, his sister-in-law, but not BLAKE Lively, his wife? You’re not fooling us, guys. We know which two of you are married, and which of you was Teen Witch.

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[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Katie Lynn

    I think that Blake’s dress would have worked had the top been white, like the other bits of trim, instead of weird plastic that make me sweaty just LOOKING at it. It has kind of a uniform feel from the rest of the dress, and I think that would have made it cohesive. Also, less chafing.

    • maryse

      i agree. too much stuff going on on such a small dress. PLASTIC OR WHITE. PICK ONE!

      • Maria L.

        Well, the built-in bib means she can eat lobster without any problem. And that is always a useful thing.

  2. Sonya

    Oooohhhh, that makes me want some Cake, both to eat and listen to!

  3. Stefanie

    Wait, Teen Witch is Boob’s sister?? WHAT?

    I cant even compute Ryan and Blake as a couple. They’re never seen together, don’t seem to even know each other and are just too pretty separately to be a couple. (Like then 2 really attractive people have a baby and it ends up being..not really attractive. Same principle.) I just don’t get them. Or her shiny boob part. Or him looking a little geriatric.

  4. Brenna

    I hate the plastic on Blake’s dress, but I love everything else about it. That color is gorgeous on her, and if I had legs like that, I’d totally wear skirts that showed them off all the time.

    Ryan is so good looking, but that outfit is terrible. The shirt in particular is heinous.

  5. Barbara

    You didn’t even mention how her elbows blew out the sleeves!

    • Melinda

      Is it kind of weird that I like the blown-out-elbow sleeves? They’re so unexpected.

      • Morris

        Love the elbow bits, and the white trim. Awesome dress and amazing legs, welcome back B Legsly!!!
        Ps the plastic is weird but thankfully doesn’t ruin the dress.

  6. Other Emily

    I am floored by the Teen Witch-Boobs connection. I did not know that. I’m not sure I like it. I am sure, though, that I do not like Ryan’s outfit. And I do not think he’s that attractive. But whatever — still the outfit is not right. I like Boobs’s dress except for the plastic and would kill for her amazing legs. She should stick to being Legsly because somehow it’s so much less trashy looking than being Boobs.

  7. McLisa

    Like… I have this urge to see if I can slip a photo into the sheet protector on her chest. I don’t know why. I just do.

  8. taylor

    That Cake song is amazing! And so fun to sing along to.

    As for the clothes, they’re fine, I guess. But the plastic is weird to me. Maybe it should be a smaller piece.

    • Corriner

      I want a girl with shoes that cut
      and eyes that burn like cigarettes!!

  9. Nikki

    Great, now I am going to be singing songs from Teen Witch.

  10. Esmom

    She looks great. The dress/coat length disparity doesn’t bother me. It gives her a “her coat is way too long for her dress…she’s just like us” vibe, while I’m sure in reality she has or could have a perfectly matched coat.

    He just reeks of try-hard. He is no Gosling.

  11. jen

    OMG!!! Please fug fromage the shit out of Teen Witch!!!!

  12. qwertygirl

    Mother always said a girl’s coat should be longer than her skirt.

  13. Sandra

    That plastic thing looks like it’s supposed to hold an insert with her competition number on it. Which is to say, it’s really kind of awful.

  14. amys

    I’ve seen baby toys with the same plastic stuff that’s gracing Boobs’ chest. They have dyed blue water and little fish swimming around, perhaps a rubber ducky or two. I can’t imagine what went through the designer’s head when deciding to slap some cheapo vinyl on a dress. Bizarre!

  15. theotherjennifer

    I’m pretty sure I see nipple through that sheet protector plastic. looks painful. However, I do love the color of the dress and HATE those white shoes.

  16. Jess

    Does Kate Mara remind anyone of Robyn Lively?

  17. Big Noise

    Do the Lively girls have a contract that decrees they wear short dresses all the time? And RR looks awful in those pics — bad clothes, bad shoes, George W. Bush smirk.

  18. H.C.

    I’d argue that’s still very Boobs Legsly; that plastic chest plate is just screaming for eye attention in that region.

  19. Cassie

    I have an intense – and instinctive – dislike for Ryan Reynolds. It sort of broke my heart a little when Blake married him, cause he just seems like a smarmosaurus, you know? But it’s not my life, right?

    On that same topic, I am glad that dress isn’t in my life because that insert is funky, and not in the good way. The color’s great on her, but something about the hemline (not the height of it, something about the way it lays) makes it look sort of cheap to me.

    Also, it looks like B. Legsly has a bump in the 2nd to last pic o.0

    • Katharine

      I think it’s because he’s a smarmasaurus (the grandfatherly style is suddenly explicable) that he and Blake make such a good couple, but I don’t like Blake Lively as an actress and have always gotten a phony “April June”* vibe from her. They do look good together, both being complementarily tall and blandly handsome.

      *”April June” is a character in P.G. Wodehouse’s Laughing Gas.

      • Alameda Peg

        I will always thumbs up a P.G. Wodehouse comment. Thank you for that.

  20. Corrine Engelgau

    Boob windshield is not a look I want ushered into trend.

  21. Kate

    I just keep wondering if there’s a space between the plastic and the fabric where you can slide pictures, like I used to do with my binders in high school.

  22. Akit

    Not feeling that chest at all. Ooh matron, ha ha you know what I mean. The rest is quite cute, I like the studs on the dress, cute, so is Ryan but he’s looking a bit like Adam Levine there, who is not my bag at all.

  23. Andrew S.

    please PLEASE fromage ‘Teen Witch’! I adore it in all of the campy goodness and it’s on youtube in its entirety if you don’t have a copy already.

  24. sketchy

    I am just not ready for the fashion android dress…its a fug for me. Although the color is cute. I think she should have just buttoned her coat and pretended that was her dress because that is super cute.

  25. Eli

    OMG. Yes. Teen Witch. No one could ever TOP THAT. And Savannah. I miss the evening soaps of yore. Nashville and Dallas, though I like them, don’t quite fill the void.

  26. Tiffany

    I really don’t like Blake’s dress, kind of surprised anyone could get behind it. Not only the plastic shield, but the white at the bottom and at the elbows? The white just doesn’t go with the plastic…they feel like it was two different dresses mooshed into one. The plastic would look awful no matter what, but if that was gone and there were more white accents on top it might be better.

  27. vodka gimlet

    I rarely hate on someone’s fashion (I may not be crazy about it, but I can appreciate it as a form of self expression blah blah) but I really hate that dress. Maybe I don’t hate the color, but everything else. And why does it have to be so damn short? Just because you can wear that length of dress doesn’t mean you should.

    • Corrine Engelgau

      I don’t know, if I had legs like that, I’d walk around in only underwear all the time and would be a great source of greif-y amusement for Fug Nation.

  28. Addie Webster

    I saw all the pictures from this red carpet of Ryan with Emma Stone – I guess she costars? Those pics looked so similar to all the pictures of him and Boobs Legsly on the Green Lantern red carpet – back when he was still married to ScarJo. It kind of jarred me.

    Please don’t let that mean Ryan’s aiming to make sweet young Emma wife number 3…

  29. Sajorina

    Ryan looks DELICIOUS & Blake looks FABULOUS! And, the rock on her finger = Hell, YES!

  30. MegoPachego

    I think that Ryan Reynolds (who will forever be known to me as Berg, first and foremost) could be saved had he chosen, at the very least, different shoes. I hate those shoes. I feel like they’d smell like mothballs.

    Not a huge fan of Lively’s boob plastic, but maybe she was trying to protect the girls from future rain predictions. ps. Her face is looking fantastic; I am digging the makeup, which seems more subtle to me.

  31. Ellen

    I would kill for those legs. And Blake’s hair. And her husband, too. Wowza.

  32. Sarahnargle

    Please please PLEASE Fug the Fromage out of Teen Witch, for that is something I think we ALL need in our lives.

  33. Dazie

    I love Ryan Reynolds. He’s my brother in law’s famous doppelganger, on whom I can crush without causing family tension.

    It really bothers me that I don’t like either of his wives.

    Um. Say something nice- I like the color of Blake’s dress, and I like the plastic, I have a pair of shoes made out of that same material.

  34. Esme

    Hate Blake’s dress, the white shoes, and her sister’s hair. All in all, an unimpressively dressed family.

  35. Helen

    It isn’t even so much seeing Robbie the Robot’s faceplate on Her Plastic Chest (new New Wave band!), for me, as it is the exploding elbows. I’m expecting a stream of colored hankies to appear from them any moment now.

  36. Hima

    Please please Fug the Fromage for Teen Witch. So many amazing outfits in that movie.

    As far as these outfits, everyone looks okay, but not great. The flower cut-outs(?) on Robyn’s dress are a little strange. Ryan looks okay, but would look much better without the weird sweater. Blake? I don’t mind the short length, and the color, but the plastic chestal area? So bizarre. And I haaaate the white shoes.

  37. Rayna

    No, seriously, how do you sit down in a dress that short?

    Or is that what the coat is for?

    • Corrine Engelgau

      Legsly never sits. It’s not the most advantageous display of her gift.

  38. Vandalfan

    He poses with his SIL because Blake got a load of his outfit and put her foot down, saying go home and change, or no duo photos

  39. Teresa

    I didn’t know they were siblings either…but came here to say that “risk a very saucy frisking” made my NIGHT. I <3 you, Fug Girls!.

  40. witjunkie

    Legs’ dress is just weird. But I really like the sister’s dress! Like, a lot. And I’ve given up trying to understand the rules these celebrity couples apparently make with themselves for public appearances. They’re NOT like us.

  41. AOK

    I’m getting blood-plasma volunteer nurse/Four-Seasons hooker vibe from Legsley’s look. So: Bingo!

  42. Bronwyn

    I used to fence, and we had to wear molded plastic boob protectors under our white fencing jackets cause an eppe to the breast would have hurt like the dickens. i really wish i’d known then that they came in an awesome burgundy color! i might have stuck with it for longer!

  43. ChaChaHeels


  44. Faye

    Where does she find this stuff? I swear, the outfits she wears — it’s not even that they’re all necessarily uber-revealing, they’re just so *weird* sometimes.

    I do really like the color on her, though.

  45. tigerstripes

    Blake’s dress is Renaissance-influenced; Elizabethan or Italian, your choice: they both had slash-and-puff arms, stomachers and chemises. I wish it went a bit farther stylistically.

    Ryan is veering dangerously close to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood; he just needs to change his shoes.

  46. Learned Foot

    OMG yes, PLEASE fug “Savannah”! Or possible “European Vacation,” featuring Lively brother Jason.

  47. cayenne

    I kind of like it. But how did Julianne Hough wear something from this line without the OMG Plastic Boobs WTFery? http://gofugyourself.com/fugs-and-fabs-julianne-hough-2-03-2013/an-evening-with-nicholas-sparks

  48. Reporter Laydee

    His sweater looks like a giant blue vulva from which he is crowning. And no baby with that much stubble, or those hideous pants, will ever be truly loved.

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  51. Amy

    I once mixed up bags with my brother ,five years younger than me, and went camping with a bag full of his clothes instead of my own. And it poured with rain, so I was forced to put his trousers on and wear a plastic bag over them. And even then I managed to be more stylish than these appallingly dressed people.

  52. SPM

    If you’re going to fug Robyn’s old-school fromage, it’s gotta be…

    Not Quite Human.

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